SWTOR Valor Guide & Rewards

Your Valor rank signifies how much you’ve played Player vs Player content in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and the higher your valor rank, the more player-vs-player rewards you have access to. In this video we’ll be going over how to earn valor, the rates you can earn it at, and all the rewards you can get. Near the game’s launch, your Valor rank would help you access the highest tiers of gear, but these days it’s purely for cosmetic rewards, bragging rights, and to show your love of PvP content.

Updated for Update 7.2!

As you play player vs player matches, you’ll earn medals for performing well, and for each medal you earn, you’ll get Valor points. You’ll also get extra Valor points if your team members give you an MVP vote at the end of a match. On top of that, you get a big chunk of valor points just for completing a match, and even if you lose and get no medals you’ll get at least 2,000 Valor per match. If you want to earn extra Valor, you can purchase a Minor or Major Valor Boost item from the Cartel Market or the GTN with credits from other players, which will boost your valor gain by 25%. You can also get a chance to earn Valor quick during some limited-time Double XP events and Double Rewards events that takes place randomly throughout the year.

How to See Your Valor Level

Click the icon of “three little people” near your minimap or press CTRL+G on your keyboard. Choose the PvP tab at the top.  Your can see your valor level on the right, hover over it to see your exact point value.

Valor is per-character, not legacy wide.

PvP Medals List

The more medals you earn, the more Valor you get awarded.

PvP Medals List

How long will it take?

When players find a reward they like, they often start asking how many matches or how long it will take them to reach that point. Players most often ask how long it will take them to reach level 60, which is the rank you need to wear some of the old crafted cosmetic armor, and how long it will take Valor Rank 100, as there is a new Steam Achievement offered at that rank.

At the time of making this video, on a max-level character, you’ll earn approximately 3,000 Valor Points per match. During Double Rewards events, and with using a Valor boost, you can easily each reach over 8,000 points per match if you do well and get a lot of medals. The early Valor levels only require a few thousand points each, and completing your first match will likely push you through a good chunk of the early Valor levels. However, the later levels start increasing sharply in how many points you need to complete them. To give some context, just going from Valor Rank 99 to 100 will take you longer than going all the way from Valor Rank 1 to Valor Rank 50!

I’ve made a spreadsheet that will help you calculate how many Valor points you need to get to your goal, and there’s a little calculator at the bottom that will help you estimate how many matches you’ll need to play to get there, it’s linked in the description below. To use it, you’ll first need to go File -> Make a copy, then on your copy delete all the rows of Valor ranks you already have, so if you’re Valor level 14, delete rows 1-14. Then delete the rows after your goal – if you want to reach Valor 60, delete rows 61-100. If you want it to also factor in how many points you currently have, especially if you’re in the later levels, type in your current valor points in the middle column’s row. The bottom of the sheet will then tell you the total you need to earn in Valor points, and if you type in on average how many points you personally earn per match, it will tell you how many matches it will take you to reach your goal, and a rough estimate of how many hours you would spend in PvP getting there.



The biggest reward for leveling up your Valor, apart from bragging rights, is the titles you can display on your character. You get a title for each ten Valor levels you earn, and and there’s a matching achievement of the same name in the Legacy -> Advancement -> Valor section of your achievements.


  • Valor Rank 10: Skirmisher
  • Valor Rank 20: Duelist
  • Valor Rank 30: Gladiator
  • Valor Rank 40: Centurion
  • Valor Rank 50: Champion
  • Valor Rank 60: Battlemaster
  • Valor Rank 70: War Hero
  • Valor Rank 80: Conqueror
  • Valor Rank 90: Warlord
  • Valor Rank 100: Elite Warlord

In addition to the titles, as you rank up in valor, you’ll also get access to the PvP crystal vendor, a few cosmetic items, and a vendor that sells cosmetic weapons.

PvP Valor Crystals

At Valor Rank 10, you’ll have access to a vendor that sells a bunch of different color crystals. In the past, these crystals offered a PvP-specific advantage, but now they are pretty much identical to the crystals that can be crafted. The colors that are offered are most of the crafted color crystals, along with the four original black-core earnable crystals. They each cost between 150,000 to 300,000 credits. You’ll definitely want to compare these in price with the crystals you can find on the GTN before buying them.

  • Orange: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 300
  • Green: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 240
  • Red: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 80
  • Blue: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 1
  • Yellow: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 160
  • Fire Red: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 500
  • Purple Core: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 550
  • Amethyst: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 500
  • White-Yellow-Orange: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 350
  • White-Purple-Blue: also from Crafting, Artifice Level 350
  • Black-Orange: also from Operations
  • Black-Purple: also from Operations
  • Black-Red: also from Operations
  • Black-Blue: also from Operations

PvP Valor Mounts

There’s also two mounts available. The Ubrikkian War-Rider and the Longspur Recon both require Valor Rank 23, the Longspur Recon costs 50,000 Credits and the Ubrikkian War-Rider costs 100,000 credits.

PvP Valor Pets

In addition to those mounts, there’s also two pets you can get through PvP as well as a few other ways. The Lobelisk pet is purchasable at Valor Rank 5 for 20,000 credits, and the Lawgriffarl can be bought at Valor 12 also for 20,000 credits.

PvP Valor Weapons

The PvP Valor weapons are one of the most interesting rewards in my opinion. Unlike many other weapons in the game, they are moddable, which means you can upgrade them as much as you want, and use them as part of your max-level gear if you like the way they look. They each cost 90,000 credits, and each one requires a different level and valor level to purchase, ranging from Valor Rank 2 up to Valor Rank 46. There’s different weapons offered Republic and Imperial side, and unfortunately, since they are not legacy-bound, you can not buy one of the Imperial ones and send it over to your Republic character, you’re stuck to what’s available on your faction. Just to be clear though, there is no such thing as true PvP or PvE weapons or armor – you can easily get one of these and take it in to whatever your favorite type of content is.

Clear Filters

PvP Battlemaster Armor

The PvP Battlemaster Armor sets are an interesting relic from the past that can often still be found on the player market. The Battlemaster sets were originally available near the launch of the game, and players who were actively playing PvP back then could get these set and also learn how to craft them through schematics. Unfortunately, the schematics are no longer available – but there are still many crafters in the game who can still craft these special armors, and if you look for them over time you’ll be ale to find them on the GTN as crafters list them up. If you’re looking for a full set on not just a chestpiece, if you see a crafter selling one piece on the GTN but not the rest, send them a mail and ask them if they’d be willing to craft you a full armor set, as they often only list the chestpieces of helmets as things like boots and bracers don’t sell well. These sets can be bought or crafted by a crafter on either faction, but they change appearance when sent over. These sets require Valor Rank 60 to equip, even in the Outfit Designer.

PvP War Hero Armor

Much like the Battlemaster sets, there’s also some old crafted armors called War Hero that require Valor Level 70 to equip, even in the outfit designer. These sets have two versions – the (Rated) and unrated versions. The (Rated) versions are a different color and don’t have any Valor requirement. Just like the Battlemaster armors, you will need to track down a player who can craft these or find them on the GTN. Heads up I’ve also seen some weird things happen when you try and slot these into the outfit designer, including them turning all black in color instead of retaining their main color, though using a dye does give the expected dye color. The might happpen with the Battlemaster sets too but I didn’t test it out.