Amity Companion Guide

Amity is a special companion you can only earn during Galactic Seasons, Season 4, which is a limited time event in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

How to get Amity

To earn Amity, you must earn at least the first level of the Galactic Seasons 4 track that is only available between March 28, 2023 – August 14, 2023.

  • To open the Galactic Seasons menu, roll over the icon of a person in the main menu, and choose Login & Seasons Rewards from the dropdown menu.
  • To see what objectives are available, click Daily and Weekly buttons on the top right.
  • You will only need a total of 8 points worth of objectives to earn Amity as he is the first reward on the track.
  • Once you have earned 8 points and unlocked the first reward, click “Claim” on the Galactic Seasons track.
  • This will transfer an item into your inventory called the Humble Lockbox. Do not throw away this box. Right-click this box. It will add two items into your inventory:
    • The “The Cold Moon’s Tidings” Unlock item will allow you to start a quest called “The Cold Moon’s Tidings” where you can meet your new companion and do some short story quests with him.
    • The Cold Moon Guidance item gives you your new Amity companion immediately, so you don’t need to do the story quest. You will get a quest called “Reflections of the Cold Moon” which when activated gives you Amity.
    • You can choose which of these two options you want to use. It’s a purely preference option, and if you choose to get him now, you can still use the quest item later and do him quest. You can even abandon him quest and use the immediate item if you want.

How to get Amity on a Second Character

Unfortunately you can only claim one copy of Amity after you earn him on the track, but you can pay Cartel Coins to unlock him for your other characters. Once you have claimed and went through the Worthy Employer quest for Amity on one character, you can pay 60 Cartel Coins in Collections to unlock him for all the characters on your account. Once you pay for the 60 CC unlock, you can claim the box with both the instant-redeem item and the quest item for Amity.

Amity Quests

In addition to Amity’s introduction quest, he also has two other quests you can unlock by raising his influence. These quests are only visible on your ship after he has joined you.

  • The Cold Moon’s Tidings is Amity’s introductory quest, and is available as soon as you earn Amity.
  • The Visions of the Past quest becomes available at influence level 15
  • The A Messenger of Peace quest becomes available at influence level 50

The Cold Moon’s Tidings

When picking up Amity’s full introduction quest, both factions will need to head to Alderaan and find him sitting just outside their respective spaceports. Follow the quest markers on your map.

NOTE: Once you finish talking to Amity you will technically complete Cold Moon’s Tidings and the rest of these objectives will be under a new quest called “Peering into the Force” which is automatically accepted. Having a full quest log can bug the chain, denying you this follow-up step and locking you out of having Amity. Re-using the recruitment items from the Humble Lockbox does not seem to help. Contact support if this happens, but try to have space in your mission log in the first place.

  • Amity will ask you to escort him to multiple force wells around the galaxy, starting with Tython or Korriban in “Peering into the Force”. Each marker will spawn a single enemy to defeat.
  • In Korriban, head toward the quest marker from the shuttle and jump over the metal railing when nearby – the force well is just underneath you. The enemy will be Silver-Quality. Similarly for republic, head to The Gnarls on Tython and fight an easy Silver enemy at the bottom of a waterfall in the starting area.
  • Next you will be asked to do the same thing on Voss, regardless of faction. Head east across the bridge out of the alien market, the Force well is just behind the building next to the Voss-Ka cantina up a steep (but climb-able) hill. The Enemy will be Silver-Quality again.
  • Finally, head to Ilum for the last Force Well. Empire and Republic have two different wells to go to, but they are right outside their respective shuttle locations and hard to miss. The same silver-level enemy will appear.
  • Amity will be ready to finish the mission with you back on your personal starship (he will not speak in cantinas).

Visions of the Past

In this mission, Amity will give you some quick multiple choice quizzes on where his visions are taking place.

  • Choose the correct dialogue that prompts him to ask you which planet you think it is on, and then pick a planet.
  • Getting it right or wrong doesn’t really matter – he’ll figure it out if you choose an incorrect one.
  • Then you’ll take him there. Once on Corellia after the first quiz, exit the spaceport and DISMOUNT before approaching the quest objective. Amity must be with you as you get near to trigger the cutscene. Walk away, dismount and come back if you arrive on a vehicle and nothing happens.
  • The 2nd location is Nar Shaddaa. Head to the Lower Promenade and check out the glowing blue objects near the objective. The one you want is the lone “Misplaced Bottle” on the counter behind the Suspicious Trashcan.

  • Amity will ask you to head into the cantina to the east of this bottle. Remember to be dismounted when approaching the objective marker.
  • After deciding what to do with a certain individual, the mission will complete, with an instant hand-in. No need to return to ship unless you have the influence for the next mission!

A Messenger of Peace

  • This mission simply serves as an epilogue to wrap up the story after your choice in the previous mission, it takes place entirely on the Personal Starship.
  • After describing what was said and done, Amity decides to hang around on your ship forever. Congratulations!

Amity Influence & Gifts

Influence determines your companion’s strength in battle, their effectiveness in crafting, and in this case, also unlocks Amity’s two additional story quests.

  • The most common way to raise influence with your companions is with companion gifts. Amity is unique much like the other Galactic Seasons companions, and he only accepts Companion Gifts that are from the Galactic Seasons Track. To reach Influence 50 with Amity, you’ll need to use every single gift that you get on the track from Galactic Season 5 on him.
  • Amity’s influence can also be raised by sending him on gathering missions or crafting missions with Crew Skills. This is especially great if you lost a gift along the way or accidentally spread your gifts out.
  • Once you have reached influence 50 with Amity through any method, you’ll automatically unlock Amity companion gifts on the Jaleit Nall Vendor in the Supplies section of the fleet.
  • At Galactic Seasons 4 on the track at Rank 99, subscribers will receive a reward called a Cold Moon Compendium x2 which will automatically boost Amity up to Influence 50. The idea is that you get your first Amity up to 50 with the individual gifts you get, and then for additional characters, you can use the Cold Moon Compendium to get a free influence 50 companion on two of your characters.
  • If you have many credits, you can use a Companion Compendium to boost any companion including Amity to Influence 50 immediately. You can either get one in the Strongholds section of the Fleet for 3 Dark Projects plus 4.25 million credits, or buy them from the Cartel Market / GTN, though I don’t recommend it due to inflation. It’s probably cheaper to get the companion gifts from the vendor.

Turn in Notes of Reflection Currency to Amity

If you earn Notes of Reflection, you can turn them in to Amity when he is on your ship. This is part of the Messengers of the Cold Moon Reputation track.

Messengers of the Cold Moon Reputation Guide

Amity Customizations

Amity has five different looks. His default look, two that come from the track, and two that are exclusive to the vendor for Galactic Seasons tokens.

  • Amity, normal no customization
  • Amity’s Moontear Customization: Galactic Seasons Track, Free Track, Level 15
  • Amity’s Darkside Customization: Galactic Seasons Track, Subscriber Track, Level 64 OR 3 Galactic Seasons Tokens from the Ki’at Thavo vendor
  • Amity’s Shining Moontear Customization: 3 Galactic Seasons Tokens from the Ki’at Thavo vendor
  • Amity’s Shining Darkside Customization: 3 Galactic Seasons Tokens from the Ki’at Thavo vendor

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