SWTOR Legacy and Character Unlocks Guide

– Legacy system connects all your characters on your server together
– they share many things
– Strongholds are shared.. set up a convenience room and all your legacy characters can use it: Mailbox, GTN, Item Modification Station, your most-used crafting nodes, vendors, a bank, a guild bank and legacy bank.
– Legacy Bank
– Legacy panel (icon of shield on menu)
– Achievements
– Reputation
– Datacrons
– Companions, unlocking one of each type gives a bonus, and +10 Presence which increases companion damage
– Chapter 2 completion gives you a special cosmetic emote for all characters
– Chapter 2 also gives all characters class buff, get 1 of each
– Ch 3 gives special ability during heroic moment, used with companion
– Species, playing a character
– Global unlocks, other tab, lots of unlocks
– Training dummy for your ship
– GTN, Guild bank, Vendor and Mailbox for your ship – not needed with stronghold
– “Legacy Fleet Pass” tiered, reduce it to zero!
– Legacy Travel, zero quicktravel
– Rocket Boost, get first defintiely, rest if you have credits

– Tactical markers, very fun, good for raiding, only in ops and flashpoint
– Expensive! But can mount while moving
– Character perks only apply to individual characters…
– Increased XP from various activities. Not really needed.
– Companions, “Legacy of Altriusm” increases companion gifts
– Companions, “Legacy of Altriusm” increases influence by talking
– Legacy of Crafting, increases chances of creating an extra crafted item or augmenting a piece of gear
– Travel, if you are levelling a new character you can get a speeder at level 1
– Priority Transport: Capital World (Coruscant/Dromund Kaas), Outlaw’s Den on Tatooine, Fleet Vanguard Vessel where operations are, The Black Hole daily area on Corellia, CZ-198 a daily planet, Oricon for dailies and two operations, Rishi for dailies and the Ravagers operation, Yavin 4 for dailies and the Temple of Sacrifice operation, Your Starship (- Persoanl Starship transport reduction), and Odessan, for if you have not yet started KOTFE. Can access crystal vendors!
– Field repair droid.
– Field mail droid. for crafters!
– Field respec. Super important.

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