What to expect in Update 7.4.1 in SWTOR

News Date: February 14, 2024 Patch: 7.4.1 News Source

The Star Wars: The Old Republic developers have revealed what is coming with Update 7.4.1! Usually Updates that have two decimals in them are considered quite small, and this is the first time they have showed off what is coming in a smaller update like this.

Update 7.4.1

What will be in Update 7.4.1?

  • Galactic Seasons Season 6 (likely March)
  • New Copero Stronghold (Galactic Seasons Reward)
  • PvP Season 5 (February 27, 2024)
  • New Date Night Cutscenes (Lana, Theran, Arcann, Koth)
  • Shae Vizla Server Transfers Open Up
  • New Cartel Market Items
    • Metallic Red and Metallic Pink Dye Module (available now!)
    • Prime Centurion Armor
    • Gothic Master Armor
    • Gothic Master Dualsaber
    • Gothic Master Lightsaber
    • Green/Gold Enhanced Dye (out later after 7.4.1)
  • Cartel Sale until February 29th, Decorations and Armors up to 90% Off

What will be in Update 7.5?

  • Story Update “Desperate Defiance” on Hutta
  • Lane Vizla Basilisk Droid Repair quest resolution
  • New Spring Event on Dantooine

Developer Livestream

You can watch the Developer Livestream recording to see all of this information presented live by the SWTOR developers, it’s about an hour long.

New Free Item

Get a free Darth Krovos poster decoration item! To get the Poster: Darth Krovos item, go to swtor.com/redeem-code and use the code LOTSKROVOS before February 29, 2024.

How to Get

  • If it keeps telling you you need to be logged in to redeem the code, try this link https://account.swtor.com/en/account/redeem_game_time_code instead, it’s the newer Redeem Code link from your account page
  • You can claim the code on swtor.com now even if you don’t have the game downloaded – it will still be available to you if you don’t log in to the game until much later.
  • You will need to return to the Server Select screen or log out of the game entirely before it will get mailed to you, if you are logged in when you go to redeem the code.
  • You will get a copy for every character you have and any new characters will also get a copy in the mail.

Galactic Seasons – Season 6

The next Galactic Seasons (Season 6) will be called Building a Foundation and will take place on the scenic planet of Copero.

This upcoming season will come with a similar three-quest structure as previous seasons, with a new quest at Rank 1, Rank 16 and Rank 40.

You’ll be working with the Inrokini Chiss family because they want to learn about the strengths of other species in the galaxy. You’ll be working with the Inrokini family by bringing them records of galactic events in exchange for some Chiss technology. There will be some really fun stuff you’ll experience throughout the storyline, so we’re really excited for you to do that.

There will be Chiss-themed rewards on the track including these Chiss decorations that were previewed.

Large and small Copero fountains, Copero themed canopy, and Planet Art: Tython

Copero Stronghold

The main reward you’ll be working on in Galactic Seasons 6 will be the new Copero Stronghold.

Some rooms will be on on both the free-to-play and subscriber track, others will only be on the subscriber track, and the final three can only be unlocked with Cartel Coins (which can also be earned through the Galactic Seasons track). I’ve put a bigger breakdown in the Copero Preview page.

Copero Stronghold in SWTOR Preview

PvP Seasons – Season 5

PvP Seasons happen independently of Updates, but they showed off the upcoming season during the developer stream.

PvP Season 5 will be Pirate’s Plunder and will start of Febraury 27, 2024 (before Update 7.4.1, which is scheduled for March). Season 5 will come with all the usual rewards of new armor sets and decorations, but it will also have a new flair called “Pirate’s Bounty” (I do not know if this is the achievement reward or on the track).

