SWTOR Solo Story Order Guide

If you are just beginning your adventure in Star Wars: The Old Republic, you may realize that there is an incredible amount of quests available in the game, and a vast range of story and lore for you to explore. The story quests in the game are meant to be played in a specific order, but in reality you may not come across the right quests at the right time, or might accidentally miss them all together while focusing on your main quest.

Updated for January 2024 and the 7.4 update!

If you’re a returning player and want to know what your next quest should be, or are just partway through the story and are a little lost, check the description of this video for a table of contents and skip ahead to the last quest or planet you completed and watch from there.

The video ends at 7.0’s Legacy of the Sith / Manaan update, but further updates including 7.1/7.2/7.3/7.4 are below.


Character Creation

Your first step in your character creation is to pick a faction and a class. The good news is that all the class stories happen at roughly the same time – so you can pick the class that interests you the most, and it doesn’t matter too much if you choose to play the Jedi Knight or the Bounty Hunter story first.

Main Quest Path

Your main quest is known as your class story, and will be represented by a purple quest icon over quest-givers heads, and by purple icons on your map. Later in the game, you will have two purple quests. One will be your class story, and the second will be the main story arc for the planet you are on. Your class quest is exclusive to your class, but the planetary story arcs are shared between all classes in your faction on that planet.

Extra Quests

If you are the kind of player who loves story, you’ll want to make sure you complete all the quests available to you. Apart from the main quests, there are also side quests including exploration quests, heroic quests, and Flashpoint quests.

Exploratory quests are hidden by default, to make it easier for more casual players to skip them and focus on their main storyline. If you are interested in doing every quest, you’ll want to open your minimap by pressing your M key and checking the check box on the bottom left that says “Show Exploration Missions”. This will make it so any side exploration missions will show up on your minimap and in the world – if you do not have this checked, many additional quests will be deactivated and you won’t be able to pick them up until you have it checked. These types of exploration quests are represented by a yellow triangular quest icon with a small diamond sign, instead of a purple triangle. Fair warning, if you choose to do the exploratory missions, you will be highly over-levelled and may reach level 60 long before you finish your class storyline. The good news is, due to a mechanic called game scaling, if you got a planet that is for level 20 players, you’ll be temporarily downgraded to level 20 while you are on the planet, and will still receive rewards and experience for completing quests on that lower-level planet. This is why they are hidden by default – most players will find the game more fun by sticking to the more exciting purple quests.

Your class mission, the main planetary story arc, and exploratory missions, are one-time quests that you can not repeat later, unless you start a new character. Heroic quests, however, are repeatable and most can be done once per day. Each planet has at least a couple heroics you can repeat if you want more XP, more credits, or if you just enjoy those specific quests. Heroics are also one of the fastest ways to earn credits, especially since most of them can be done solo. Heroics are also represented with a yellow triangle icon, but the triangle will have arrows in it to indicate that it’s a repeatable quest.

In this guide we will be specifically covering the solo story path – the quest order that players who are playing alone should follow. If you’re playing with a group of friends, you may also wish to check out the additional group quests which include the few group-only Flashpoints, Operations at level 80, and world bosses.

As you complete your class story, check back on your ship for more story, as companions will often have additional dialogue quests available after you complete each planet.

Quest List

If you are the kind of play that wants to do every single quest in the game, we also have an amazing resource for you called the SWTOR Quest List, which lists the over 5,000 quests available in the game, sorted by planet, with the coordinates and names of each quest giver. As you’re playing the planets, just keep that planet’s quest list open so you can see the quest list and maps, and you can even make a copy of the spreadsheet to track which quests you’ve completed and which ones you haven’t come across yet.


While completing planets, there are some secrets you might want to find before you move on to the next planet in the storyline. These secrets include hidden Datacrons that give all your characters on your server a permanent stat boost, hidden lore objects that you can hunt down which unlock written lore entries, and there’s also achievements for exploring the whole map, finding specific beasts, and for all kinds of other things. If you want to see which of these hidden secrets you’ve found on a planet so far, open your Legacy Tab, which looks like a shield in the main menu under the symbol of a character, and go to Achievements. Most of the hidden secrets are located in the Location achievement section, under the Exploration section of your planet’s achievements. If you get stuck, there are guides online for almost every achievement in the game.


Starter Planet

What class you choose will determine your starter planet – Jedi Knights and Jedi Consulars start together on the Jedi homeworld of Tython, Smugglers and Troopers start on the war-torn world of Ord Mantell, Imperial Agents and Bounty Hunters start on the Hutt-controlled world called Hutta, and Sith Warriors and Inquisitors start on the original home world of the Sith, Korriban.


From there, you’ll be sent to the Republic or Imperial Fleet, the main player hub in the game. If you’re interested in crafting, you’ll want to pick up some crew skills before leaving, in the Crafting & Crew Skills section of the Fleet.

