Which SWTOR Class Should I Make my Nautolan?

With Nautolans coming out in the 6.0 expansion in SWTOR, many players have been asking, “What class should I make my Nautolan?” Nautolan look similar to Twi’lek or Togruta in that they have headtails and unique markings, but that’s where the similarities end.

When it comes to choosing your class, don’t restrict yourself to what you think a Nautolan has to be. The Expanded Universe of Star Wars is filled with stories about people breaking the mold and overcoming stereotypes and expectations. In the Imperial stories, if you are an alien, you are constantly put down by your superiors… until you become one of the most influential people in the galaxy. In the Republic stories, we often see Nautolans of all types in positions of power as soldiers, leaders and even smugglers. Many people will suggest that the only class Nautolans should be are the ones they have seen them play in mainstream media – but we are playing SWTOR, where you can create a character who follows their own path.


One of the Nautolan’s most important traits is their pheremone-sensing head tendrils, which they can use to sense the moods of sentients nearby, odors and pheremone changes.

#8 Nautolan Sith Warrior

A Nautolan Force-user in the Makashi opening stance, Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game: Champions of the Force by Derek Herring

Although the Nautolans allied with the Republic, a fallen Nautolan would make a strong opponent in battle, as they could feed off of the emotional states of those near them. Sith Warriors use base emotions such as fear, anger, and hatred to fuel their focus and determination, and with their extra-sensory tendrils, a Nautolan Sith Warrior could also use their opponent’s mood to fuel themselves. Deadly, expert fighters, Nautolans have a strong exo-skeleton that could be combined with Sith armor to create a terrifying opponent.

#7 Nautolan Imperial Agent

Sal Sor’Chan from the Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook

Nautolans are rarely seen as Imperial Agents for a key reason: agents are often undercover, and must have complete mastery over how they portray themselves. Due to their susceptibility of picking up and mirroring the emotions of those around them, a Nautolan would have a difficult time acting their part during emotionally charged situations. This does not mean there are no Imperial Agent Nautolans though – one benefit of their weakness is that they could genuinely exude emotions as long as they have a fellow group member to feed off of, and could be one of the few species who could successfully trick a Jedi’s emotion-sensing techniques by portraying genuine, mirrored emotion.

Apart from the role of the Imperial Spy, Nautolans are very rarely seen in the employ of the Empire, but that does not mean they are never found. Colonel Grezor was a Nautolan male who served the reconstituted Sith Empire during the Cold War, and aided the Empire during the invasion of the planet Denova.

#6 Nautolan Smuggler

A Jedi investigator, Illustration for Star Wars: Force and Destiny, artist Cristi Balanescu

Much like the Imperial Agent, it’s important for a smuggler to keep their cool, something an average Nautolan may have difficulty with due to their emotion-sensing tendrils. However, the smuggler is known for being hot-headed and impulsive, and an average Nautolan might not be any more unlucky than the average smuggler. A Nautolan Smuggler could also use their extra-sensory skills to bargain their way out of bad situations, or negotiate a better deal when setting a price for their smuggling missions.

#5 Nautolan Sith Inquisitor

Most Inquisitors prefer a more manipulative operating style, being masters of exploiting both enemies and allies to further their own agendas. An extremely-well trained Nautolan could use their mood-sensing abilities to manipulate those around them, in and out of battle. However, their weakness is their susceptibility to feeling the emotions of those around them, and a strong Sith often inspires feelings of terror, hopelessness and despair to all in their path.

A Nautolan darksider projecting Force lightning, from Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game – Squadrons Over Corellia (Card: Force Lightning) artist Admira Wijaya, Nautolan Sith, from Star Wars: Legacy 46: Monster, Part 4 by artist Jan Duursema

One of the most well-known female Nautolans in the game is actually an acolyte from the Sith Academy. Veeroa Denz was a slave, and her force-sensitivity lead her to the Sith Academy on Korriban, where she faced a cruel Overseer. She escaped her training when a Zakuulan attack struck the Academy, killed her overseer and fled to Nar Shaddaa in order to start a new life while helping fugitives from the Eternal Empire, later allying herself with the Alliance.

#4 Nautolan Trooper

A Nautolan trooper on Carrick station

When the Nautolan people pledged their allegiance to the Republic, not all who served joined the Jedi. Many Nautolans joined the Republic, bringing their positive natures and strength to the Republic military as leaders and soldiers.

#3 Nautolan Bounty Hunter

Doowan from Darth Vader 9: Shadows and Secrets, Part III, Jak from Legacy 16: Claws of the Dragon, Part 3, artist Jan Duursema

If even the average Nautolan can sense the mood of nearby sentients due to the pheromone sensitivity of their tendrils, it’s safe to assume that an exceptional Nautolan would have an extremely strong pheremonal sense. A Togruta Bounty Hunter could use their strong extra-sensory abilities to sense whether a bounty target has been in the room, find a hidden target in a building, or perhaps even sense their target from far away. A Bounty-hunter who focuses on capture could use their senses to know if a target is frightened or ready to fight, in order to keep their target alive. A Nautolan Bounty Hunter would have to deafen their emotions however, as they may be susceptible to gaining the frightened emotions of their target.

#2 Nautolan Jedi Consular

Kit Fisto in Jedi of the Republic: Mace Windu comic

Nautolans’ empathetic sensitivity makes them ideal diplomats, as they can sense the mood of those around them even if their target has strong control over their outward expression. A Nautolan’s empathetic sensitivity is even stronger underwater, making Nautolans a fantastic choice for under water diplomacy, for instance on worlds like Manaan or Kamino. Although Nautolans often reflect the mood of those around them, a Jedi Consular Nautolan could use the emotion-repressing training of the Jedi to fight back against their natural movement towards their colleagues moods.

Nautolan’s powers could also be used beyond sentient species. Nautolan Jedi Master Sulan attempted to connect with akk dogs through Force-bonding exercises, and his sensitivity to pheromones may have aided in his attempts.

#1 Nautolan Jedi Knight

Revitalize card from Star Wars Galaxies Trading Card Game – The Price of Victory, artist Lius Lasahido, Slaves near Sclavos, from Friends Like These supplement for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion roleplaying game.

The most well-known Nautolan, Kit Fisto, was a force-sensitive Jedi Knight and is the character where all Nautolan lore has been derived from. After they grow up from their delicate childhood phase, Nautolan’s bony exoskeleton and dense cartilage make them tough and resistant to glancing blows, perfect for the Jedi Knight who focuses on combat.

But remember…

In the end, it’s important to play what makes you happy! And if you are roleplaying, keep in mind your story does not have to match up with the class you have chosen.