PvP Medals List

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, completing specific tasks in Warzones and Arenas will gain you medals. Gaining medals will grant you additional Valor Points, and when active, PvP Seasons points.

Updated for 7.2!

During a match, you can see how many medals you earned above your character portrait.

You can see which medals you earned at the end of a match or in the chat box as you play.


Here is a list of the ways to get medals! Some medals are specific to certain match types, while others are general medals.

PvPDemolisher MedalDamage - Deal 30,000 damage in a single hit
PvPAnnihilator MedalDamage - Deal 60,000 damage in a single hit
PvPPaladin MedalTank - Preventing 150,000 damage to your allies in 1 life
PvPProtector MedalTank - Preventing 350,000 damage to your allies
PvPMedic MedalHeal 30,000 damage in a single heal
PvPTrauma SurgeonHeal 60,000 damage in a single heal
PvPHealer MedalHealer - Healing 1,500,000 damage
PvPReinforcerYou joined the match after it started
HuttballRunning BackScore the Huttball
HuttballSafetyIntercept the Huttball
Odessen WargamesPowered UpApply Powerup to a Point
Odessen WargamesHold the LineCapture a Control Point
Ancient HypergatesEnergizedGather an Orb
Ancient HypergatesNexusCapture the Pylon
VoidstarPrimedPlant a bomb in Voidstar
VoidstarBomb SquadDefuse a bomb
WarzonesOffense BasicGain 1 attacker point
WarzonesOffense BronzeGain 2,500 attacker points
WarzonesOffense SilverGain 5,000 attacker points
WarzonesOffense GoldGain 7,500 attacker points
WarzonesOffense PlatinumGain 10,000 attacker points
WarzonesOffense MasterGain 12,500 attacker points
WarzonesOffense DiamondGain 15,000 attacker points
WarzonesDefense BasicGain 1 defender point
WarzonesDefense BronzeGain 2,500 defender points
WarzonesDefense SilverGain 5,000 defender points
WarzonesDefense GoldGain 7,500 defender points
WarzonesDefense PlatinumGain 10,000 defender points
WarzonesDefense MasterGain 12,500 defender points
WarzonesDefense DiamondGain 15,000 defender points
NodesSuperiorityCapture a node on Novare, Civil War or Yavin
WarzonesDauntless 110 minute victory
WarzonesDauntless 29 minute victory
WarzonesDauntless 38 minute victory
WarzonesDauntless 47 minute victory
WarzonesDauntless 56 minute victory
WarzonesDauntless 65 minute victory
VoidstarDauntless 15:30 minute download
VoidstarDauntless 25 minute download
VoidstarDauntless 34:30 minute download
VoidstarDauntless 44 minute download
VoidstarDauntless 53:30 minute download
VoidstarDauntless 63 minute download
ArenasSwiftness Round 1Winning round 1 in the first minute
ArenasSwiftness Round 2Winning round 2 in the first minute
ArenasSolider MedalGet 4 kills in an arena match
ArenasCommando MedalGet 8 kills in an arena match
ArenasChampion MedalWin an arena match
ArenasFirst Blood Round 1Get first blood in round 1 (your team kills an enemy first)
ArenasFirst Blood Round 2Get first blood in round 2 (your team kills an enemy first)
ArenasFirst Blood Round 3Get first blood in round 3 (your team kills an enemy first)
ArenasWinning Round 1Win round 1
ArenasWinning Round 2Win round 2
ArenasSurvivor MedalSurvive a round
ArenasQuick DrawGet a killing blow in an arena match
ArenasDestroyerDeal 1,000,000 damage

Attacker and Defender Points

In Warzones, there is a specific set of medal called “Offense” and “Defense”, earned by gaining “attacker” and “defender” points. These points are earned very specific ways in each match type, and are unrelated to simply doing damage, healing, or tanking.

Here is how these medals are earned for each match type.

