SWTOR Seeker Droid Quest Guide – Weapons of Chaos / Buried Evils

The Seeker Droid quest is a unique quest line that in the story takes place directly after the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion, which is on the planet of Makeb. It is paired with the Macrobinoculars quest line, and both of these quests are non-traditional, focusing on exploration and searching around the galaxy, and both unlock repeatable daily and weekly quests.

How to Start the Seeker Droid Quest

You do not need to finish the Rise of the Hutt Cartel expansion to start the Seeker Droid quest, but you do need to be Level 52 or higher to start it on the Fleet. This quest is available to both free-to-play and subscribed characters.

Imperial side, you would speak to the red and black astromech droid called “Z1-3C <Seeker Droid Missions>” who is near the northern elevator of the Imperial Fleet, which leads to the Dromund Kass departures shuttle. This will give you the quest called “An Invitation from Darth Acina”. You may also want to pick up the Macrobinculars quest offered by the other nearby droid. Once you have completed that short introductory story quest with Acina on Dromund Kaas, you will be on the quest called “Weapons of Chaos”, and you can start using the Seeker Droid to look for treasure. (You do not need to complete the entire quest chain to seek treasure.)

Republic side, you would speak to the golden astromech droid called “BB-6G <Seeker Droid Missions>” who is near the northern elevator of the Republic Fleet, which leads to the Cartel Bazaar. This will give you the quest called “Master Gend’s Mission”. You may also want to pick up the Macrobinculars quest offered by the other nearby droid, closer to the stairs. Once you have completed that short introductory story quest with Master Gend on Coruscant in the Senate Tower, you will be on the quest called “Buried Evils”, and you can start using the Seeker Droid to look for treasure. (You do not need to complete the entire quest chain to seek treasure.)

Quest Steps

The quest has five main steps:

  • Pick up the quest on the fleet, then talk to the Jedi on Coruscant or the Sith on Dromund Kaas
  • Searching for Seeds (Weapons of Chaos/Weapons of Chaos) – Taris – Tatooine – Corellia – Hoth
  • Defending Arcanum / Raid On Arcanum (instanced quest)
  • Searching for more Seeds (Hidden Perils / Where Madness Takes Root) – Alderaan – Balmorra – Voss
  • [HEROIC 4] The Alchemy Of Evil / [HEROIC 4] Uprooting The Last Seed (difficult step)


You can do this quest with a group, and it will speed everything up. The only hard part is you need to be on the same step of the quest to work together on the quest – you can not help a friend if you are not on the same step as them.

  • You can only work on this with a group of up to 4 in a normal group, an operations group with 5+ won’t work due to the instanced areas.
  • If one player finds the hidden seed, it will count for everyone in the group. There are multiple seeds hidden in the ground, so if you are searching.
  • The first instanced quest, Defending Arcanum / Raid On Arcanum, if all players are on the same step they will all get credit. [[can you take random people?]]
  • The second instanced quest, [HEROIC 4] The Alchemy Of Evil / [HEROIC 4] Uprooting The Last Seed, if all players are on the same step they will all get credit. This is considered to be a difficult quest for 4 players, but can be done with less if you are skilled.

How to Find Hidden Seeds

Using the Seeker Droid can be quite tricky. I’ve got a full Seeker Droid guide with lots of pictures and tips for searching.

SWTOR Seeker Droid Guide

Dreadseed Tips

  • The fastest way to get to the different planets to search on is to use the icon of “three little people near you minimap” and on the Solo tab use the Heroic shuttle to the planet – it will let you skip the space station
  • The Dread-seeded area is marked with a swirly icon on your map.
  • Once you find a Dread-seeded area and your seeker droid detects something, try searching right away. You don’t need to head deep into the area.
  • There are technically multiple seeds in the ground for each location – there’s not just one singular location the seed is in.
  • As soon a you dig up your first seed you will unlock the Lore: The Seeds of Rage codex entry!
  • After you find your first seed, check your mailbox. You will get a mail with [GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark I] x6 shortly after. It helps a LOT to use one of these consumable items when you go looking for more seeds.


  • Closest Republic Travel: Draay Speeder / Quicktravel then run east
  • Closest Imperial Travel: Forward Outpost Alpha Speeder / Quicktravel (top left) or [HEROIC] Enclave Raid shuttle – then run north


  • Closest Republic Travel: Outpost Zaroshe Speeder / Quicktravel (far left on the map) or if you don’t have that, use the [HEROIC] Prison Labor shuttle and run far north
  • Closest Imperial Travel: Outpost Thorzan Quick Travel then run north east


  • Closest Republic Travel: Axial Park Quicktravel, where Lucky the Rancor is, go thru the tunnels south east
  • Closest Imperial Travel: Axial Park South Quicktravel, where Lucky the Rancor is, run north then west


  • Closest Republic Travel: Outpost Senth then run a little south
  • Closest Imperial Travel: [HEROIC] Deconstruction Efforts


  • Closest Republic Travel: House Alde Library Quicktravel
  • Closest Imperial Travel: Outpost Talarn Thranta / Quicktravel


  • Closest Republic Travel: Lower Sundari Outpost
  • Closest Imperial Travel: Quicktravel / taxi then run.


