Swtorista.com is a news and information site focused on Star Wars: The Old Republic, with a goal of helping players find information about all facets of their favorite online game all on one site. The site is owned, maintained and created by fan of the game ‘Swtorista’, and while it was originally created as a hobby to catalogue the fashion-focused parts of the game, it has since grown into a huge project that covers hundreds of articles and thousands of pages.

What other projects are related to Swtorista.com?

Who works on Swtorista.com?

The entire site has been built by Swtorista, and its current iteration has been running since around 2015, and a large majority of this project was created during her spare time while commuting in Los Angeles, and later as a full-time project starting in 2020.

Occasionally fellow fans will help work on projects or write articles about facets of the game they are passionate about, and you will be able to see their contributions at the top or bottom of their articles. In mid 2022, Zahk joined the site as a contractor and has been helping as a Contributor to many parts of the site.

About Swtorista

Swtorista is an avid Star Wars: The Old Republic fan and enjoys almost every aspect of the game and has been playing since launch, from Operations to Story. She runs a fansite at swtorista.com, makes videos on her YouTube channel, and livestreams on Twitch. In-game she spends way too much time obsessing over different parts of the game, playing her main tank vanguard named Scya, trying out new stuff all the time. In real life, she is a Web Designer by trade from California and like plants, her tortoise, sci-fi, and way too many crafting and art hobbies.The best way to contact her is via Twitter at @swtorista or swtorista@gmail.com.

About Zahk (Contractor)

As a “Founder-Newbie” to SWTOR, Zahk has had a lifelong interest in the Star Wars universe but has only been playing SWTOR as his main game for the past year or so. Coming from a decade-long “Ahead of the Curve” raiding background in World of Warcraft, Zahk loves learning new things about all aspects of SWTOR gameplay every week, helping contribute to swtorista.com and the livestreams on Twitch to ease newer players in to the content and generally researching for fun. In real life, Zahk enjoys most sci-fi/fantasy media, keeping his dogs active at the off-leash parks, and channels his inner nautolan while swimming indoors and at the beach. Zahk contributes to multiple guides on the Swtorista site, and can best be contacted via Twitter at @AdmiralZahk or through Email at Zahkmalt@gmail.com.