A Lore-Appropriate Nautolan in SWTOR

Nautolans are one of the fantastic species that are a part of Star Wars lore. In this video, I’ll be going over what traits make them unique, and how you can incorporate them in to creating your own Nautolan character backstory or roleplay character background.

Nautolans are most well-known for their unique head tentacles and excellent swimming skills.

A Lore-Appropriate Nautolan Character

With thousands of planets and cultures existing in the known galaxy, a Nautolan character will have traits that are a mix of their biological features and cultural features that are inherent to the planet they are raised on. A Nautolan born on Alderaan will be far different than one born on Dromund Kaas. But if you want to make a “canon” Nautolan, follow these steps!

Nautolan is spelled NAUT-O-LAN, and is pronounced “Naw-doh-linn”.
The head-tails  are called “tentacles” or “tendrils”.  They allow Nautolans to sense the presence of certain pheromones, and to sense the emotional state of other beings. This ability works strongest under water.
Nautolan moods often reflect the moods of those nearby due to their pheremone-sensing tendrils. Nautolans are often happy and free-spirited, particularly when given an opportunity to pursue their interests. However, when confronted with anger or despair,  empathetic Nautolans are prone to respond in kind.

Nautolan from the cover of Chronicles of the Gatekeeper by David Kegg, background by Ben Zweifel

Nautolans are most at home under water and are extremely strong swimmers, but experience no difficulties on land. They can breath under water and have excellent low-light vision.
Nautolans are born from eggs, and start off as tadpoles. Young Nautolans remain in aquatic environments for much of their childhood as they develop strong limbs and head-tails.
The Nautolan homeworld is Glee Anselm, an aquatic planet where only a handful of outsiders have ever visited.
Nautolans have a reputation for being both smart and practical. With the arrival of the Empire, the Nautolans fought alongside the Republic as soldiers and Jedi. Click here for information about what class you should make your Nautolan.
Nautolans’ native language is Nautila, which was originally created for underwater use. Above water, the language is largely unpronounceable, as it is dependent upon pheromones that are dispersed through the water with spoken sounds. Most Nautolans have learned to speak Basic or other common languages like Huttese above land.

Nautolan on the cover of the Ultimate Alien Anthology a supplement to the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, A Nautolan Force-sensitive using a Force-enhanced punch to knock out a stormtrooper in full armor, from Star Wars: The Card Game – The Forest Moon (Card: Outwit) by artist Adam Lane

Nautolan Naming Conventions

There does not seem to be a canon naming pattern for Nautolans, and both male and female Nautolan have either one or two syllable first names, with last names being optional. Don’t forget you can now name your Nautolan in SWTOR with a space in their name, so you can give them a first and last name in addition to your legacy name. Nautolans use apostrophes in their names, but almost never use dashes.

Female Nautolan Names: Veeroa Denz, Leeha Narezz, Dossa, Dah’lis Stark, Clariah
Male Nautolan Names: Kit Fisto, Bengel Morr, Oric Traless, Chopper, Fong Do, Knox, Zatt, Doowan, Namua, Ojo, Zinn Toa, P’nll Vun, Ranos Yalli

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How to Roleplay as a Nautolan

Your tendrils are an essential part of your senses, even more so than your eyes and ears when interacting with other sentient species, and you can sense their mood and temper even if they aren’t displaying it openly. You will have a strong affinity for the water, and likely spent much of your childhood in it as a growing tadpole. You are either allied with the Republic, or are betraying your own people.

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Twi’lek fighting a Nautolan in mounted lightsaber combat, from the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

In-Game Codex: Nautolan

Amphibious humanoids from the planet Glee Anselm, Nautolans are distinguished by their tentacle-like head-tresses. Because of its primarily aquatic surface and its location off the major hyperlanes, only a handful of outsiders have ever visited Glee Anselm; as a result, little is known about Nautolan culture on their homeworld, though extrapolations can be made from those individuals who venture out into the greater galaxy. Despite their aquatic origins, Nautolans can breathe air and are completely at home on land, and they can be found in a wide variety of professions. They have a reputation for being both smart and practical, and the existence of several Nautolan Jedi speaks to an affinity with the Force. With the arrival of the Empire, the Nautolans fought alongside the Republic, although some among them fear this will lead to unnecessary suffering for their people.

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