  • Closest Republic Travel: Outpost Skyline Quicktravel/taxi then run north through the cave.
  • Closest Imperial Travel: Camp Talanis Quicktravel/taxi then run north through the cave.

There is a locational bug on Voss, here is a video from Shintar showing how to fix it if you get it:

The Arcanum

After you have finished finding seeds buried on Taris, Tatooine, Corellia, Hoth, then you will be sent on a story-focused quest on The Arcanum!

  • Only those who are on this step of the quest may enter – you can’t have a friend come in if they are not on the Defending Arcanum quest.
  • Fly with your SHIP to the Arcanum on the Galaxy Map. Don’t forget you can use the galaxy map from anywhere – you can go straight form Hoth.
  • The enemies are Level 53, and you are scaled down to 56, so you should be ok combat-wise.
  • The path through this quest can be confusing. You may need to look around, jump up boxes, jump through cracks in the wall, or take another non-linear path.
  • There are many gaps in the floor so mind your step and jump across. There is some small jumping puzzles that may be difficult if your struggle to move around in the game. You can not summon a friend further in the Flashpoint past the jumping puzzles, but you can always use Sage/Sorcerer pull to help a friend fly over the gaps.
  • There are some Champion level enemies to fight.
  • Akris Veng, the enemy at the end, can be interrupted.

Hunting Through The Shadows / No Place Left To Hide

After you have found the seeds on Alderaan, Balmorra and Voss, you will be sent to a short quest on Belsavis.

Closest Republic Travel: x

Closest Imperial Travel: Quick travel to Lower Prison Outer Transport or if you don’t have that, take the taxi and then take the transporter to the top left.

The enemies are kinda strong. While the smaller enemies are alive, the main enemy can’t take damage, so kill the other ones first. Dread Guardsman Avarok can’t be stunned, but he can be interrupted

[HEROIC 4] The Alchemy Of Evil / [HEROIC 4] Uprooting The Last Seed

The final step of the quest, known as the Seeker Droid Heroic Quest, is quite difficult. It can be done solo, but it is recommended to bring a friend if possible.

Fly to Ilum with your ship. Taxi / Quick Travel to Imperial Waystation, then run west through the ruins then you can go south to the quest marker.

Battery and Force Field Puzzle

There will be a room with two batteries, one big generator, and six portable forcefields.

  • The batteries respawn over time and there’s one at the front of the room and one in the back.
  • The force fields run out of energy over time – when they are running out, their batteries and their forcefield turn yellow.
  • You can place a new battery in the small blue box in front of the yellow force field to re-charge it and keep the rakghouls from getting in.
  • You are also working on powering the big generator, which takes 8 batteries before it reaches 100% to complete the puzzle.
  • With four people, this is pretty easy, but the less people you have the harder this puzzle is and you may have to also fight rakghouls at the same time.
  • Important: You do not want to take damage while holding a battery cell as it will kill your entire group.

Above: The big generator. This is the one you are trying to fill up to end the encounter.

Above: A shield generator. If the force field turns yellow, you need to give the nearby shield generator a battery.

Above: The battery is a tall glowing blue object.

Corrupted Sithspawn Experiment

  • This monster can be interrupted.
  • Right-clicking the dread-spawned blue glowing vines on the floor will remove them from the canisters.
  • When the worm-like tentacloes show up, kill them.
  • Before the boss comes down, make sure everyone stands on a blue barrel. If you are playing alone, you may need to put your companion on Passive to get them to run over to the barrel.
  • If he lands on a blue barrel, he will take a lot of damage.

Above: Standing on the cannister.

Lord Tagriss

This is a puzzle fight. You can not defeat Lord Tagriss without solving the puzzle – you can not brute force this fight.

  • He will start using a a form of Force Lightning on a crystal cluster around the room.
  • When he does, you or a team mate need to run to that now-broken crystal and right-click it, which will cause your seeker droid to dig for fragments of that crystal.
  • Once you have dug up a crystal you must run to the Dread Seed Forge and right-click the small rotate glowing blue box in the center of the Forge.
  • While Lord Tagriss is in his glowing red bubble and floating, you can not hurt him, until you bring a broken crystal to the Dread Seed Forge.
  • There will also be some tentacles enemies which can be killed.
  • Lord Tagriss can be interrupted while he is on the ground.
  • This fight is lot easier the more players you have. Solo, this fight seems like it would be quite hard. If you have a group, send one player to go do the seeker droid delivery and have other players go fight the tentacles that show up.

Above: Me running to a crystal Lord Tagriss used lightning on, and right-clicking it to get a broken crystal.

Above: Me taking the broken crystal and right-clicking the glowing blue thing on the forge.


In addition to getting the Seeker Droid as a permanent ability, you also get to pick one of two legacy-bound chest pieces, each of which also comes with a title.

  • Star Forager Armor & Star Forager Title
  • Dreadseed Armor & The Dreadseed Title

If you wanted the other chest piece and title too, you can always run this quest on a different character and choose the other one, as the rewards are legacy-bound.

You can also  get the other one you didn’t choose, and the other pieces of both sets, by using the Seeker Droid to dig in special Seeker Droid treasure areas.

Dread Seed Armor

Star Forager Jacket

Seeker Droid Treasure

In addition to the Seeker Droid quest covered in this guide, you can also use the Seeker Droid to find treasure!

SWTOR Seeker Droid Guide