Update 7.4.1 “Building a Foundation” Official Release March 12th!

News Date: March 7, 2024 Patch: 7.4.1 News Source

With even more info on the way March 11th with the full patch notes, Jackie has posted the official release date for the next SWTOR update “Building a Foundation”, the first x.x.1 patch to recieve it’s own dev livestream! This post includes some previously unreleased info such as “Ancient Armaments” daily log-in reward cosmetics, and a portable GTN through legacy! If you’re wondering what date night is, or what else may be coming with the update, check out our livestream recap here.

Hello everyone!

Mark your calendars! Game Update 7.4.1 “Building a Foundation” will be releasing on March 12th!

  • Time: 7am CT / 1pm UTC (note that DST is happening on March 10th)
  • Expected downtime: 4 hours

Though patch notes will be available on Monday, I did want to let you all know about some highlights beforehand.

Alongside Galactic Seasons 6, Date Night Companion Missions, and the opening of Character Transfers to the Shae Vizla server, the following will be coming with 7.4.1:

  • Outfits will now be included when characters are transferred between servers.
  • Ancient Armaments Added To Daily Login Rewards
    • Ancient Armaments contain various armor appearances including ones that could not previously be acquired or traded.
    • These armor pieces do not contain stats or mod slots and are intended solely for Outfitter.
    • These armor pieces do have dye slots and can be traded and bought / sold on the GTN.
    • The armor pieces that are available inside of Ancient Armaments will also available as random world drops
  • Galactic Trade Network (GTN)  Droid Legacy Unlock
    • A new Character Convenience unlock has been added to Legacy Perks! Once unlocked, players will be able to reach the GTN at any time without needing to travel to the Fleet, their personal ship, various planets or Strongholds!
      • Level 1 – Access to droid, 60m cooldown
        • Requires Player level of 20
        • Costs 3.5M Credits (Req Legacy level of 5) or 400 CCs
      • Level 2 – Lowers cooldown to 45m
        • Requires Player level of 50
        • Costs 7M Credits (Req Legacy Level of 10) or 250 CCs
      • Level 3 – Lowers cooldown to 15m
        • Requires Player level of 80
        • Costs 15M Credits (Req Legacy Level of 20) or 250 CCs

There’s quite a bit in this update, so be sure to read the full list of patch notes when they are on published on  March 11th!

Lastly, while it’s not necessarily tied to the 7.4.1 update itself, we did open up a few sections of the forums to players who have Preferred accounts. Going forward, any player who has a Preferred account can now create threads and post replies in the New Player HelpIntroductions, and Bug Reports sub-forums.

I’ll be updating this thread as needed and will unlock it once 7.4.1 goes live.

Thanks all! See you on Tuesday!