FLASHPOINT: The Esseles (Republic) / Black Talon (Imperial)

The Fleet is also where you can run your first Flashpoint – The Esseles Republic side or Black Talon Imperial side. Whether you are on an Imperial or Republic character, you’ll get to make some major light or dark story decisions about the fate of the crew members aboard the two ships. This Flashpoint can be run solo as its a major part of the story – although it’s skippable, it’s highly recommended that players try out this story-heavy Flashpoint before heading to their second planet. To start the Flashpoint follow the purple quests on the fleet to the Departures elevator.

Capital Planet: Coruscant (Republic) / Dromund Kaas (Imperial)

After you complete your first Flashpoint, you’ll be sent to your second planet, the capital of your chosen faction. Imperial players head to Dromund Kaas, and Republic players head to Coruscant. There you will be able to continue your class quest, and explore your first full-size planet. Don’t forget to use your map on the bottom right and your quest tracker on the top right – the capital planets are a lot bigger than the starter planets.

While you are exploring, you may encounter what is known as a world boss – Coruscant has a giant droid on a platform, and Dromund Kaas has a monstrous beast in a lake. These epic enemies are meant to be fought with a big group, rather than taken on solo.

Taris (Republic) / Balmorra (Imperial)

The third planet you head to will also depend on your faction… but don’t worry, you’ll get to visit the other one later in your story. After the capital planet, Imperial players head the bug-infested world of Balmorra, and Republic players head to the rakghoul-infested planet of Taris.

Taris and Balmorra both have a Bonus Series of quests that you can complete AFTER you finish your main class quest on the planet, at the entrance to the spaceport. You do not have to complete the main planetary arc to start the bonus series, but it is highly recommended as they are meant to be a continuation of the Taris and Balmorra planetary story arcs. These bonus series quests are optional, and if you want to move on you can always come back to the bonus series later.

Nar Shaddaa

The fourth planet you will visit is Nar Shaddaa, for both Republic and Imperial players.

Nar Shaddaa also has a Bonus Series which can be picked up near the spaceport – you’ll only be able to pick it up once you’ve completed your class story on Nar Shaddaa, but for the correct story order, you’d want to play the Nar Shaddaa planetary story first.


Tatooine, the planet made famous by the first Star Wars movies, comes next after Nar Shaddaa. Tatooine is huge, and there’s lots of desert to explore. If you come across a Sarlacc Pit, it’s customary to jump inside for a special surprise.

Tatooine is another planet that has a Bonus Series questgiver near the spaceport – you’ll only be able to pick it up once you’ve completed your class story on Tatooine, but for the correct story order, you’d want to play the Tatooine story first.


After Tatooine your next planet is Alderaan, a beautiful planet most well known for getting blown up in the Star Wars movies. On Alderaan you’ll meet and interact with the Noble houses, including house Organa republic side and House Thul imperial side.

While you are on Alderaan, make sure to pick up an item called the NVSCCS from a vendor hidden deep in the Juran mountains – it will allow you to earn a secret tauntaun pet later on. That vendor also sells you something you might find useful during your hunt for Datacrons on Alderaan! I’ve included a link in the description of this video to a Taunlet pet quest guide you can follow to get a little Taunlet friend.   —   SWTOR Taunlet Pet Quest Guide by Dulfy

The Taunlet isn’t the only secret quest that starts on Alderaan. While you are exploring, keep your eyes open for nests… If you are lucky, one of them might contain a special pet Orokeet egg that you can hatch deep in the desert on Tatooine. You can also find these special eggs on Taris and Balmorra. If you want to get yourself on Orokeet pet, I’ve included a link to a guide in the description of this video. — SWTOR Unusual eggs Orokeet locations and hatching guide

 Alderaan also has a third secret questline, called “…Whos’ Scruffy Looking?”. This miniquest spans across three planets, and the Alderaan portion starts with a datapad near Fort Alde and Outpost Talarn. If you want to go scruffy hunting, you guessed it, there’s a link to a guide in the description of this video. —  SWTOR Nerf Calf Pets and Hidden Achievement Guide by Dulfy

Alderaan is another planet that has a bonus series meant to be played after your class story, though you’d want to finish the Alderaan storyline first before you play it. This bonus series is not picked up at the spaceport – instead the questgiver is located in the castle where many of your quests take you. Republic players will speak to Major Brom, in a side room on the main floor of House Organa, and Imperial players will speak to Lord Serjay Thul, in a side room on the right-hand side of the main floor of the Thul Palace.

Balmorra (Republic) / Taris (Imperial)

After Alderaan, Imperial and Republic players will split for the final time, with Imperial players heading to Taris and Republic players heading to Balmorra.

Both planets have a bonus series available that you can pick up after you finish your main class quest on the planet, near where you land, at level 29 or higher.

