SWTOR Acronyms

Have you ever seen the chat in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and wondered what exactly “LF2M DPS MM GTFM then G2G X up Summons” means?

Players online have developed their own language of acronyms which are a combination of shortened chat speak as well as unique acronyms that only exist in SWTOR to describe the different activities in the game, from Flashpoints and Operations to  PvP. Below is a list of many of the acronyms seen in game chat.

Acronyms List

The acronyms are sorted by category, but you can also sort them alphabetically by clicking the “Acronym” header.





PvEPlayer vs Environment (Flashpoints, Operations, story, etc)
PvPPlayer vs Player
RPvPRanked PvP
GSFGalactic Starfighter
LFLooking For
LFGLooking For Group
LFMLooking For More
LF1MLooking For 1 More person
LF2MLooking For 2 More people
Queue upJoin the waitlist for group finder activities
PopI received a spot in a group activity through the group finder
PUGPick up Group (a group made of random players)
Pre-madeA group that is at least partially created with players who know each other
DvLDark vs Light (could be referring to the retired event OR the current system)
ICIn character (Roleplay)
OOCOut of Character (Roleplay)
ERPErotic Roleplay
CPConquest Points
TECThe Eternal Championship
WBWorld Boss
BBABounty Brokers Association (Bounty Event)
SwoopSwoop Event
GreeGree Event
SummonsPlayer can teleport to their location using a Guild Summon
PortPlayer can teleport to their location using a Guild Summon
Instancewhat version of the map you are on, open map to change the dropdown
TTPTransfer to Player instance
FSFlagship (Guild Stronghold)
SHStronghold (Player housing)
SPSpace Bar (request to press spacebar and skip through dialogue)
SBSpace Bar (request to press spacebar and skip through dialogue)
Link chievoLink the achievement in chat, SHIFT+LEFT CLICK


DMDirect Message for private message whisper (can also mean Darth Malgus server)
PST"Please Send Tell" for private message whisper
PMPrivate Message whisper
MTMiss-tell (message to wrong person / wrong chat)
/wPrivate Message whisper
wPrivate Message whisper
FLFriends List
UIUser Interface
IEInterface Editor

Nice Messages

TYFG"Thank you for group" or "Thank you for game"
TYThank You
ThxThank you
GLGood Luck
HFHave Fun
GLHFGood Luck Have Fun
GGGood Game
GJGood Job
GJGGood Job Guys
NPNo Problem
NBDNo big deal
OMWOn My Way
BRTBe right there
MtfbwuMay the Force Be with You
FTWFor The Win
JKJust kidding!
LMAOLaughing My A** Off
LOLLaughing Out Loud
LulSarcastic spelling of LOL
ROFLRolling on Floor Laughing
OfcOf course
OMGOh My God (surprised)
WBWelcome Back
wootexcitement phrase
w00texcitement phrase


AFAIKAs far as I know
BTWBy the way
IDCI don't care
IDKI don't know
IIRCIf I recall correctly
IMHOIn my humble opinion
IMOIn my opinion
OfcOf course
TBHTo be honest
TLDRToo long; didn't read
AsapAs soon as possible
ATMAt the Moment
FYIFor Your Information
IRLIn Real Life
LMKLet Me Know
TMIToo Much Information (over sharing)


AFKAway From Keyboard
BRBBe Right Back
BioBathroom break
GTGGot to Go (leaving, more common)
GTGGood to Go (ready)
G2GGot to Go (leaving, more common)
G2GGood to Go (ready)
Lagfalling behind due to internet latency
Pingconnection is good or bad
ISPInternet Service Provider
RelogSwitching characters
SwitchingSwitching characters
RagequitPlayer logged out of game in anger
SquelchedUnable to post in chat due to being reported or spam filters

Angry Messages

FFSFor f***s sake, expression of frustration over event or player actions
GTFOGet the f*** out (often used jokingly in surprise)
STFUShut the f*** up, very rude expression of frustration at a player's words
WTFWhat the f***
WTHWhat the hell
BSBull s***
TrollA player causing trouble on purpose


F2PFree to Play
RXPRenown Experience (level 75)
CXPold term for Renown Experience ("Command" Experience)
12XAn event in the past where XP was multiplied by twelve and levelling was very fast
CSCustomer Support
DevsBioware Developers
PTSPublic Test Server
QoLQuality of Life (game update)
SKSecurity Key


RotHCRise of the Hutt Cartel
SoRShadow of Revan
KotFEKnights of the Fallen Empire
KOTETKnights of the Eternal Throne
Onslaughtlatest expansion

Player vs Player

WZWarzone (Player vs Player)
RWZRanked Warzone
RegsNormal non-ranked Player-vs-Player matches
SolosSolo Ranked Warzones
SoloQSolo Ranked Warzones
YOLOSSolo Ranked Warzones ("You only live once")
GrankedGroup Ranked Warzones
CapAny enemy is trying to capture the objective, stop them / I'm capturing the enemies objective
IncIncoming enemies
Arena4 vs 4 Player vs Player map
GloballedDied in one global cooldown
MVPMost Valuable Player (voting system in PvP)
ThrowerPlayer who is deliberately throwing matches to lose on purpose
IntingPlayer who is intentionally losing matches on purpose
FeedingPlayer who helping another player on the other team gain something like medals, tokens, or wins to their team's detriment, letting the enemy win
CarryingPlayer who helping another player win when that player would not have normally ("carrying in backpack")
Pocket healera healer who focuses on healing one person, usually a friend
TimeoutLocked out of group content temporarily through groupfinder


