Beastmaster Achievement Guide in SWTOR

The Beastmaster achievement in Star Wars: The Old Republic is a meta achievement, which means it’s a large achievement that requires many other small achievements be completed first. If you find and defeat specific beasts spread across many planets, you’ll be able to unlock a legacy-wide title called “The Beastmaster“. This achievement is aimed at players who really like exploring across the galaxy.

Why get Beastmaster?

This achievement is really meant to be collected over time, and is a great option for solo players looking for something relaxing to do, to go exploring with friends, or for something off the beaten path to do if you’ve completed everything else, especially as a free-to-play player. Apart from the legacy title, there’s not a large reward for such a galaxy-wide spanning quest, though many players chase down this achievement with a sense of exploration, or to enjoy reading the codex entries about Old Republic lore that come with every special beast you defeat.

You do not need to be subscribed to the game, but you will need an Imperial and Republic character in the level 50+ range so you can collect the final achievements. You will also need other low-level characters so you can grab some beasts that are only available on specific starter planets.

Beastmaster Achievements

You can check the progress of your Galactic Beastmaster achievement in the Achievements -> Location -> General -> Exploration -> Galactic Beastmaster. If you want to check your progress for a single planet, you need to find the planet in Location category, choose it, then go into the Exploration section for that planet.

Beastmaster Guides by Planet

Beastmaster List

You do not need to find beasts on newer planets including The Black Hole on Corellia, Section X on Belsavis, CZ-198, Oricon, Rishi, Yavin 4, Ziost, Zakuul, Odessen, Iokath, Ossus, Dantooine, Onderon , Mek-Sha, Manaan, Ruhnuk, Interpreter’s Retreat on Voss or Kessan’s Landing on Ord Mantell. There are some on Makeb however that are required!

Here is the specific list of achievements/planets you need to complete to get the Beastmaster title.

Beastmaster of Alderaan

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Alderaan.

  • Bolraida
  • Iraida
  • Vorn Tiger
  • Thranta

Achievement: Location → Alderaan → Exploration

Beastmaster of Alderaan Achievement Guide

Imperial Beastmaster of Balmorra

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Balmorra (Imperial). There is no counterpart for Republic side.

  • Bormu
  • Mutated Colicoid
  • Wingmaw
  • Zeldrate

Achievement: Location → Balmorra → Imperial Exploration

Imperial Beastmaster of Balmorra Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Belsavis

Find all bestiary lore objects on Belsavis.

  • Acklay
  • Baspoor Glider
  • Kintan Crusher
  • Lurker
  • Rancor
  • Varactyl

Achievement: Location → Belsavis → Exploration

Beastmaster of Belsavis Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Coruscant

Found all bestiary lore objects on Coruscant.

  • Cthon
  • Salky Hound

Achievement: Location → Coruscant → Exploration

Beastmaster of Coruscant Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Dromund Kaas

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Dromund Kaas.

  • Gundark
  • Jurgoran
  • Sleen
  • Vine Cat
  • Yozusk

Achievement: Location → Dromund Kaas → Exploration

Beastmaster of Dromund Kaas Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Hoth

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Hoth.

  • Icetromper
  • Pantran Whitefang
  • Skel
  • Tauntaun
  • Wampa

Achievement: Location → Hoth → Exploration

Beastmaster of Hoth Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Hutta

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Hutta.

  • Akk Dog
  • Chemilizard
  • Xuvva

Achievement: Location → Hutta → Exploration

Beastmaster of Hutta Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Korriban

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Korriban.

  • K’lor’slug
  • Shyrack
  • Tuk’ata

Achievement: Location → Korriban → Exploration

Beastmaster of Korriban Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Makeb

Find all the bestiary lore objects on Makeb.

  • Barbed Ginx
  • Exoboar
  • Isotope-5 Droids
  • Makrin Creeper
  • Pterathki
  • Subteroth
  • Underwalker
  • Vrake
  • Yara

Achievement: Location → Makeb → Exploration

Beastmaster of Nar Shaddaa

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Nar Shaddaa.

  • Gundark
  • Vrblther

Achievement: Location → Nar Shaddaa → Exploration

Beastmaster of Nar Shaddaa Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Ord Mantell

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Ord Mantell.

  • Gapillian Grazer
  • Razoronn
  • Savrip

Achievement: Location → Ord Mantell → Exploration

Beastmaster of Ord Mantell Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Quesh

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Quesh.

  • Harvap
  • Harvorisk
  • Lobel
  • Trinthan Prowler

Achievement: Location → Quesh → Exploration

Beastmaster of Quesh Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Taris (Republic)

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Taris. There is no counterpart for Imperial side.

  • Bogstalker
  • Ferrazid Hound
  • Nekghoul
  • Nexu
  • Rakghoul

Achievement: Location → Taris → Exploration

Beastmaster of Taris (Republic) Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Tatooine

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Tatooine.

  • Bantha
  • Dewback
  • Duneclaw
  • Scyk
  • Rill
  • Sand Demon
  • Sandtusker
  • Womp Rat
  • Wraid
  • Reek

Achievement: Location → Tatooine → Exploration

Beastmaster of Tatooine Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Tython

Found all the bestiary lore entries on Tython.

  • Guid
  • Horranth
  • Manka Cat
  • Tythonian War Droid
  • Uxibeast
  • Wingmaw

Achievement: Location → Tython → Exploration

Beastmaster of Tython Achievement Guide

Beastmaster of Voss

Found all the bestiary lore objects on Voss.

  • Cyberbeasts
  • Mawvorr
  • Shaclaw
  • Vorantikus

Achievement: Location → Voss → Exploration

Beastmaster of Voss Achievement Guide