FLASHPOINTS: Taral V & Maelstrom Prison (Republic) / Boarding Party & The Foundry (Imperial)

After Republic Balmorra or Imperial Taris, there are two very lore-heavy Flashpoints you won’t want to miss, that can be played at level 29 or higher. Republic players will be running Taral V and Maelstrom Prison, while Imperial players will be running Boarding Party and the Foundry. The story quest for these Flashpoints can be picked up on the Fleet from a droid with a purple triangle over its head, near the missions departure elevator, which is to the west Imperial side and to the east Republic side. After picking up the story quest, you’ll need to take the elevator down to the taxi and follow it to a different ship on the fleet.


After the back-to-back Flashpoints, both Republic and Imperial players will go to Quesh, and from there they will stay on the same track. Quesh is a lot shorter than the other planets, and you’ll soon be off it and on your way to Hoth. Quesh is one of the few planets without a bonus series.


Hoth the frozen ice planet gives you a lot of ground to cover, including two world bosses and multiple secret quests.

If you picked up the NVSCSS item from the mountains of Alderaan, and an Ice Scrabbler Jerky item from the GTN, you’ll be able to lure out an adorable little tauntaun pet from the Glacial Fissures section of Hoth. — SWTOR Taunlet Pet Quest Guide by Dulfy

Speaking of tauntauns, Hoth also has a special quest that allows you to earn your own Tauntaun mount! The Tauntaun mount miniquest can be started outside Dorn Base or Aurek Base. If you want to find out if a tauntaun smells as bad on the outside as it does on the inside, I’ve included a link to a Tauntaun guide in the description of this video. — SWTOR Tauntaun Mounts Guide by Dulfy

If you’ve started the “…Whos’ Scruffy Looking?” achievement hunt, the Hoth portion starts with a datapad in the northern section of the Glacial Fissures map. — SWTOR Nerf Calf Pets and Hidden Achievement Guide by Dulfy

If you feel like you need to spend some more quality time on Hoth, Hoth​ also has a Bonus Series available in the base where you land.


Next after Hoth is Belsavis. Belsavis is a prison planet covered in ice, with lush vegetation cropping up in pockets of warmth. If you explore beyond the main path, you’ll find many beautiful scenes… and a few nightmares. On the imperial side of Belsavis, you’ll also learn about the release of the Dread Masters, who become an important part of the later story.

Belsavis also has a Bonus Series, which you can pick up near the shuttle on the Belsavis Orbital Station


Next up after Belsavis you will head to Voss. Voss and the native species of the planet were created specifically for Star Wars: The Old Republic, and have their own unique take on using the Force. On Voss you’ll be able to explore the culture of the Voss mystics… and the Nightmare Lands, twisted woods inhabited by monsters.

If you’ve started the “…Whos’ Scruffy Looking?” achievement hunt, the Voss portion starts with a datapad near Outpost Overseer and Outpost Kri-Ta. — SWTOR Nerf Calf Pets and Hidden Achievement Guide by Dulfy

Voss has bonus series which can be started at level 60, and is meant to be done after the main Voss planetary arc, near the shuttle where you load in. The Voss bonus series later turns into a set of dailies that you can repeat to gain reputation with the Voss, which unlocks unique rewards over time. The Reputation system allows you to gain favor with factions across the galaxy, including many of the groups you’ll meet on later planets.

Voss also has a Bonus Series, which you can pick up near the shuttle on the Belsavis Orbital Station.

FLASHPOINT: Directive 7

After Belsavis, the next solo Flashpoint you can check out is Directive 7. Directive 7 focuses around the droid revolution, and has a really interesting and chaotic fight at the end.

Directive 7 is started at level 45 or up by speaking to a droid in the middle of the Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet with a purple triangle over its head. The Flashpoint itself is located on a different ship on the fleet, and you need to either quick travel or taxi to get there.


The last planet that is part of your character’s class story is Corellia, where you will finish up Chapter 3 of your class story. Corellia has no bonus series.

Near where you start on Corellia, there should be a shuttle to a location called “The Black Hole”. This is an area of Corellia that was added after the game came out, so you might want to finish Corellia and Ilum before travelling there and starting the Black Hole storyline.


After you finish your class story, there is still one more original planet to visit so you can wrap up the overall storyline that was introduced when the game first came out. On Ilum, you’ll explore the starry-skyed ice planet, and complete the storyline in two back-to-back epic Flashpoints called The Battle of Ilum and The False Emperor.

FLASHPOINT: The Battle of Ilum & The False Emperor

Both of these Flashpoints have a solo mode available, and are meant to be done as a part of the Ilum storyline.

The Ilum storyline can be started on the fleet, in the inner ring by talking to T9-M6 Imperial side, or Lieutenant Ha’laa Republic side at level 47 or higher. You can also start the Ilum storyline from the glowing blue terminal on your ship, which will send you to speak to the quest giver on the fleet.

