Game Update 7.2.1 in SWTOR is now live! Galactic Season 4, PvP Season 2, 64-bit update

News Date: March 28, 2023 Patch: 7.2.1

The SWTOR developers have just announced what will be in game Update 7.2.1 and have made it available for testing on the SWTOR PTS (Public Test server)!

What is in Update 7.2.1?

7.2.1 brought these new things to the game:

The devs pointed out that this game update contains the 64-bit client, so expect a larger download than normal. Players should expect a 5g download for 7.2.1.

Patch Notes

View the full patch notes here.

Patch Notes Update 7.2.1 – 64-bit and New Seasons!

Some of my favorites not already described below are:

  • While in Stronghold edit mode, placed decorations are no longer blocking players from accessing the other neighboring hooks. / It is now possible to click through decorations in edit mode: players can now click on hooks covered by rugs.
  • Galactic Seasons dyes now stack (not in patch notes!)
  • The PvP/Warzone button on the Utility bar now displays the correct message “You are in a queue for Warzone or Arenas” when the player who is not the leader of the group is in a queue.
  • Players can now use the mouse wheel to adjust the minimap zoom.
  • Enemies in combat are now correctly displayed on the Overlay Map.
  • The outfit slots are now displayed in alphabetic order.
  • Fixed several issues where the player’s character is holding an invisible weapon in cinematics.
  • It is now possible to use mounts in the Mandalore’s Encampment area on Ruhnuk.
  • Turrets are no longer floating on Alderaan, Belsavis, Makeb, and Tatooine.

Galactic Seasons 4

The new season of Galactic Seasons begins with the launch of Game Update 7.2.1. Like previous seasons, players can progress through the Free Reward track or the Subscriber Reward track (both tracks are available to Subscribers!) and earn new rewards, including the new Mek-Sha Safehouse Stronghold!

For this new season, players will team up with Amity, a Force-sensitive human who was raised by Selonians, to progress through the different Reward tracks. After a tumultuous career as a soldier in the Republic Army, Amity left his old life behind when he discovered his connection to the Force. Now, Amity has embarked on a journey to share his philosophy of peace and cooperation across the galaxy.

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Guide and Rewards – Season 4, 2023

Amity is the new companion for Season 4.

Amity Companion Guide

An interesting new objective was added this season! It is called Reflections of the Cold Moon and requires Amity.

SWTOR Reflections of the Cold Moon – Amity Meditation Galactic Seasons Guide

There is a new Reputation track to go with Season 4 called Messengers of the Cold Moon.

Messengers of the Cold Moon Reputation Guide

Mek-Sha Stronghold

A brand new apartment Stronghold on the planet of Mek-Sha has been added to Jaleit Nall’s inventory! Players will be able to purchase the Mek-Sha Safehouse Stronghold for 14 Galactic Seasons Tokens!

SWTOR Mek-Sha Stronghold Guide

PvP Season 2

PvP Season 2, “Piercing the Veil’,” has started March 28th! Behind the scenes, dark forces are pulling strings and twisting the competition into a recruitment tool for an organization of assassins. Are competitors fighting for glory and prizes, or are they fighting for their lives? Let’s unveil the changes and new rewards players can expect in Season 2!

SWTOR PvP Seasons 2 Guide and Rewards

New Cartel Items

A bunch of new Cartel Market Items were added to the market including one that looks like the Mandalorian silver armor!

New Cartel Market items on the PTS! Gaffi Stick, Wasteland Tech’s armor, Weapons and Decoration Bundles,

Credit Bug / Exploit

While the details are not public, a bug related to credits was found, requiring the mail system to be taken down to fix it.