Top 10 Sith Inquisitor Sets

The history of the Sith Empire is fraught with scheming politics and dark secrets.

The lifeblood of the Sith Inquisitor is fashion, which hides around every corner in the Empire’s dark corridors, and survival depends on an individual’s natural ability to dress well and defeat their enemies and allies alike.

The Inquisitor experiments with forbidden powers to not only survive in this cutthroat environment, but to also look good while doing so.

#10 Dramassian Force Expert’s Vestments

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Dramassian Force Expert's Armor Set Synthweaving Level 190, Schematic from Trainer
  • Craftable by all synthweavers at crafting level 190
  • Schematic from the synthweaver trainer
  • Worn at level 24 or higher
  • Really nice patterns and details, sith alchemy
  • Beware! Changes appearance when transferred to Republic side
  • If you like Sith runes there’s another set from the legacy vendor that is similar, it’s just very expensive

#9 Acolyte Armor Set

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Acolyte Armor Set Bought from the Adaptive Vendor
  • Purchasable from the Adaptive vendor on the fleet
  • Only costs 600 credits per piece
  • Really nice pattern not seen on any other armor, dyes really nicely
  • Bound, and can not be transferred between characters
  • Crazy – changes appearance based on race?? class? idk
    • Inquisitor gets the blue/purple
    • Red/Pink version: Sith Warrior, Imperial Agent, and Bounty Hunter

#8 Hallowed Gothic

  • Oricon reputation Champion rank for both factions
  • 315 thousand Credits
  • The hat is not a part of the set from the Reputation vendor – it is a rare drop from the Harbinger of Fear rareely found enemy on Oricon

#7 Shadow Disciple

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Shadow Disciple's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Cartel Market
  • Cool belt
  • Good set especially for Inquisitor Assassins who stealth out
  • Reminds me of the Sith Assassins from Knights of the Old Republic

#6 Inquisitor’s Exalted

  • Legacy vendor on Dromund Kaas
  • 1.2 million credits
  • Requires legacy level 20 and can only be worn by Inquisitors
  • There’s a similar version that’s from the Adaptive Vendor on the fleet for cheap and a version crafted by Synthweavers
 Armor Set  Armor Set
Grand Inquisitor Armor Set Bought from the Adaptive Vendor

#5 Karness Muur

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Karness Muur's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Lore armor
  • Revealing but not too revealing
  • Cartel Market

Karness Muur was once a respected Knight of the Jedi Order, but his lust for power caused him to fall to the dark side and be exiled along with the other followers of Ajunta Pall. Karness Muur also possessed his own personal Sith amulet, one imbued with tremendous dark side power, should the wielder have the strength to dominate it.

#4  Dread Mystic

  • Animated glowing bits!
  • Dark vs Light system, which is only available to level 70 subscribed players
  • Each set costs 52 Dark Side Tokens total, and requires Dark II to wear.
  • Sets: Dread Enforcer, Dread Harbinger and Dread Mystic

#3 Xoxaan’s

 Armor Set  Armor Set
XoXaan's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN

One of the followers of Ajunta Pall who wanted to explore the dark side of the force, XoXaan was a pale-skinned humanoid who was exiled from the Republic after the Hundred Years of Darkness where she fought alongside Karness Muur and Remulus Dreypa. She and Ajunta Pall’s fallen Jedi were the founders of Korriban, and she was christened as the first of the Sith Lords. Though other Sith Lords possessed similar talents, XoXaan was noted among her peers for her skills in dark side healing, which was passed on via a holocron which was hidden in her tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords.

  • Cartel market item
  • Another revealing but not too revealing

#2 Charged Hypercloth Force Expert’s Vestments 

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Charged Hypercloth Force Expert's Armor Set Synthweaving Level 520, Schematic from Trainer
  • Craftable by all synthweavers at synthweaving level 520, schematic at synthweaving crew skills trainer
  • Wearable by characters level 61 or higher
  • Beware! Changes appearance when transferred to Republic side
  • Similar sets: Remnant Arkanian Inquisitor  & Remnant Dreadguard Inquisitor from alliance crates

#1 Mystic

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Ceremonial Mystic's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
 Armor Set  Armor Set
Chaotic Force-Master's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Amended Mystic's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • My favorite set! saw it close to launch of game
  • Very iconic Sith Inquisitor set
  • Three version on cartel market, Chaotic Force-Master, Ceremonial Mystic, and Amended Mystic
  • PvP sets maybe on GTN: Battlemaster Force-Master/Force-Mystic – Battlemaster Stalker/Survivor, requires valor 60, the seller must have a schematic from near the launch of the game to craft it