Give yourself a pat on the back my friend, you’ve saved the Galaxy and completed the main story arc of the game from when it was originally released… But there are many more threats, and expansions, on the horizon.

The Black Hole (Corellia)

After Ilum there is a bonus area available to you called the Black Hole that you can visit. It is not a part of the core game’s storyline, but has some interesting daily quests and its own minor storyline that continues the Corellia story arc. You might have accidentally wandered into the Black Hole area while exploring Corellia, and its not a big deal if you accidentally completed it earlier.

Republic players can start the Black Hole questline on the fleet at level 50 or higher, at a glowing blue terminal in the inner ring labelled “holonet”. Imperial players can start the Blaack Hole questline by speaking to Sergeant Karloss, Priority Mission Courier in the inner ring of the fleet, he is waring a grey Imperial uniform and is near the Security Key vendor kiosk on the other side of the Sith Inquisitor kiosk.

Section X (Belsavis)

Section X is a lot like the Black Hole – it’s a daily area that continues the questline of Belsavis, and adds more to the Dread Masters storyline. Section X access is a bit strange though – to access it, you must either be currently subscribed, or purchase the unlock from the Cartel Market. The Section X storyline can be started from the Fleet at level 50 or higher. Section X adds flavor to the later story, especially the Operations, but if you want to skip it feel free to move on to the first expansion.

Section X also gives you access to start a quest that will reward you with an HK-51 model droid companion, at the end of a long quest chain. This quest is started by speaking to a droid with a quest symbol near to where to load in to the area. Imperial players will speak to G0-A1, and Republic players will speak to B6-31. I’ve included a link in the description of this video for a guide to earning HK-51.

EXPANSION: Rise of the Hutt Cartel (Makeb)

The first expansion in the game is called Rise of the Hutt Cartel, a story focused around the beautiful but unstable planet of Makeb. This expansion signals a change in the game – from now on, you’ll no longer have class quests, but Makeb does have a very different storyline if you play it on a Republic character compared to playing it on an Imperial character. The Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship at level 51 or higher. If you are a returning player from launch and are at level 50, you’ll need to find a way to bump yourself up one level before starting the first expansion.

Macrobinocular & Seeker Droid Quests

With Makeb, two new types of quests were also introduced to the game, called the Macrobinocular and Seeker droids missions. These quests are geared towards players who like exploratory quests, but unfortunately contain some quest sections that require a group. I recommend players do as much of these quests as they can alone, and then keep their eyes on chat when they are on the fleet for others also looking to complete the quest. These two quests can be started at level 52 or higher on the fleet. Republic players will speak to M3-8Z and BB-6G near the northern elevator leading to the Cartel Bazaar. Imperial Players will speak to Z1-3C and T4-M7, near the northern elevator leading to the Dromund Kaas departures.
After you complete the story mission, you’ll unlock a set of repeatable GSI missions on Tatooine, Alderaan and Makeb.


After Makeb, you’ll be able to detour away from the main story for a while and visit CZ-198, a planet controlled by the Czerka Corporation. Unfortunately, the CZ-198 storyline finishes off with two Flashpoints called Czerka Corporate Labs and Czerka Core Meltdown, and neither have solo modes available, but I still recommend that players trying to see as much of the story as they can before the group Flashpoints come up. To start the CZ-198 storyline, at level 55 or higher, Republic players can talk to RK-C3 located in the Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet, and Imperial players will speak to a droid named C-E29, also located in the Galactic Trade Market section of the fleet. These droids are also available near where you load in to CZ-198.


The next planet you’ll head to is Oricon, and on this planet Bioware was experimenting with the idea of planetary storylines ending with an Operation, instead of with a Flashpoint. Unfortunately, because Operation groups have no solo mode, if you are playing solo you will never be able to fully complete the Oricon storyline…  Even with that restriction, I recommend to do as much of the questline as you can until you hit the Operation requirement, because it has a great storyline and haunting atmosphere. To start Oricon at level 55 or higher, Republic players will speak to O6-D5 on the fleet in a corner near the southern elevator, and Imperial players will speak to D5-F2 in a corner near the northern elevator.

Prelude to Shadow of Revan

After Oricon, a brand new storyline comes into play, called the Prelude to the Shadow of Revan. It starts on your ship at level 53 or higher, and will lead you on an adventure leading up to the next expansion.

To start the Shadow of Revan prelude at level 53 or higher, Republic players will speak to T3-G2 located near the mission departures elevator to the east on the fleet, and Imperial players will speak to A7-M1, located near the mission departures elevator to the west on the fleet.

FLASHPOINTS: Korriban Incursion, Assault on Tython, Depths of Manaan & Legacy of the Rakata

The Prelude consists of four Flashpoints: Korriban Incursion, Assault on Tython, Depths of Manaan and Legacy of the Rakata. If you are playing on the Imperial side the first two will be flipped – but don’t stress too much about the order, simply follow the order the prelude quest gives you.

