Crafting for Conquest

Each week the conquest objectives change, but there is almost always crafting objectives available. Here are the crafting objectives and how they tie together.

Update for Conquest changes 6.1.1

Ways to get Conquest Points via Crafting

First, do all the super easy objectives that are available in this week’s conquest, I’ve included some below. Then you can take a look at making War Supplies, Invasion Forces, and Dark Projects if you want to craft your way to victory. The general idea is to craft five or buy five different war supplies > combine them to get an Invasion Force, combine them with expensive materials to get a Dark Project, then donate stacks of Invasion Forces in tens.

*** The conquest points below are for a specific conquest week with the 150% Stronghold Bonus, on a level 75 character.

Super Easy Objectives

1. Run any 5 Crew skill missions (once per day) – SUPER EASY!

2. Level up a crew skill (once per day) – SUPER EASY! if you are not maxed out

3. Send your companion to sell items (once per day) – SUPER EASY!

4. Give a gift to your companion (once per day) – SUPER EASY!

5. Raise a companion’s influence level (once per day) – SUPER EASY!

6. Place 5 decorations in your stronghold (once per day) – SUPER EASY!

7. Recalibrate an amplifier (once per day) – SUPER EASY!

Crafting-Specific Objectives

1. Gather any 10 material nodes from the ground (infinite)

1. Craft  a War Supply (infinite)

2. Craft an Invasion Force (once per day)

3. Craft a Dark Project (once per conquest)

4. Use a stack of ten Invasion Forces (infinite)

6.  Craft any 50 items (infinite)

Crafting: War Supplies

War Supplies are useless craftable items that can be combined to create more useful ones. They have no direct use outside of conquest. Each crew skill can craft different types of war supplies. Crafting a war supply is a two-step process – first you must craft the Components, then you combine them together to craft the War Supply.

The five types are:

  • War Supplies: Starship Weapons (Cybertech, Armstech, Armormech)
  • War Supplies: Armored Vehicles (Cybertech, Armstech, Armormech)
  • War Supplies: Holocron of Strategy (Synthweaving, Artifice)
  • War Supplies: Crystal Capacitors (Synthweaving, Artifice)
  • War Supplies: Infantry Supply Kits (Biochem)

Cybertech – War Supplies: Armored Vehicles

Cybertech – War Supplies: Starship Weapons

Armstech – War Supplies: Armored Vehicles

Armstech – War Supplies: Starship Weapons

Armormech – War Supplies: Armored Vehicles

Armormech – War Supplies: Starship Weapons

Artifice – War Supplies: Crystal Capacitors

Artifice – War Supplies: Holocron of Strategy

Synthweaving – War Supplies: Crystal Capacitors

Synthweaving – War Supplies: Holocron of Strategy

Biochem – War Supplies: Infantry Supply Kits

* I had two different schematics available to buy though they made the same item.

Biochem – War Supplies: Infantry Supply Kits

* I had two different schematics available to buy though they made the same item.

Crafting: War Supplies: Invasion Force

Invasion Forces can be crafted by combining one of each of the normal war supplies. They have no direct use, but can either be used to craft Dark Projects or donated for conquest points.

Crafting: Dark Project

Dark Project are a rare crafted item that can be turned in for cool hard-to-get decorations. They take an Invasion Force and two other difficult to get craft supplies.

Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message on Twitter @swtorista, Reddit /u/swtorista, Youtube Swtorista channel or by e-mail at the same name with at the end. Have fun out there and may the Force be with you. ~ Swtorista