Illumination Probe Crate

Illumination Probe Crate (SWTOR Decoration)

Illumination Probe Crate SWTOR decoration, screenshots and information!

Illumination Probe Crate Small Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Small (Green Square)

The Illumination Probe Crate decoration fits into a small green square floor hook.
Illumination Probe Crate Medium Narrow Floor Hook

Hook: Floor Medium Narrow (Blue Rectangle)

The Illumination Probe Crate decoration fits into a narrow blue medium rectangle floor hook.

How to Get an Illumination Probe Crate Decoration

Yes this item decoration can be bought on the GTN! Bought and sold on the GTN from other players
operation-decoration Dropped from the Bloodhunt (HM) Flashpoint

Flashpoint Decorations

Flashpoint decorations have a chance from dropping from a certain flashpoint. They are not a guaranteed drop, but have good chances of being looted from the final boss and a high chance from the bonus boss. Hardmode flashpoints have a higher chance of dropping a decoration than storymode flashpoints.

Approximately one decoration is dropped per hardmode flashpoint, and each flashpoint drops a different type of decoration. The Illumination Probe Crate decoration is dropped from the Bloodhunt (HM) Flashpoint.

Additional Info

“just like the crates in Kaon or BH fps or the Theoretika area. useable, gives you the annoying little light probe over your head so you’re too blind to see anything in front of your character. erm… yeah, think it was a lucky roll on a HM drop. (easy bonus if you can get past the 1st boss’s dps check.) – the probes bob up & down (over you & the crate) with animated lights.” – /u/yolaretis


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