EXPANSION: Shadow of Revan (Rishi & Yavin 4)

After you finish the prelude, you’ll be able to start the Shadow of Revan expansion. This expansion will send you to the pirate-haven beach planet of Rishi, and the dark-side haunted planet of Yavin 4.

The Shadow of Revan expansion will be automatically started if you complete the Shadow of Revan prelude shortly after finishing the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint. If you want to skip the Prelude and head straight to the Shadow of Revan main storyline, fly to the planet of Rishi, head up the wooden path and speak to Qaraah the bird-man just after the wooden bridge. You can also do this at any point during the prelude if you want to skip ahead.

After you’ve completed the expansion, a set of repeatable dailies on Yavin 4 is unlocked, and there’s a few repeatable quests on Rishi as well.

FLASHPOINTS: Blood Hunt & Battle of Rishi

While following the main questline on the planet of Rishi, you will be able to do two Flashpoints which both have solo modes available. Blood Hunt focuses on a Mandalorian Enclave on Rishi and comes roughly halfway through the Rishi storyline, and The Battle of Rishi focuses on a tying Rishi into the main Shadow of Revan plotline.


After you’ve finished Shadow of Revan, there is a short in-between planet called Ziost, that helps explain what happens before the next expansion. Ziost has some incredible story repercussions, and I highly recommend players visit Ziost in between Shadow of Revan and the next expansion even if they normally are skipping the side planets. Ziost can only be started by players who have fully completed the Shadow of Revan expansion storyline, and is accessed through the glowing blue terminal on your ship at level 60 or higher.

After you complete Ziost’s story, you’ll be able to return for a new set of repeatable daily quests.

End of Free-to-play Content

If you are a free to play player, and still haven’t subscribed to the game, you’ll have a huge choice to make at this point. If you want to continue playing the story-focused part of the game, you can always start another character from level 1. If you do decide to do that, you may want to try making a character on the opposite faction so you get a whole new set of planetary and side quests. If you would rather continue on in the main story past Ziost and level higher than level 60, you will need to subscribe to the game. The good news is that subscribing for at least one month unlocks all previously released expansions… So even if you unsubscribe the next month, you will still be able to do the storylines you unlocked and level all the way to max level even after you unsubscribed. You’d do not need to pay for each expansion individually, and you do not need to remain subscribed to just play the expansion stories you unlocked.

EXPANSION: Knights of the Fallen Empire (Zakuul & Odessen)

After Ziost comes a brand new storyline, focused around the Eternal Empire, Emperor Valkorion, and his family of powerful force-users. This expansion signals a change in the way expansion stories are laid out – instead of travelling from planet to planet completing quests, you instead play parts of the story as “chapters” and are sent all over the Galaxy.

Chapters can also be replayed from the chapter menu, which is also where you can adjust the difficulty settings to the easy Story Mode, fairly difficult Veteran Mode, and very very difficult Master Mode for each chapter. The two main planets you’ll be visiting during the storyline are Zakuul, the Eternal Empire’s home planet, and Odessen, a quiet planet that becomes your new base of operations.

The Knights of the Fallen Empire (KOTFE) expansion can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship at level 60. You can technically skip ahead and start Knights of the Fallen Empire without completing the other storylines, but be aware the skipping forward will auto-complete your class story, companion conversations, the Shadow of Revan expansion.

The are the quests that become unavailable to players who create a level 60 character or players who start Knights of the Fallen Empire before completing the previous storylines:

  • Original Class Story Quests (Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3)
  • Original Class Companion Conversation Quests
  • The Shadow of Revan Prelude Story Quest (“Forged Alliances”)
  • The Main Shadow of Revan Storyline (the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion is not affected)
  • The Main Ziost Quest

If you don’t have the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion unlocked, and can’t get your character to level up past 60, all you need to do is subscribe for one month and you’ll permanently unlock all the current and past expansions for all your characters, and then you can keep playing the story.

FLASHPOINTS: Star Fortresses

In the 9th chapter of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, you’ll reach a point where you can start working on the Star Fortress quests, and gain the ability to rank up your Influence with your alliance commanders. Star Fortresses are similar to Flashpoints, and can be run solo or with a group.

Companion Alerts

After the 9th chapter you’ll also start receiving Companion Alerts, which allow you to complete quests to gain new companions, or regain old ones. If you aren’t interested in doing all the companion alerts now, you can move on to the next chapter and come back to them later. As you complete more Chapters and Alerts, new Alerts become available.

EXPANSION: Knights of the Eternal Throne

The first Eternal expansion has 16 chapters, and for the second expansion in the Eternal storyline, Knights of the Eternal Throne (KOTET), the developers really tightened down the story and the number of quests. In this expansion, there are only 9 chapters, which continue following the story of the Eternal Empire.

