What to Expect in the 7.1.1 SWTOR Update!

The SWTOR developers have released a list of what’s coming up in update 7.1.1!

Hi everyone,

We wanted to give you a snapshot overview of the next update that’s coming, Game Update 7.1.1, which is currently targeting a Fall 2022 release:

  • Galactic Seasons 3! We will have more details available at a later time, but we can share that this upcoming season is Galactic Gaming themed.
  • Feast of Prosperity Event returns with new rewards
  • Features for Outfitter for ability to name and favorite outfits
  • Conquest objectives for the Manaan Daily Area
  • Class balance changes (see below for more details)

It’s important to note that this release could change in terms of timeline and the above content includes what is currently slated for this update at the time of this post.

I know that many of you were wondering about the release of Galactic Seasons 3 in particular, and I’m happy to share that its release is targeted for this upcoming update. We’re looking forward to sharing additional details soon, so be on the lookout for more info soon!

As stated in an earlier dev post, there will not be a phase of PTS for this update, however, please see the 7.1.1 Balance post that Chris Durel created that offers more insights into our plans for class balance changes. If you have any feedback, we encourage you to share your thoughts in the linked thread.

We also have seen the feedback players have provided for the R-4 bosses. The team is focusing on making adjustments to the following for 7.1.1:

  • Reducing IP-CPT’s health on Veteran so the DPS check isn’t as demanding
  • Adjusting the difficulty in the Overgrown Hallways to be less deadly in Story Mode
  • Reduce Lady Dominique’s health slightly in Story Mode
  • Damage from Nihrot is no longer reflectable
  • Nihrot suppression grenades should no longer get caught up in the ceiling tentacles
  • The issues some players are experiencing with IP-CPT falling into the floor

While these seem to be the most common reports we are seeing for the bosses, we do welcome additional feedback. If you are reporting difficulty you are experiencing with any of the R-4 bosses, please also include details of the gear you are using.

Lastly, access to the Collector’s Edition vendor has been highly requested over the years, so we are creating a path for players to access this vendor with the purchase of an access pass that can be obtained from the Cartel Market. Once the item is consumed, it will unlock the ability to speak to the CE vendor, grant access to the VIP area where the vendor is located, and it will unlock account-wide. Below are the items that are available on the vendor:

  • 7 companion customizations (Ashara Zavros, 3x Deshade, Kaliyo Djannis, Mako, Vette)
  • 5 pieces of the Imperial Trooper armor set
  • 4 Dye Modules
  • 3 Pets
  • 2 Statue stronghold decorations
  • 1 ‘Scanner’ helmet

We will share more details about Game Update 7.1.1 in future forum posts and articles, so stay tuned for more!


In addition, we know a new stronghold is coming somewhere down the line.

Ah yes, new Stronghold! So, this is something we have been chatting about recently as well so I can speak a bit to what is and isn’t planned. First off, you should not expect a new Stronghold this year. I know there was another thread a couple of weeks asking about a possible new SH with Galactic Season 3, we will be talking in the coming weeks about the GS3 rewards but a new SH is not one of them.

That said, we are tentatively looking to add a new SH with GS4 next year. Take that statement with dump trucks of salt as we are still early in reward planning for GS4 and a lot can change between now and then. There has also been some chatter about a new non-GS Stronghold but nothing concrete on the schedule right now. I know you will be very curious regarding possible locations but since this all early days and tentative I am not gonna speak to that now.

Thanks all.

-eric (Forums, August 30, 2022)

While we know very, very little about the PvP Revamp, we know it’s coming. It was first hinted at as a bullet point at the end of the 7.0 announcement stream, and has been brought up again by the developers.

“We’ve got some really cool revamps coming to PvP.” – Charles Boyd (Former Creative Director, Developer 7.1 Livestream)

I will say for right now and I have to
preface this that it could change because game development but
we’re we’re thinking that 7.2 will also include the pvp revamp (both hosts say: whoah!)
so all right I can’t give you more than that though
– Jackie (Community Manager, 1:23:54 Working Class Nerds Podcast Interview)

No new story is announced in update 7.1.1 but sometimes they sneak it in.

We got a tease of where the story might go at the end of the 7.1 Digging Deeper story.

“A whole new planet, and by a whole new planet I mean COMPLETELY new, new to the Star Wars galaxy, called Runich, where you can expect to see the storyline continue in a pretty big way after 7.1. And after that, more of everything. You can always expect more Flashpoints, more story, like Malgus says, ‘this is only the beginning.’ I talked a little bit about when 7.0 launched how much we had planned out the storyline and everything happening with Malgus, and how is plans are unfolding, and how the Mandalorian civil war storyline ties into that, we’ve got some stuff that I can not wait to see go live, and to see ya’lls faces and your reactions and your comments as it comes down the road.” – Charles Boyd (Former Creative Director, Developer 7.1 Livestream)

And more to come in the future?

I can’t I can’t speak to
the the finer details, certainly more communication is coming as you know you’re going to be
hearing from me when that happens but what I can say is in in future
updates like I mean we’ve always had plans with 7.0’s launch and of course being a live service game
we’re always looking to add some new things, improve what already exists so that’s
kind of the mentality with live service
– Jackie (Community Manager, 1:23:02 Working Class Nerds Podcast Interview)