PvP Flair

  • Flair: Pirate’s Bounty

PvP Titles

  • Legacy Title: Ruthless Warlord
  • Title: The Mutineer

PvP Track Rewards Armors

  • Cunning Plunderer
  • Outlaw Battler

PvP Vendor Armors

  • Plunderer’s Greed
  • Outlaw Warrior

PvP Track Decoration Rewards

  • PvP Season 5 Trophy (Large)
  • PvP Season 4 Trophy (Small)
  • Cunning Plunderer Armor Display
  • Trophy: PvP Battler (Season 5)

Date Night

Date Night is a series of new cutscene-only cinematic Alliance Alert quests where players can spend quality time with their romance companions. Players were excited about this because it had accidentally been hinted at in a previous update.

Update 7.4.1 will bring a batch of four companions: Lana Beniko, Koth Vortena, Theron Shan, and Arcann. The developers are well aware that players are hoping for romance Date Nights with their favorite romantic companion, but there are about 28 romanceable companions and they are hoping to release more date nights in the cadence of 1-2 Companion Date nights per Galactic Seasons. They are very passionate that each cutscene is personal and unique to each companion. They chose the first four as they were the only companions that can be romanced by any class and character gender. Each Date Night quest is unique and focused around the companion and their personality and background, and each date night has different choices in how you can interact with your romance companion.

These will be weekly-repeatable missions and you can earn rewards for playing it multiple times including a unique token for the date, which will likely be a stronghold decoration memento of your date.

Shae Vizla Server Transfers

The APAC Shae Vizla server, which up until the 7.4.1 Update was considered a “fresh start” server with no transfers allowed, will be opening up to transfers start with Update 7.4.1. Here are the special requirements and free transfer info:

  • There is a 15 million credit limit per character
  • Minimum level 20 requirement
  • Players that are active Subscribers and have been a Subscriber since January 2, 2024 will have 16 free transfers to Shae Vizla for 30 days after transfers open
  • For the first 90 days after transfers open, all Subscribers will receive a 50% discount (500 Cartel Coins off) on transfers to the Shae Vizla server
  • Paid transfers will become available at 7.4.1 launch and will still cost 1000 Cartel Coins for non-Subscribers. The credit and character level requirements will still apply
  • Requirements may be adjusted in the future

More Information

Cartel Market

Update 7.4.1 will bring new Cartel Market items.

Copero Utility Decoration Bundle

Metallic Red and Metallic Pink Dye Module

released February 15, 2024

Prime Centurion Armor

Gothic Master Armor

(second half of video)

Gothic Master Dualsaber

Gothic Master Lightsaber

Green/Gold Enhanced Dye

releasing some time after 7.4.1

Cartel Sale

There is a category-wide sale in the Decorations and Armors categories until February 29, 2024. Some items are more discounted than others, with some reaching up to a 90% discount.

I’ve put together a list of the top deals and screenshots of all 450+ items that are on sale on a SWTOR Decorations and Armor Category Cartel Market Sale until February 29, 2024 page.

Update 7.5 – Story Update “Desperate Defiance” on Hutta

While we were not given any details, we were told that the next story update will take place on Hutta, as a counterpart to Ord Mantell. Both factions will be able to go to Hutta. This will be in Update 7.5. You can actually see Hutta in the key art.

Update 7.5 – Lane Vizla Basilisk Droid Repair Quest

We also know that the Lane Vizla and Basilisk Droid quest started on Ruhnuk will be reaching its conclusion in Update 7.5. The developers said, when her research is finished, it will be “adorable and terrifying, and you will have your work cut out for you.”

Lane Vizla + Basilisk Droid Quest Guide

Update 7.5 – New Spring Event on Dantooine

The developers said that they have seasonal events Nar Shaddaa Nightlife in the summer, Feast of Prosperity in the fall, and Life Day in the winter, but nothing in the Spring. We were not told anything else except that it will take place on Dantooine. No date is given, but spring is often considered the April-May months.

After 7.4.1/7.5

What will be coming up after 7.4.1 and 7.5? While we don’t have many hints yet, we do know that there will eventually be…


We will see the continuation of PvP Seasons and Galactic Seasons – Galactic Seasons Season 6 sounds like it will be starting with 7.4.1 in March, and PvP Seasons Season 5 in late February 2024, with more seasons later in the year too.