The Knights of the Eternal Throne expansion can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship at level 60 – you can skip ahead to it, but story-wise, you’d want to complete the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion chapters first. Be aware, if you skip ahead, it will auto-complete Fallen Empire for you.


After Knights of the Eternal Throne comes Iokath. Iokath is a planet that you visit during the expansion’s storyline, but you return there later to experience a very new storyline that digs deep into Zakuul’s lore, called the ‘Traitor Arc’. The Iokath storyline quest can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship at level 70. After you finish the Iokath storyline, you can return to Iokath for repeatable daily quests.

FLASHPOINT: Crisis on Umbara

The storyline started on Iokath is continued in the Crisis of Umbara Flashpoint. This Flashpoint has a special story mode that has different cutscenes than when entered outside of the main storyline. To start Crisis on Umbara’s story quest line, you must be level 70 and have completed the Iokath storyline. This quest can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship.

FLASHPOINT: Copero (A Traitor Among the Chiss)

The traitor storyline is continued in A Traitor Among the Chiss, a Flashpoint set on Copero in Chiss Space. To start A Traitor Among the Chiss’s story quest line, you must have completed the Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint story. This quest can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship. A Traitor Among the Chiss actually has a special version available called “SOLO” that is only available to players who are in the correct part of the story line – so don’t accidentally run the version labelled “STORY” instead from the terminal, which is the easiest mode of the repeatable version without the special traitor arc cutscenes.

FLASHPOINT: The Nathema Conspiracy

The traitor arc comes to a conclusion on the devastated world of Nathema, the birth planet of the Emperor.  To start the Nathema Conspiracy’s story quest line, you must have completed the Traitor Among the Chiss Flashpoint. Like the previous quests, Nathema can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship.


The storyline about the Eternal Empire is finished on Nathema, and the planet of Ossus opens up a brand new storyline focusing on the war between the Republic and the Empire, and the Sith vs the Jedi. The planet of Ossus, which was introduced in the Jedi Under Siege update, is a prelude story leading up to the next expansion. The Ossus storyline returns to the days of old where there is a different storyline on Republic side vs Imperial side, so players will get the most of the story by playing on a character of both factions. This planet also offers a lot when it comes to exploration quests, and also introduces new datacrons to be found and some wonderful lore surprises hidden around the planet.

Ossus can be started from the glowing blue terminal on your ship, but be aware that starting Ossus will auto-complete many previous storylines if you have not completed them yourself. If you want, you can also skip previous storylines and start the Ossus storyline at any time if you have reached level 70.

Once you have completed the Ossus storyline, you will unlock a set of repeatable daily quests that are different on each faction.

After the Ossus storyline, there is a very short quest called Hearts and Minds which should automatically be in your quest tracker once you finish Ossus.


Next up is Dantooine, which is a bit of a strange case. If the Dantooine event is running, you can receive a brief update on the state of the galaxy from the Dantooine event terminal on the Fleet, which is different on Republic and Imperial side.

If the event is not currently running, it’s fine to skip Dantooine and see the short cutscene later. You can fly to Dantooine directly if you want though, as there’s a few little quests there you can complete while the event is not running.

EXPANSION: Onslaught (Onderon & Mek-Sha)

The Onslaught expansion can be started at level 70 or higher once you have finished the Ossus / Jedi Under Siege story, and the short Hearts and Minds quest. If it isn’t automatically in your quest tracker, you can pick it up from the blue terminal on your ship. Onslaught has two different storylines on Republic and Imperial side, so it’s worth playing through twice. Onslaught will bring you to the lore-rich planet of Onderon, and the new pirate-haven asteroid called Mek-Sha. Onderon and Mek-Sha both offer some repeatable daily and heroic quests, which can only be started once you have finished the entire Onslaught expansion storyline, including the flashpoint finale.

FLASHPOINT: Objective Meridian

Objective Meridien is the flashpoint finale to the Onslaught storyline, and its story version will become automatically available once you have finished Onderon and Mek-Sha’s storylines.

Echoes of Oblivion

Following the Onslaught expansion is a very lore-heavy storyline that wraps up many loose story ties. Echoes of Oblivion is not quite an expansion, but it is a major story update.

There are a few minor quests that lead up to Echoes of Oblivion that follow directly after Onslaught, which were released over time as small story teasers:

  • The Lingering Darkness (Immediately after Onslaught, 6.0 update)
  • The Task at Hand (Pinnacles of Power 6.1 update)
  • Signal from Noise (Pinnacles of Power 6.1 update)
  • Meeting Jekiah Ordo (Mandalorian storyline, 6.1.4 update)
  • Checking in with the Avenger (Mandalorian storyline, 6.2 update)

These shorts story quests and the Echoes of Oblivion quest will naturally be in your quest log as you continue the Onslaught story. The Echoes of Oblivion story is related to Kira, Scourge, and Satele Shan, and what was revealed at the end of the Onslaught expansion.

