A Killik Home of My Own Secret Achievment and Killik Mound Decoration Guide

When the Alderaan Stronghold was introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic, a set of four matching Killik decorations were also introduced so that players could decorate their stronghold with Alderaanian native Killik hives. Even if you do not have the Alderaan stronghold, you can still go and collect these four decorations by completing the secret quest achievement called A Killik Home of My Own which asks you to collect Killik mound materials from the Ruur Killik Hivewoods so you can build your own mounds.

This achievement is quite easy and there are no level or stronghold requirements.

Alderaan Location

Killik Mound Materials can be found in the most south east section of the Alderaan map. The easiest ways to get there are:

  • Republic Side: 
    • Heroic Travel and then Heroic Shuttle to either [HEROIC 2+] Into the Killik Warrens or [HEROIC 2+] Survivors which will put you very close
    • Quick travel or Taxi to Wardpost Luurdes and then run east
  • Imperial Side:
    • No fast Heroic travel
    • Quick travel or Taxi to Outpost Talarn and then run south

They are in the area known as the Ruur Killik Hivewoods though it is not called that on the map.

Killik Mound Materials

The Killik Mound Materials look like very small clumps of Killik Hives. They kind of look like a pancake on the ground. They do not glow blue. They are located near Killik Hives, rather than in the nearby grass. When you roll your mouse over them, they say “Killik Mound Material” in the tooltip and then they glow blue, but only when you hover over them.

Once you have found a Killik Mound Material you can right-click the top of it and it will increase your achievement count. Once you’ve found and picked up 10 Killik Mound Materials you will have completed the achievement and a box called Killik Mound Reward Chest will automatically appear in your inventory.

Killik Mound Materials Map

I’ve put together a map of a bunch of spots I found Killik Mound Materials at if you re having trouble finding them. You don’t need to find them all, just 10 total. They also respawn over time so you can click the same location more than once. There is none in the Killik caves that I could find.


Right-click the Killik Mound Reward Chest then right-click the decorations to consume them. The decorations are not bound so they can technically be bought and sold on the GTN, but you can only do the achievement once per server to get the box of decorations.

Huge Killik Mound x4

Large Killik Mound x4

Massive Killik Mound x2

NOT “Killik Mound”: The source of this decoration in the decorations panel says it is from “Source: Achievements” but that is incorrect. There are four total different Killik Mound decorations but only three of them are from an achievement – but this one, the plain “Killik Mound” which is smaller than the others, is actually just a Cartel Market item that players would likely get from an Ultimate Cartel Pack.