Cool Star Wars Sales on Star Wars Day 2024!


SWTOR Free Stuff

Get a free Darth Malgus poster decoration item! To get the Poster: Darth Malgus  item, go to and use the code MALGUSWHEN before May 16, 2024.

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Get a free darth-maul inspired pet to celebrate the 25th anniversary of The Phantom Menace! To get the BX-24 Probe Droid item, log in to your SWTOR account before May 16, 2024.

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Big Cartel Market Sales up to 90% off some items till May 16th

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Star Wars Games

Sooooo many good deals if you want to try out some other Star Wars games! has an official list.


ALERT ALERT GREAT DEAL ALERT! Serious. $12. Dang. Steal of a Revan and Bastilla deal. It’s not often you can find KOTOR stuff to start with, on sale is even better.

Funko Box: Star Wars Gaming Greats 3.75-in Vinyl Figure Set GameStop Exclusive
Now: $11.99 – Before: $36.99


Nanoleaf creates incredible customizable and controllable lights. I was blown away by how much control you could have over them – in addition to being able to control every panel or line and being able to choose how to arrange and animate them, they are also sound-sensitive and touch-sensitive and can be hooked up to both your phone through the Nanoleaf app where you can finger-paint colors in real-time or even control them with your computer using the Elgato Streamdeck with the press of a button.

Nanoleaf sent me a HUGE pack of their programmable lights in exchange for showing them off on stream – I had not heard of them before, but after some research I saw how much other people enjoyed creating and customizing them, and how many resources there were for them online I was eager to check them out. When they arrived I could not believe how much functionality they had. They were not necessarily easy to set up, I wouldn’t call them plug-and-play, but once I started getting them going I felt some of the joy I had as a kid playing with Lego – I’ve probably put 6+ hours into playing with them and moving them around and hooking them up and creating new color schemes and animations, just because it’s been so fun! If you aren’t as adventurous, there is also a lot of built-in colors and animations, that you can use immediately as soon as you get them hooked up to your wifi and phone app.

“Please let them know we have some special Star Wars promos running from April 30th – May 15th! 25% off any Star Wars Bundles plus 10% off products like 4D and Triangles using the code LIGHTSAVERS.”


Loungefly is my favorite company for “nerd stuff” – I was so pleased when they finally started filling the niche of high-quality fandom merch. I already have four Star Wars themed Loungefly bags in my personal collection (including a Revan one!!!) and I have a feeling I’ll probably wind up with more in the future. I reached out to them and asked if they wanted me to show anything off for Star Wars day – and they sent me two new bags from their brand-spankin’-new COLECTIV collection! These are more on the subtle side of things, and trend more towards a unisex/masculine style than their other purses and bags, and have a lot of “tech” focused features for laptops / phones / tablets – great work/school bags.

They have a big 25% off sale going on for Star Wars stuff!

Insight Editions

Insight Editions is a really neat publishing company that makes ‘novelty’ books and collectables – I first heard of them from the Star Wars Conversations Cards which I thought were an amazing idea. Recently, they reached out to me and asked if I wanted a free review copy of their newest book plus two to give away -I got it in the mail a few days ago, it’s really cool! It’s the Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: A Visual Archive – tons of behind the scenes pictures and anecdotes.

Two others I recommend taking a peak at are the Star Wars: The Ultimate Cookbook and the “Star Wars: 125 Conversation Cards for Dinner Parties, Movie Marathons, and More”.

It sounds like they are having some sort of 40% off Flash Sale for Star Wars stuff!

Chronicle Books

I honestly have no idea why I don’t own these yet. They’d go great with the Journal of Master Gnost Dural. Doesn’t the Sith one have some Old Republic stuff in it?

Sale: May 4 – 20, 20% off
Books: Book of the Sith ($17.56), The Jedi Path ($17.56), Bounty Hunter’s Code ($17.56), and the Imperial Handbook ($17.56) and $64 set.


I am a sucker for anything with crystals in it. RockLove runs a little expensive for costume jewelry for my taste, but they make some great nerd-focused fandom wear. This is the kind of thing I’d love to receive as a gift or give to a friend as a birthday gift.

MAY 3-6 20% Off Star Wars Day Sale

Heroes and Villains

They don’t have a ton of products in stock right now, but Heroes and Villains makes some really cool bags and clothing for fandom with a slightly more mature style. Mr Swtorista uses one of their wallets on the daily.

I’m not sure exactly what their sale is, but lots of stuff seems to be on sale.

Her Universe

I forgot how DANGEROUS it is for me to browse Her Universe – there is SO MUCH cool stuff. I own quite a few Her Universe clothing pieces already and almost grabbed one of the jackets while making this post.


Lego, as always, is doing cool Star Wars stuff. They’re doing special points promos as well as free gifts with purchase. ends on the 5th


Help I just discovered more stuff I want to buy -_- JoyJolt‘s Star Wars glasses and mugss are on sale.

Abrams Books


  • Take 40% off select Star Wars titles using the promo code “Force40” online!

  • Offer valid April 23 – May 4.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse Star Wars Day deal

Dark Horse

  • Save up to 50% off digital Star Wars comic and art books, now on sale through Dark Horse Digital.

  • Offer valid April 30 – May 13.