This storyline includes major spoilers for these previous storylines….

  • Jedi Knight Class Story
  • Jedi Consular Class Story
  • Sith Warrior Class Story
  • Jedi Consular Story (minor)
  • Taral V Flashpoint (Republic)
  • Maelstrom Prison Flashpoint (Republic)
  • Boarding Party Flashpoint (Imperial)
  • The Foundry Flashpoint (Imperial)
  • Shadow of Revan Expansion
  • Ziost Planetary Storyline
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire Expansion
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne Expansion
  • The Nathema Conspiracy Story
  • Onslaught Expansion
  • Revan Novel
  • Knights of the Old Republic video game
  • Knight of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords video game
  • Companion Conversations: Kira
  • Companion Conversations: Scourge

So you may wish to finish those first before moving forward, or you could be scratching your head as to who some of the key characters are, and miss a lot of smaller significant references.

If for some reason this quest does not appear naturally in your quest log as you progress, check the terminal on your ship and check your other purple quests in your quest log.

Spirit of Vengeance

The Spirit of Vengeance story arc follows directly after the the Echoes of Oblivion storyline, though it is not directly related. To start the Spirit of Vengeance storyline and its related Flashpoint, first complete Onslaught and Echoes of Oblivion, and then the quest will automatically appear in your quest log. You’ll see a short cutscene, then be directed to the Flashpoint in Solo-Story mode which will have additional cutscenes that the other modes do not have.

After the Mandalorian-focused Spirit of Vengeance cliff hanger, a very short cutscene called Conflicting Priorities was released. It is slightly different Imperial and Republic side, but both sides focus on Zenith, the only original companion to not have made an appearance so far.

  • Conflicting Priorities (Mandalorian storyline, 6.1.2 update)

FLASHPOINT: Secrets of the Enclave (Dantooine Flashpoint)

Once you have caught up on Spirit of Vengeance, you can play the Dantooine Flashpoint which is called Secrets of the Enclave. You’ll be able to start this Flashpoint in the solo mode once you have reached this specific point in the story and you likely need to be level 75 as well.

After the Dantooine Flashpoint, there are two short story beat quests that help set up the next expansion, that come directly after the Secrets of the Flashpoint. These are called…

  • Relentless Ambitions (Akaavi / Zenith / Shae storyline, 6.3.1 update)
  • Whispers in the Force (Darth Nul storyline, 6.3.2 update)

EXPANSION: Legacy of the Sith (Manaan)

The Legacy of the Sith 7.0 expansion launched at the beginning of 2022 along with the new combat Styles system. Level 75 players who are caught up with the previous storylines (starting with Ossus and ending with Whispers in the Force) are automatically eligible to start the new short expansion story. There is a separate story Republic and Imperial side, and some saboteur options as well, so it’s worth playing once Republic side and once Imperial side. Unlike the other expansions, you can not skip ahead and start at Legacy of the Sith, even if you are level 75, you’ll need to play everything from the latest storylines starting with Ossus.

If you are call caught up in the story plus are level 75 plus have subscribed to unlock the expansion, and still do not see the quests automatically in your log, check your ship’s terminal for the quest, and then contact support if it still not available.

FLASHPOINT: Ruins of Nul

At the end of the Legacy of the Sith expansion story, you’ll be led to the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint to finish off the expansion, and you’ll be left with a major cliffhanger.

When this Flashpoint was first released, Ruins of Nul was very broken / bugged and many players could not complete it. It seems to now be fixed.

Digging Deeper

After the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint, you’ll be able to learn a little more about Elom in the cutscenes in a short story called Digging Deeper. which was added with update 7.1. You must be fully caught up with the main story including the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint to start Digging Deeper, it should automatically be in your quest log.

The story is slightly different Republic and Imperial side, and there is some interesting small dialogue differences for the Sith Inquisitor, Jedi Knight, Imperial Agent and if you romanced Theron Shan, and some differences depending on whether or not you sent Arcann out or not.


After the the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint, you’ll also get a new quest to start the Manaan daily area storyline called Uncertain Cooperation Republic side, and Veiled Threats Imperial side. You can not start the dailies until you are caught up with the Ruins of Nul Flashpoint, you can not start them early. This story is not fully voiced, but has a lot of story to read voiced in an alien language. The story is different Imperial and Republic side.


After Manaan is a new batch of story called Showdown on Ruhnuk as well as a daily area with its own story. The main story revolves around Mandalorians and Shae Vizla, and can’t be started until you complete the previous storylines, starting at Ossus / Jedi Under Siege and leading all the way up until Digging Deeper / Ruins of Nul (you do not need to complete Manaan).

