Spirit of Vengeance Story

After the war ended, many Mandalorians called upon the new Mandalore, Shae Vizla, to commission a flagship that rivaled the greatness of its predecessor. This video shows this ship, and Jekiah Ordo going missing. Does not include the slightly different dialogue if you bring along Torian Cadera the Mandalorian. Also does not include the banter from the bosses.

This video shows the main cutscenes and story for the Spirit of Vengeance Mandalorian story that is part of 6.2 in SWTOR!


Torian Difference in Spirit of Vengeance

If you kept Torian alive in Knights of the Fallen Empire during the Battle of Odessan, and did not save Vette, Torian will show up at the end of the Spirit of Vengeance story Flashpoint once Heta Kol jets off.

When the Cadera banner is mentioned, and Rass asks what it means to her, Torian interjects and says “I don’t know. Clan Cadera, my clan, was wiped out when my father rebelled against Mandalore the Vindicated. My father refused to side with the Sith. He failed to answer the call for Mandalore. He was a traitor. It doesn’t explain why she went to all that trouble.”

Without Torian there, “Clan Cadera started an uprising against Mandalore the Vindicated. Refused to side with the sith, refused the call by their leader. To them it was a matter of honor, right or wrong.”

After that, the conversation is the same.


This is the transcript from the video, or what you will see when you turn on Closed Captions that are automatically added by YouTube – they aren’t perfect but they’re pretty close. Sadly they can’t identify which character is talking.

make the jump on my ordernot a moment sooner understand me


there you are I need your help

what happened

my advisor Jekiah Ordo has gone dark

overseeing a cargo run there’s been

trouble recently

some of our escort missions have been

harassed you mentioned being targeted a

while back

right Jekiah was trying to flush this

group out into the open

we both knew something big was coming

looks like it’s here

what do you know about this group not

much except they’ve ramped up their


they know our methods and are careful to

stay out of reach chicago was commanding

my flagship

the Spirit of Vengeance II

it takes a fleet to even slow that beast down

whoever they are they came prepared

you know

I expected somebody to take their shot

at me even looked forward to it

but this is the work of cowards not


that’s it Jekiah’s last known position

I’m bringing every ship I can find to

that location

meet me there right behind you bring an


my friend Vor’e [Thanks]

perfect timing we have a situation here

with the Spirit of Vengeance

I see that we need to get you on those

ships if we’re going to turn this around

understood can we cut the tethers we

tried and almost ripped a hole in the


drop the power and then deal with each

other is that clear power first

copy that I’ll clear a path to the

closest ship

fast dropping Rass Ordo for ground support

he’s motivated

that’s his brother we’re looking for him

I remember

any word from Jekiah none we need to

move fast then start blasting

the guest of honor has just arrived

Mandalore badly

I might add I’m ross you need a

bandage or something

bordeaux right

yep sounds like Jekiah has gotten himself

into trouble again

yourself as predicted answer the


you’ve made the Mandalorian servants

that won’t stand

but enough about me your friends came

all this way to die

Mandalore is holding them back

we’ve got the Cadera banner now finish

off jacayan that damn hired gun

she’s getting away

face me traitor enjoy the last days she


I see it

any crew that can stand are working on

repairs Mandalore

keep on them the sooner we get out of

here the better

russ any sign of ships circling back

nothing apart from failing the rhythmic

galaxy of my crotchety brother

they must have what they came for the

Cadera banner

I don’t get it what’s it mean to her

clam cadara started an uprising against

Mandalore the vindicated

refused to side with the sith refused

the call by their leader

to them it was a matter of honor right

or wrong

they were wiped out it doesn’t explain

why she went to all this trouble

it’s a symbol of rebellion maybe

something for those outcasts to rally


perhaps but it feels like there’s more

to it

I don’t know how she did it but these

groups should be slitting each other’s


not working together something personal

is driving her

we can’t let her divide us Mandalore

another civil war will rip us apart

let me find her and end this we can’t go

charging into the unknown

we hardly know anything about her we

have no choice

we can’t let the trail go cold I’ll

leave it once

you’re in no shape for this kind of

fight you old rancor heart Jekiah

then stop wasting time and go find this

traitor Mandalore

I’ll take care of things here my hunt

ends only in death

hers or mine will it really be so simple

I wish it could be but there are

probably more attacks coming

I named Jekiah Ordo as arbiter

on all matters you speak with my voice

and my authority

prepare the clans for war

that was successful messy but successful

you got your Cadera banner Field Marshall Kol

at great cost are the Ash’ad not used to

enemy shooting back

the shane clan verad can contain things

on their ship once shea’s minions


your precious followers got just as


the difference is our reputation will


unlike yours we’re good to go for the

next phase field marshall

their manda must have got their credits


it’s true Clan Varad failed to contain

the situation

let’s talk about that

thermal detonator

good reflexes time what we’re missing

here is the understanding that we must

rely on each other

for example if he lets go of that we die

we all want something enough to bleed

for it reputation

honor credits whatever that conviction

binds us together

makes us equal

so I’ll need everyone to stay committed

to each other

like our lives depend on it the

Mandalorians have lost their way

they didn’t remain committed

I will show them our unbroken history of

honor that yet remains

a hidden chain of proud tradition

waiting to drag the unworthy down

we have chosen a side in this battle and

we fight to win

you have your assignments go

Mando’d draar digu.

[A Mandalorian never forgets.]