Date Nights

There are about 28 romanceable companions and the developers are hoping to release more date nights in the cadence of 1-2 Companion Date nights per Galactic Seasons.

Romanceable Companions

  • Akaavi Spar
  • Andronikos Revel
  • Arcann (Update 7.4.1)
  • Aric Jorgan
  • Ashara Zavros
  • Corso Riggs
  • Doc
  • Elara Dorne
  • Felix Iresso
  • Jaesa Willsaam
  • Kaliyo
  • Khem Val
  • Kira Carsen
  • Koth Vortena (Update 7.4.1)
  • Lana Beniko (Update 7.4.1)
  • Lieutenant Pierce
  • Lord Scourge
  • Mako
  • Malavai Quinn
  • Nadia Grell
  • Raina Temple
  • Risha
  • Tharan Cedrax
  • Theron Shan (Update 7.4.1)
  • Torian
  • Vector
  • Vette
  • Zenith

DirectX 12 & Improved Steam Integrations

In a previous developer post, the devs said…

Also on the tech side, we are working on further updates such as improved integrations with Steam and updating to DirectX 12. We’ll start talking about all of this and more in the coming weeks. Source

With 64-bit now in the game, and DirectX 12 hopefully on the way, it’s possible we may see graphics updates in the future.

GTN Changes?

In addition to the recent changes to the GTN, the developers spoke in the past about potentially adding a buy-order system – you can put in a request to buy an item at a certain price, and other players can fulfill the order. Whether this will be added or not still is unclear, now that the new GTN is up and functional.

  • This will be an overhaul of how the GTN Works to increase usability make finding what you want easier and buy or sell items at a fair price all while providing you with more Market information than ever before to help players make informed decisions (source developer livestream 7.3)
  • We will also be building a commodity order system that lets you place orders for specific items and get them at a competitive price (source developer livestream 7.3)

Additional Servers?

All SWTOR servers are now on the cloud, and the Shae Vizla server has been running for a while as the APAC server, with transfers opening on 7.4.1. A new Fresh Start server may come in the future, players have been asking for one in North America. Read More

Warzone Medals

With the other Warzones getting knocked out in 7.3, the only warzones that haven’t been rehauled yet will be Odessan and Ancient Hypergates.

Future Story

We got a tease of where the story might go in the future as well, though this may be alluding to what is coming in 7.4 and forward!

And after that, more of everything. You can always expect more Flashpoints, more story, like Malgus says, ‘this is only the beginning.’ I talked a little bit about when 7.0 launched how much we had planned out the storyline and everything happening with Malgus, and how is plans are unfolding, and how the Mandalorian civil war storyline ties into that, we’ve got some stuff that I can not wait to see go live, and to see ya’lls faces and your reactions and your comments as it comes down the road.” – Charles Boyd (Former Creative Director, Developer 7.1 Livestream)

Crafting Update / Augments?

How does this affect crafting? Augments and Augmentation Kits are still craftable, and able to be used on all 7.0 gear. We are not raising Crew Skills, Gathering or Crafting levels upon the 7.0 release, but they are a part of our 10-year celebration plans. – Jackie late 2021, before the 7.0 launch

From an interview by Vulkk.com with the developers:

The official answer stated that while the developers “cannot provide a definitive timeline right now, a change to the Crafting system will not be implemented in the immediate future. At this time, players can continue spending credits on augments.” When the time comes that a crafting revamp will happen, BioWare said that they will give everyone plenty of time to adjust to the changes accordingly.

Based on BioWare’s answer, it seems that they are planning a more significant rework to the crafting system in line with other modernizations we’ve gotten with 7.0. Furthermore, it should theoretically be pretty trivial to just add another crafting tier if that’s all they wanted to do. – August 2022

Master Mode R-4?

It is unclear if Master Mode R-4 is still coming out, due to the large delay in launch of both 7.0 and the R-4 Anomaly operation in both story and veteran mode, but it is currently the only outstanding item on the list from the tenth anniversary, originally shared on a livestream July 1, 2021.