SWTOR Novare Coast Warzone PvP Guide

Novare Coast is a player-vs-player Warzone in Star Wars The Old Republic. In this guide we’ll be going over how to gain points in this type of PvP map, how the bombs, bridges and doors work, and how to attack and defend in this type of match.


The Novare Coast warzone map is shaped like an upside-down triangle. There’s an objective point in the north east, one in the north west, and one in the center at the south.

You’ll load in on either the east or west side with your team. The load-in area has two exits – one leads more easily to the north, and one more easily to the south. If you aren’t sure where to start, take the southern exit!

This map is very simple – there’s no secret passages or tunnels!

Advanced Map:


In the Novare Coast (sometimes known as ‘Denova’ for the name of the planet) warzone, your goals are to capture at least two of of the three objective points on the map.

You can see which objectives have been captured on the scoreboard – there’s a circle representing the north west objective, the south center objective, and the north east objective point.

One team is purple, the other team is yellow. Your team color is really clearly indicated with an arrow that says “Your Team”.

If a circle is full of one color, it is fully captured by one team. If a circle is partially full during the match, it means it is being contested – someone is either actively capturing it, or there’s a battle going on preventing anyone from fully capturing it.

If the turrets are on the scoreboard are facing up, it means that turret hasn’t been captured by other team yet. If the turrets are facing sideways, you can tell which team currently has them captured by which way they are pointing – if the barrels are pointed towards your team’s points, the enemy team currently owns that turret, and if the barrels are facing the enemy team’s points, your team currently owns that turret.

Capturing an Objective

Your team only gains points when you have an objective captured, so your goal is to capture at least two of the three objectives so you gain points faster than the other team.

Above & Below: Yellow represents the area you can stand in to click the button and work on capturing the objective.

To capture an objective, you need to stand within about 16 meters of it, and right-click the small blue panel inside the small building – you can be anywhere within the dashed line on the floor and you’ll be able to click it, you don’t have to be right beside it to click it.

You need to stay still there without moving, using any abilities, or being attacked by an enemy, to successfully capture a point – but you can do it incrementally, and capture a little bit at a time.

Multiple team members can help capture an objective at the same time, and it will be captured faster the more people are helping – this is different than every other warzone objective point! As you and/or your teammates try and capture an objective, the other team will try and stop you by attacking the people channeling and capturing the objective. It’s a careful balance in deciding if you want to help capture an objective or attacking the enemy distract them, stun them, or kill them so that your team mates can channel and capture the objective. Sometimes while playing you can even get lucky and capture an objective right under a bunch of enemy’s noses if  they aren’t paying attention to the capture point!

Once your team has captured an objective, you start gaining points from it until the other team captures it fully. Even if they capture it back 90%, until they reach 100%, they won’t get any points from that turret and you’ll still be getting all the turret’s points, even if you are still only holding 10% of the turret.

Defending an Objective

Once an objective point has been captured, it is very important that your team defends it. It is harder to capture an objective than it is to protect one you already have.

To defend an objective, you just need to interrupt anyone who is trying to right-click the small blue panel inside the small building. They can do it from anywhere within the dashed line around the building – they don’t have to be right beside it, or even facing it, so keep your eyes open!

If someone is trying to steal your objective, they will have a colorful glowing line of their team’s color between them and the objective point, and they will have a cast bar over their head.  To stop them, you can attack them, stun them, push them, or interrupt them in any other way. Even if you stop someone, they will probably keep trying, so make sure to keep your eye on the objective even after an unsuccessful attempt.

In Novare Coast, the other team can capture the objective in little chunks at a time, so you must balance protecting the objective and re-capturing it. Keep in mind they won’t have captured the objective or get any points from it unless they have fully re-captured the objective from you – so if there’s a fierce battle going on, you don’t need to immediately re-capture the objective point if they’ve taken some of it.

The other part of defending an objective is simply killing enemy team members who are trying to capture it – they can’t capture it if they’re dead.

To find out if your Objectives needs help, try and keep your eyes on it, so you can see any red names that are over there. You will also want to watch chat – the player defending the objective will often call out that they need help, and if you see anything that looks like an acronym, number or request, head over quick and help stop the enemies there from getting your objective!

