SWTOR Reflections of the Cold Moon – Amity Meditation Galactic Seasons Guide

Galactic Seasons Season 4 in Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new type of objective for you to complete, based on the new Galactic Seasons companion named Amity!

Reflections of the Cold Moon Objective

Visit Meditation Shrines with Amity to gain 200 Moments of Insight. Gain Moments of Insight faster if more players meditate with you.

How to Meditate

To Meditate, you must have unlocked Amity as a companion.

  1. Have Amity out as your companion beside you, and do not be on a speeder.
  2. Find and run up to a Shrine on one of the listed planets
  3. When you are close enough and Amity is with you, click the temporary green-and-purple “Meditate” ability that pops up above where your normal abilities are. You may need to re-click it if your character stands up and stops meditating.
  4. Stay still until you receive the “Exhausted Mind” debuff and can no longer mediate!

Meditate ability button

Exhausted Mind debuff, you can’t meditate on this character for ten minutes

As you meditate, your counter in your Reflections of the Cold Moon objective will go up, gaining your Moments of Insight. Moments of Insight are not an item or currency, they just count towards your weekly objective.

Meditation Shrine Locations

Meditation Shrines can be found on multiple planets. All are equal.

Meditation Shrines can be found in:

  • Dromund Kaas: Kaas City Entrance
  • Coruscant: Senate Plaza
  • Voss: Voss-Ka
  • Ilum: Eastern Ice Shelf
  • Tatooine: Anchorhead
  • Alderaan: The Juran Mountains

If you want to see exactly where they are, scroll down! Four are very easy to find, one is slightly hidden, and one is very hidden.

Voss Meditation Shrine

The Voss Meditation Shrine is across the bridge from the Imperial/Republic starting areas, on the way to the Tower of Prophecy.

Coruscant Meditation Shrine

The Meditation Shrine is near the Senate building, in the west area of the plaza.

Dromund Kaas Meditation Shrine

The Meditation Shrine on Dromund Kaas is located just west of the Kaas City quick travel point, just before you walk into the city walls.

Tatooine Anchorhead Meditation Shrine (Republic only)

The Meditation Shrine on Tatooine is located just outside the spaceport. Imperials can not get here.

Alderaan Meditation Shrine

The Meditation Shrine on Alderaan is listed as being in the “Juran Mountains” which is a pretty big area. Republic players can Quicktravel/Taxi to Wardpost Landa, but it’s a lot harder for Imperial players – if you have the Thul Supply Camp quicktravel, use that and run north, otherwie Quicktravel/Taxi to Outpost Ghrent and run east along the river then south when you hit the bridge.

Ilum Meditation Shrine

The Meditation Shrine on Ilum is well-hidden, down a crevasse! There is an elevator nearby you can go down, or you can carefully fall your way down the cliff side. It is listed as being in the “Eastern Ice Shelf”… which is actually the whole Ilum map except the Gree Event area.

Moments of Insight Points

If you are playing alone, you get 25 points per channel which takes 120 seconds. After you earn 51 points, you are stopped and get the Exhausted Mind Debuff. So to get your 200 Moments of Insight on one character, you would need to meditate in four different batches of about 4 minute each, with ten minutes in between them. Or, you could simply jump to a different character who also has Amity once you are Exhausted!

If others are nearby, possibly five or more other players, within 8 meteres of you, it is more effective / faster. [[Need to find out more details.]]

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