Taunlet Secret Pet Quest Guide

While many quests in Star Wars: The Old Republic focus around the dramatic conflict between the Sith and the Jedi, some quests exist in the game purely as a fun treasure hunt for adventurous players to enjoy.

Spoiler-Free Hints

In this guide, we’ll be going over how to earn the secret Taunlet pet. If you want to find the pet yourself I’ll give you the spoiler-free version first:

  • You will need to acquire a Method of Trapping the Taunlet. You can find the trap hidden on a vendor in the mountains of Alderaan.
  • You will find Taunlets on Hoth, but you will first need something tasty to lure it out into the open, which others may be able to craft for you… or maybe you can get the recipe yourself from enemies on Hoth.

That’s the spoiler-free version, now let’s get in to the guide!

Step 1 – Buy the NVSCCS

Tauntauns may live on Hoth, but to capture this little critter you’ll need to make one stop beforehand.

Head to Alderaan

The first step is to acquire a trap to put the Taunlet in, we will need a “NVSCCS” – a Non-Violent Small Creature Capture System which you can pick up from a vendor hidden in the Juran Mountains. If you don’t have one yet, on Republic side travel to House Alde Library by taxi or quicktravel, and then start heading south. This one’s easier to show on a map. Imperial side, quicktravel or taxi to Outpost Talarn and head south, it’s really close by.

The NVSCCS will cost you 5,000 credits and looks like a small neural dart, one of three items sold by the friendly Nautolan Lain-Ricie. While you are here, you may also consider buying an MGGS (a grapple item that lets you get to some hidden areas in the game, like datacron locations) and the Red Detonite Actuator (another item that helps unlock a datacron) but these are not required for the Taunlet.

Step 2 – Get Some Ice Scrabbler Jerky

The second step is to get something the Taunlet will run to come see when you’re near it’s den. You’ll need to get an item called Ice Scrabbler Jerky. There are three methods to acquiring this:

Method #1: Craft it

To craft Ice Scrabbler Jerky, you must find the Schematic and learn it on a Character with at least 270 Skill in Biochem (or give the materials to someone who knows it). This Schematic can be found as loot on random enemies throughout Hoth – with an even better chance from the World Bosses, Gargath and Snowblind. You can probably also buy it from your GTN for pretty cheap: at the time of this guide writing it was being sold for just 5,000 credits.

Ice Scrabbler Jerky’s requirements have changed since the original implementation of this recipe: it now costs:

  1. Alien Cell Graft x2: This is the standard Grade 4 Biochem craftable that you’ll likely make 30 or so of while leveling the skill.
  2. Ice Scrabbler Liver x1: This is a rare drop from the creatures on Hoth, it can drop pretty frequently if you’re lucky; but to speed things up it’s usually only a handful of credits on the GTN.
  3. Picked Space Worm x5: This is a standard item from the Cantina Vendors inside the main starting base you fly into on Hoth. Just open your map and head to the room labelled Cantina, and you can buy these for 700 credits each.
  4. Ice Fern x1: These are a small plant growing on Hoth that can be clicked and gathered by anyone regardless of crew skill: This can also be bought on the GTN, but a couple location coordinates are (-3084,-1754) very close to the republic base, or (893. 758) hidden on the ice bridge near Frostwake Outpost.

Method #2: World Bosses

Ice Scrabbler Jerky can also be found as a drop from Gargath and Snowblind, to find out where to find them and how to beat them, check out the World Boss Guide!

The Jerky that drops from the bosses can also be deconstructed by those with Biochem to learn the Schematic (you cannot deconstruct Jerky made from another player).

Method #3: Buy It

All steps of making or finding Ice Scrabbler Jerky can simply be skipped by stopping by the GTN and buying some of the things you’re missing – including the Jerky itself. Here are some recent prices on Star Forge for each of the purchasable items.

Step 3 – Catch a Taunlet!

Now that you have your lure and your trap, you’ll be heading deep into the Glacial Fissure map in the center of Hoth, and going down to the bottom of the fissure, all the way to the southern dead end. Republic side, taxi or quick travel to Outpost Senth, and head south down the ramp into the fissure. Imperial side travel to Thesh Outpost, exit to the east, and head down the ramp.

What you’re looking for is a very narrow canyon of ice at the southeast corner of this lower volcanic area, guarded at the entrance by a Hailstorm Warrior and a Hailstorm Hunter. Clear these pirates out and use the Ice Scrabbler Jerky to get the 1 hour buff that will lure you a Taunlet!

Once you enter the small enclosed canyon past the pirates with the Jerky Buff on you, a Frightened Taunlet should also appear: he will be at the very back of the canyon against the dead end, so use your NVSCCS you bought from Alderaan by clicking it while you have the Taunlet targeted, and you will receive your new pet!

To summon your pet, press the “P” key on your keyboard to open your abilities, and use the dropdown to choose “Pets”. There you will be able to find your new Taunlet! Your Taunlet pet is per-character, so if you want it on other characters, you will need to follow all the steps again!

Other Tauntaun Pets

The Taunlet from this secret achievement isn’t the only baby tauntaun you can find in the game. Most tauntaun pets are retired rewards, but here are the other Tauntaun pets you can get!

Taunlet – The one in this guide!

Taun Fawn – Retired Reward

Taunling – Semi-retired Dark vs light token reward, retired for new players.

Taunta – Collectors Edition

Tauntaun Ram – Semi-retired but will come back, Galactic Seasons