Guarding an Objective

During a match, at least one player should always stay behind to guard a captured objective point. This player is often someone who is familiar with how to guard an objective, and keep it safe long enough for reinforcements to arrive. There are lots of different tips and tricks to guarding the pylon, but they all depend on what class you are playing. For example, stealth characters can use their crowd control to put enemies to sleep without ever revealing themselves, and non-stealth characters sometimes have abilities they can use to interrupt the enemy even if they are stunned.

The hardest part of guarding an objective is dealing with enemies in stealth – an unprepared player can get double stunned with no way to stop the enemy from capturing if they aren’t familiar with their class and their abilities.

If you do wind up defending an objective alone and aren’t ready yet, you can ask in chat if anyone else can guard the objective because you are new, and another player will likely come take your place, allowing you to run off.

One of the most important parts of guarding the objective is to call out in chat if you see any enemies running towards it, or if you get get stunned by a stealther, or get any hint that there is an enemy nearby. That way, your team knows to come back you up. All you can do is try and hold the objective long enough for your team mates to hopefully show up!


The points for Novare Coast are really simple.

The two thin bars on the left and the right are each team’s points. They start at 100% and go down whenever a team has two or more objective points captured. If a team has less than two turrets captured, they do not bring the enemy’s teams percentage points down. Whichever team reaches 0 percent first loses – there’s no timer.

That means even if your team is losing horribly, if you manage to capture and hold two objective points for long enough, you will eventually win, even if you are only a sliver away from losing.


You can learn more about earning medals in Novare Coast in my Medals guide!

PvP Medals List


There are three types of buffs hidden around the Novare Coast warzone.

Speed Boost (green, above) – Run at 200% speed for 15 seconds.

Damage Boost (red, above) – 15% bonus to damage and healing, while fighting other players for 25 seconds.

Health (aqua colored, above) – Walk over it to heal 75% of your health.

More Info

  • While this warzone technically does not have a timer, it will automatically end after 48 minutes. That’s a really long match! Whichever team has more points left wins.
  • Because you can only gain points when you have two turrets captured, Novare Coast does not have a point where your team will automatically lose unless they capture all three – if the other team has 2 and your team has 1, if you manage to capture and hold just one more turret, so 2 of 3, you can still come back from the brink of total loss. I have won a game where the enemy had blasted down our points to 4%, but we managed to capture and hold two turrets at the point and brought them from 100% down to 0.
  • What happens if two people from opposite teams try and capture at the same time? Does it stay at 50% or lock someone out? Answer: It will “stay” at 50%, but neither member is locked out.
  • How long does it take to capture an objective? It depends on the current percentage and how many people are helping. Of you are alone, you need to stay still there for about 9 seconds if it is at 50/50, or 18 seconds to go 0 to 100%
  • How much faster is it if a friend is helping capture? Doubly fast. I assume triply fast if its three people.
  • What’s the minimum time a match could take if one team captured two at the beginning and held them? – with 2 nodes captured, it goes down 2% about every 8 seconds, the timer ran for about 7 minutes 30 seconds
  • What’s the minimum time a match could take if one team captured three at the beginning and held them? With 3 nodes capture, each one counts for 2% for 8-10 seconds, but they tick separately, about 3 minutes and 45 seconds
  • You do not get any points for killing enemies.
  • Would using a DOT (damage-over-time) ability on someone stop them from capturing the turret? If you apply it after they start clicking the turret AND it has front-loaded damage, yes, a DOT attack is fine. But if you applied the DOT before they started clicking, and it’s ticking on them, the additional damage will not interrupt them from capturing. You would need to use an additional attack while they are clicking to stop them. If your DOT does not have damage right away, but is only ticks of damage, it will not work. Check your tooltip to see if there’s front-loaded damage or not.
  • Do time-delay attacks like Sticky Dart stop someone  from capturing the turret? If you throw a sticky dart at someone, and then they start capturing, the explosion a few seconds later would stop them, but it won’t “stop” them until it explodes. It’s not recommended to use time-delay abilities on someone capping as your time-delay may be longer than their time to capture the turret.
  • Can you use your actual “Interrupt” ability to stop someone from capturing the turret? Yes, but it’s not recommended. This is because if the person has interrupt-immunity, a normal attack will still work, but your interrupt ability won’t.
  • What if the person trying to capture the turret has damage-immunity? They may take no damage when you attack them, but an attack will still interrupt them from capturing.
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