What are Tech Fragments for in SWTOR?

Tech Fragments are a type of currency in Star Wars: The Old Republic which come from various quests, and are used to purchase high-level gear pieces, crafting materials, and cosmetic items.

You can purchase these things with your Tech Fragments:

1. Tactical Items

Tactical Items are a high-level type of gear that was introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic in the Onslaught expansion. You can equip one tactical item at a time. You can buy your first Tactical at level 75+ once you have saved up 3,000 Tech Fragments and 1 million credits.

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2. Legendary Implant

Legendary Implants and Legendary Implant upgrades. At level 80, pick up the Legendary Implants quest. Complete it, and then you can buy your two Legendary Implants for 6,500 Tech Fragments plus other currency each.

Legendary Implants

3. OEM / RPM Rate Crafting Materials

Rare crafting materials you can buy in the Supplies section from the Spoils of War vendor for 4,000 tech fragments which you can sell for credits or use to craft the rarest augments in the game.

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4. Cosmetics

In the supplies section of the fleet there are vendors selling cosmetic items for Tech Fragments. There is also a vendor on Ossus selling decorations.

5. Other