V-311 Rotary Sniper

The V-311 Rotary Sniper is a Pvp Vendor sniper rifle that can be found in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The V-311 Rotary Sniper is moddable, which means it can be upgraded over time at level 2 and up. This sniper rifle can only be used empire side.

How to get the V-311 Rotary Sniper

The V-311 Rotary Sniper is a Sniper Rifle which can only be earned by playing PvP - player vs player content in Warzones and Arenas. As you play more player vs player matches, your Valor level will gp up. The V-311 Rotary Sniper is only available for Empire players who have reached Valor Level 2, and can be bought from the PvP Weapons Vendor in the Combat section of the Empire Fleet.

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