The Ruhnuk daily story area, lead by a new character named Lane Vizla and called Showdown’s Wake, can only be started once you have fully completed the Ruhnuk main storyline and is also automatically picked up. You will also want to pick up the Relic Hunt quests on Ruhnuk. There  is also a small follow-up holocom quest called “Small Victories” which is part of the Basilisk Droid Quest.

Interpreter’s Retreat on Voss

Following Ruhnuk is a storyline called “Old Wounds”, which takes place in a new area added to Voss called the Interpreter’s Retreat. (Update 7.3) There is also a small follow-up to the Basilisk droid quest started on Ruhnuk. The main story revolves around the Voss and Gormak soceity after the attacks on Voss, and can’t be started until you complete the previous storylines, starting at Ossus / Jedi Under Siege and leading all the way up until Ruhnuk.

The Interpreter’s Retreat daily story area, can only be started once you have fully completed the Interpreter’s main storyline and can be picked up from the same blue missions boards you visited during the main story. There’s a lot of hidden secret achievements in this area as well.

FLASHPOINT: Shrine of Silence

The Shrine of Silence Flashpoint takes places in the Interpreter’s Retreat area and timeline, but isn’t directly tied to the story, so you can complete it at any time, but doing it near the same time as you do the Interpreter’s Retreat storyline makes the most sense.  If you want to play the extra story associated with this Flashpoint, you must pick up the story quest from the Help Wanted: Reconstruction Efforts board. You will need to be LEVEL 80 AND completed the story up to Ruhnuk (you do not need to have finished the Voss storyline). You will get a brief cutscene in the Interpreter’s Retreat area, and then it will also automatically grant you the Story Mode version of the Flashpoint. It does have a small puzzle, so if you get stuck, check out the guide which also shows you how to get the special decorations from the secret achievements.

Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell

Following the trend of updating and adding new areas to existing planets, the story is continued in the “Chains in the Dark” storyline (Update 7.4) which takes places in a new area called Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell. When flying there, make sure to select the correct landing point on the planet, and both Imperial and Republic players can fly there. You can start the “Chains in the Dark” storyline once you have completed all previous stories, including Voss Interpreter’s Retreat. Once you have, you will automatically get a quest called “Road to Nowhere” in your quest tracker that you can launch.

There is also the Lane Vizla and Basilisk Droid story continuation – to get it, start the Road to Nowhere quest, and the next time you log off your character and log back in, you’ll automatically be granted a quest called “Eyes on the Prize” that you can start by answering your holocom.

This planet also has Ord Mantell dailies. You can pick these up after you’ve completed the main quest, and you can pick them up from the terminal in Kessan’s Landing near where you load in. These are the repeatable quests that are tied to the Kessan’s Landing reputation track and rewards.

Lastly, there is a secret quest nicknamed the Geothermal Shielding quest line. This quest called “Schematic Aspirations” is well hidden, and is picked up in the very south of the Kessan’s Landing city from a large terminal in the Runoff Control building. You do not have to complete or even start the main quest to do the Geothermal quest, but it makes sense to do it after checking out all the other quests on Kessan’s Landing.

Update 7.4.1/Update 7.5

While we do not know what the next story quest will be or when it will launch, we do know the next story update will be with update 7.4.1 and that the developers are hoping to do a livestream showcasing it on February 14, 2024.

Here is what the Game Director Keith Kanneg shared about the upcoming updates:

“With our next release in 7.4.1, we are doing something pretty cool in Galactic Seasons 6. The story and primary reward of the season will take you back to a location that you haven’t been to in quite some time, and it has quite a view.

As we look beyond 7.4.1 and into 7.5, we have some new things planned for our players. I checked in with Lane Vizla, and she thinks that her steady progress on the Basilisk War Droid Prototype could come to a meaningful conclusion (or new beginning?) around that time. I have so many more things I want to tell you about with the upcoming releases, and everything else we have planned for next year with story and events, but alas today is a celebration of our 12th anniversary. I wanted to make sure to leave you with a few nuggets to chew on over the holidays. When we get back from the holiday break, we’ll be preparing for a 7.4.1 livestream that we are tentatively scheduling for February 14th! 

This livestream will focus mostly on 7.4.1, where we will give you a glimpse of everything that is coming in that update. We’ll also share an early sneak peek of Game Update 7.5 as well.

As I said in the 7.4 dev stream, there’s more to come, and we’re looking forward to announcing further details in due time. “

What’s next?

While we do not know exactly what’s coming next for story, these are somewhere down the line:

  • Update 7.4.1 Developer livestream will show off more on February 14, 2024
  • Continuing the Mandalorian storyline involving Shae Vizla and Heta Kol
  • A resolution to the story started in the Disorder trailer, involving Darth Malgus, Sahar and her brother seen in Digging Deeper
  • Continuing to help rebuild the small basilisk droid found on Ruhnuk in “Eyes on the Prize”
  • From the developer stream, “As Malgus says, this is only the beginning.”