Roleplay Servers & Roleplay Guilds in SWTOR (RP Servers)

Many players enjoy the ability to roleplay in Star Wars: The Old Republic, but you may have a difficult time finding out which servers are best for roleplay.

Originally, roleplay servers were specifically tagged with an “RP”  tag, right on the server selection page. This made it easy for players to pick a roleplaying home. After some changes to the servers’ capabilities, the developers decided to remove the “RP” tag from the servers, leaving new players to figure out on their own which server they should pick if they want to roleplay,

Server Merges and Roleplay Servers

In late 2017, the servers were merged down to five servers. Each of the 5 new servers will include at least one former roleplay server. The new servers are:

  • Star Forge – East Coast
  • Satele Shan – East Coast (but has mostly West Coast players)
  • Darth Malgus – European English
  • The Leviathan – European French
  • Tulak Hord – European German

The decision about which server to pick has been narrowed down to just five servers, none of which are specifically “roleplay” servers anymore, and instead are separated by region, and then by timezone or language. Servers merges occurred on November 8, 2017.

North American Roleplay Servers

Players in North America may have a tough decision between the East Coast Star Forge Server and the West Coast Satele Shan Server. Both North American servers are now located on the east coast, so timezones will be the main factor for players deciding which server they should play.

However, the Star Forge server merge included the roleplay-popular server The Ebon Hawk, while the Satele Shan Server included the former Begeren Colony Server. The Ebon Hawk server showed a lot more activity in general compared to the Begeren Colony server, and it’s assumed that those two former servers populations will follow their designated server merge and wind up on their new server.

This means that players in North America looking for an active roleplay server may wish to choose Star Forge even if they don’t live on the east coast – there will be a timezone difference, but likely more roleplayers available in general.

If you are interested in group-driven roleplay, your best bet might to be to scout out a guild before you even choose a server. Guilds often run organized events, and bring like-minded players together… in this case roleplayers!

European Roleplay Servers

The three European servers are divided by language – English, French and German. The most popular European roleplay server seemed to be the Progenitor, which had an active English community that will presumably follow the server merges onto the new Darth Malgus server. The Red Eclipse, the most populated European server, will also be merging into the Darth Malgus server, Many French and German players also played on the English servers due to population or timezone reasons… so even French and German players may want to investigate the availability of French/German guilds on the new Darth Malgus Server.

Players interested in scoping out the Darth Malgus (formerly the Progenitor) roleplay scene may wish to visit the Malgus-RP roleplay forums.

Players who want to stick strictly to a German server will pick Tulak Hord, and players who want to stick strictly to French server will pick The Leviathan.

Roleplay Guilds

After server mergers, it’s harder to find Roleplay Guilds but they still exist. I have heard many players have transitioned into to roleplaying in Discord rather than in-game, though you can still often find roleplayers hanging out in the center of the Republic or Imperial Fleet in the cantina. Here are some places to look for a roleplay Guild: