Ruhnuk Datacron Guide

The Purple Ruhnuk Mastery +10 Datacron is part of a long, large treasure hunt following clues and completing quests before you can find this new datacron high up on the plateaus of Ruhnuk. There’s a little bit of a jumping puzzle near the end, but the harder part of this puzzle is deciphering the clues and gathering special items.

How to Start the Ruhnuk Datacron

To start the Ruhnuk Datacron, you must pick up and complete the Relic Hunt missions. These three Relic Hunt quests are like a treasure hunt – they don’t always have a direct set of directions to follow, and it will take you quite a while to finish them even if you’re following a guide.

Relic Hunt on Ruhnuk Guide


You are not supposed to be able to summon to this area, and if you try to send a guild summon teleport right beside the datacron, you will get the message: “Flagship transportation is blocked for your current area.” However many players have found points slightly farther away that work for summons. This may be a bug that will be fixed in future patches.

Secret Cactus Path

Once you’ve earned the Repulsor Pad jetpack, you can now use it to access locations previously unavailable to you and get to the datacron.

Make sure you picked up the Repulsor Pad buff from the “Mandalore’s Encampment” quick travel point and turn in the Relic by right-clicking the third glowing blue table.

You will go to the “exploding cactus path,” a secret tunnel you can find on the Overgrown Mining Site map.

To get there, quicktravel or taxi to Outpost Delta, then follow the bridge across the river in the north.

Look for a little crack in the rocks in the south west section of the map.

If you simply follow this path forward, you’ll reach a dead end with a rope, a backpack, a canteen and some notes. If you back-track, you’ll notice a, exploding cactus is hiding another tunnel behind it.

It will be on your right if you are coming from the rope and back pack, or on your left if you are coming from the entrance. You will be able to follow it up and around, just run past the exploding cactuses before they can knock you over.

Eventually you will be lead outside where it gets more dangerous. The cactus will try and explode and knock you off the cliff. So follow the path around the cliff to the left, across a log, but make sure to keep moving to stay out of the cacti’s exploding circles.

Eventually you will find a jump pad to use your new temporary ability on which will jump you across to the other side.

On the other side, enemies will spawn as you walk around. You may have to fight them before moving on, they are on the stronger side.

Look for a hole in the ground in this new area and fall down the hole.

The Cave

You’ll be inside a dark cave. You’ll need to jump across a chasm, towards the left. You may bump your head on the ceiling as you jump, so push forwards as you are falling.

Ahead there will be a short jumping puzzle guarded by worms.

The worms put red circles on the ground – if you are standing on them, you will be knocked back. This makes the jumping puzzle chaotic – you can use all your character abilities to your advantage including jumping while stealthed, your jumps and leaps, stuns, and your speed boosts that prevent movement-impairing effects and knockbacks. You can also just carefully kill them – stay out of the red circles

The path you will take will be along the left side of the cave, ignore the right.

At the end you’ll be treated with more exploding cactus, and some enemies you’ll need to fight, and after that, you’ll have reached the datacron!


Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a codex lore entry related to this datacron. I think the entry “Catastrophe on Ruhnuk” was supposed to be attached to it.