HuttballCatching a pass from a teamate +250 Attacker Points
HuttballPassing the ball to a teammate +500 Attacker Points
HuttballDefeating the ball carrier +500 Defender Points
HuttballThrowing for a Score +2250 Attacker Points
HuttballNo points for picking up the ball from the center.
HuttballNo points for killing other players offensively or defensively (unless they are the ball carrier.)
Huttballkilling in your endzone??? someone told me this but I didn't get any messages in chat when I tried doing it
Huttballintercepting a pass??? i havent done this myself yet
HuttballScoring with the Hutball [sic] +2500 Attacker Points
Yavin 4 / Alderaan Civil War / Novare CoastDefending a Controlled Turret +500 Defender Points
Yavin 4 / Alderaan Civil War / Novare CoastNo points for stopping an enemy from attempting to capture your team's turret.
Yavin 4 / Alderaan Civil War / Novare CoastCapturing a Node +1000 Attacker Points (Yavin for sure, Alderaan for sure, Novare?)
Yavin 4 / Alderaan Civil War / Novare CoastNo points for killing other players offensively or defensively.
Ancient HypergatesGuarding a Defensive Objective: +500 Defender Points
Ancient HypergatesRetrieving an Energy Orb +1000 Attacker Points
Ancient HypergatesNo points for capturing a pylon? (You do get the 'Nexus' medal.)
Ancient HypergatesNo points for delivering an orb after you pick it up from the center. (You do get the 'Energized' medal.)
Ancient HypergatesNo points for killing other players (though this will contribute to your team's Ancient Hypergates score.)
VoidstarGuarding a Defensive Objective: +500 Defender Points
VoidstarPlanting a bomb in Voidstar +2500 Attacker Points
VoidstarDownloading the Datacore +1000 Attacker Points
VoidstarNo points for trying to arm or defuse the bomb, but not succeeding.
VoidstarNo points for stopping an enemy from arming or defusing the bomb.
VoidstarNo points for getting the blue terminals to open the forcefields or bridges.
VoidstarNo points for strategically killing players from the center between the fences.
VoidstarNo points for killing other players offensively or defensively.
Odessen Wargames*** I think the Offensive and Defensive points are maybe not tracked in chat on Odessan warzones. I could be wrong,

These are the specific medals related to Attacker and Defender points.

  • Offense Basic
  • Offense Bronze
  • Offense Silver
  • Offense Gold
  • Offense Platinum
  • Offense Master
  • Offense Diamond
  • Defense Basic
  • Defense Bronze
  • Defense Silver
  • Defense Gold
  • Defense Platinum
  • Defense Master
  • Defense Diamond

Old PvP Medals List

These were the medals before update 7.2.

  • Combatant: 600k Damage Dealt
  • Destroyer: 1.2M Damage dealt
  • Demolisher: 6k Damage Dealt
  • Annihilator: 12k Damage Single Hit
  • Commando: 4 Kills
  • Soldier: 8 Kills
  • Quick Draw: 1 Killing Blow
  • Assassin: 1 Solo Kill
  • Medic: 12k Single Heal
  • Trauma Surgeon: 21k Single Heal
  • Healer: 1 M Healed
  • Savior: 1.75M Healed
  • Shield: 260k Defense
  • Protector: 518k Defense
  • Guardian:21k Defense in 1 Life
  • Paladin: 83k Defense in 1 Life
  • Offense Basic: 1 Attacker Point
  • Offense Bronze: 3,000 Attacker Points
  • Offense Silver: 5k Attacker Points
  • Offense Gold: 7.5k Attacker Points
  • Offense Platinum: 10k Attacker Points
  • Offense Diamond: 15k Attacker Points
  • Defense Basic: 1 Defender Points
  • Defense Bronze: 3k Defender Points
  • Defense Silver:5k Defender Points
  • Defense Gold: 7.5k Defender Points
  • Defense Platinum: 10k Defender Points
  • Defense Diamond: 15k Defender Points
  • Dauntless VI: 5 Minute Victory / 3 Minute Download in Voidstar
  • Dauntless V: 6 Minute Victory / 3:30 Minute Download in Voidstar
  • Dauntless IV: 7 Minute Victory / 4:00 Minute Download in Voidstar
  • Dauntless III: 8 Minute Victory / 4:30 Minute Download in Voidstar
  • Dauntless II: 9 Minute Victory / 5:00 Minute Download in Voidstar
  • Dauntless I: 10 Minute Victory / 5:30 Minute Download in Voidstar
  • Reinforcer: You joined the match after it started
  • First Blood in Round 1 / 2 / 3: First kill in an arena round.
  • Winning Round 1 / 2 / 3: Won the arena  round.
  • Swiftness Round 1 / 2 / 3:  Winning an arena round in under 1 minute
  • Survived a Round: Did not die during an arena round.
  • Champion: Won arena match.

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