How to Get Mods in 7.1

With the arrival of the 7.1 “Digging Deeper” Update, players will finally be able to use modifications to further customize their stats again! Below is a guide on where to go to unlock these mods, and how much they’ll cost to acquire!

Hyde and Zeek do not currently sell purple artifact 330 armorings, mods, barrels, and hilts. They only sell purple enhancements. You can get blue 330 mods, armoring and enhancements. Players are saying that if you combine the 330 blue mods with the 330 purple enhancements you get roughly the same as Rakata 330 gear. This means that they are very useful for gearing up alts or gearing up your other disciplines and roles, or filling in any gaps in your gear.

If you are a pure solo player, you sadly can not take advantage of Hyde & Zeek’s rewards, as you will not have the type of gear you need to turn in to unlock their quests.

Before update 7.1.1, you also needed an over-all item rating of 324 or higher. This requirement has since been removed, so you only need to get a single item that is item-rating 330 with a blue border to turn in!

Head To The Fleet

Hyde and Zeek, the new fugitive Rodian vendors that will sell you the mods, can be located in the middle alcove in the Supplies Section of the Fleet.

Speak to Hyde to Get a Mission

Once you find Hyde and Zeek hiding away in the corner of the room, go through some dialogue to learn more about them and eventually tell them you are interested in their modifications. Eventually, you should get a few choices (Note: I already did the 330 Prototype mission, but it will also be an option).

To unlock level 328 Blue mods, you will need the 328 Prototype mission.
To unlock level 330 Blue mods, you will need the 330 Prototype mission.
To unlock level 328 Purple mods, you will need the 328 Artifact mission.
To unlock level 330 Purple mods, you will need the 330 Artifact mission.

Deconstruct a Relevant Gear Piece

Now that you have the mission you want, double check the objectives: in order to complete the mission you must deconstruct a gear piece earned from PvP, Flashpoints, or Operations of matching Quality and Rating. For the 330 Purple Artifact mods, you must deconstruct (click the broken saber button in your inventory, then add the piece to the new box and hit deconstruct) any 330 Purple Artifact gear you have. As an example I deconstructed the following:

Once this is done, your mission is complete! Talk to Hyde again to finish it, and he will let you know Zeek has new mods for you.

Talk to Zeek for Mods!

At this point, you should be able to buy your mods infinitely for the listed amounts of credits below (no extra currency required!) whenever needed.

If you don’t see the mods you want, try changing the dropdown at the top of the vendor’s window to “All” instead of your current Discipline.
Note: changing the filter to All will not display non-enhancement mods for the Artifact (purple) ones. They are still not added to the game as of the current time of writing this guide.

Tips and How-To Gear Up

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