SMStory Mode (easiest mode)
StoryStory Mode (easiest mode)
HMHard Mode (Veteran Mode)
NiMNightmare Mode (Master Mode, most difficult)
NMMNightmare Mode (Master Mode, most difficult)
VMVeteran Mode (middle difficulty)
MMMaster Mode (most difficult)
SoloSingle-player mode


RRRed Reaper
HSHammer Station
FEFalse Emperor or Fallen Empire (depends on context)
BHBloodhunt or Bounty Hunter (depends on context)
FEThe False Emperor
KUSKaon Under Siege
LILost Island
CzerkaCzerka Corporate Labs and/or Czerka Core Meltdown
AoTAssault on Tython
KorribanKorriban Incursion
DoMDepths of Manaan
CoUCrisis on Umbara
TatCTraitor Among the Chiss
NathemaThe Nathema Conspiracy
KDYKuat Drive Yards Flashpoint


KPKaragga's Palace
EVEternity Vault
ECExplosive Conflict (or "Eternal Championship")
DFDread Fortress
DPDread Palace
S&VScum and Villainy
TFBTerror from Beyond
ToSTemple of Sacrifice (sometimes "Terms of Service")
GftMGods from the Machine
GodsGods from the Machine
DxunNature of Progress
TCToborro's Courtyard
Golden ChickenToborro's Courtyard
MonolithColossal Monolith
GQGeonosian Queen
EyelessRakghoul Event Boss, The Eyeless
XenoGree Event Boss, Xenoanalyst II


SFStar Forge
SSSatele Shan
DMDarth Malgus (can also mean "Direct Message" for private message whisper)
TLThe Leviathan (French Server)
TulakTulak Hord (German Server)
THTulak Hord (German Server)


GTNGalactic Trade Network
WTBWant to buy
WTTWant to trade
WTSWant to sell
LTTLooking to trade
LTSLooking to sell
CODCash on delivery (through mailbox)
CMCartel Market
CCCartel Coins (also Crowd Control)
CredsCredits (in-game currency)
TransmogWorld of Warcraft's version of the Outfit Designer for making cosmetic costumes, Transmogrify
XmogWorld of Warcraft's version of the Outfit Designer for making cosmetic costumes, Transmogrify
BoundAn item stuck on your character that can't be traded
UnboundAn item that can be traded
BoEBinds on Equip (use it then it can't be traded around, starts unbound)
BoPBinds on Pickup (it can't be traded around the moment you get it)
BoLBinds on Legacy (can be traded around your character, but not to other players)


DPSDamage Per Second (or a Damage-based Character)
DDDamage Dealer
AOE"Area of Effect" (damage ability that hits multiple targets)
DoTDamage Over Time
CDCooldown (waiting time between abilities)
DCDDefensive Cooldown
GCDGlobal Cooldown
HPSHeals Per Second
HoTHeal Over Time
HealsA healer character
DWTDamage With Taunt (Character who is a damage character but has a taunt available)
DWHDamage With Heals (Character who is a damage character but has healing abilities available)
SkanktankA tank character wearing DPS gear
CCCrowd Control (also Cartel Coins)
CleaveDamage that faces forward from the enemy
Mez / Mes"Mesmerize" stun / Crowd Control
SapStun / Crowd Control
SleepStun / Crowd Control
LOSLine of Sight
BRBattle Revive
CRCombat Revive
Rez / resRevive
FotM"Flavor of the Month" powerful combat class due to recent game changes
LOLockout, Locked out of running an Operation due to running it earlier, or the ability to skip earlier bosses
LockoutLocked out of running an Operation due to running it earlier, or the ability to skip earlier bosses
SavelockGoing into an instance right before reset to kill a previous boss fast to continue progression without reclearing
Raid IDIn World of Warcraft, raid progress used to be attached to an ID number, in SWTOR you can save your raid progress to a character by partially completing it and other players can join at that progress point
LBLO"Last Boss Lock Out" group can skip to the last boss of Operation
MetaMost effective tactics available
BiSBest In Slot (Equipment)
Proc"Programmed Random Occurrences" one of your abilities activating with a special effect
AggroAttention of the boss
RNG"Random Number Generator" randomization
OPOver Powered
CPCombat Proficiency (discipline / tree)
Noob / NewbNew Player or inexperienced player
RCReady Check
FPaying respects for the dead
RIPRest in Peace after dying ingame
X upType x in chat to join this group
X in chatType x to join this group
XReady to be invited to the group
StuckPlease type /stuck to reset the encounter
WipeThe whole group should type /stuck to reset the encounter
ilvlItem Rating on your equipment
SpecSpecialization (Combat proficiency / discipline / tree)
GMGuildmaster (Guild Leader)
DingGained a level
QQComplaining or crying about something
LSLight Side
DSDark Side
Parsemeasure your combat effectiveness using outside software (Starparse)
GankGang Kill (a group ganged up to kill you in an unfair fight)
DropDrop Group, leave the group, likely to restart it
LinkLink the item in chat so others can view and click it for more details (SHIFT+LEFT CLICK)
PredPredation, group wide movement speed ability that makes the group go faster
FarmRun a type of content quickly and efficiently to get rewards quickly
Kiterun away from the enemy to avoid damage by staying out of range
AddsAdditional Enemies
MobsAdditional Enemies
LTLieutenant (Operations Group)
OOCOut of Combat (can mean "Out of Character" in roleplay)
BuffAn ability that makes you stronger, shows up above your character portrait
DebuffAn ability that makes you weaker, shows up above your character portrait
NerfAn ability or class was made weaker by the developers
ProgProgression Group
Ammo / Force / HeatCombat resources
Mana"Magic Points" from World of Warcraft, refers to combat resources Force/Ammo
AbilitiesThere is also many acronyms for each combat proficiency / discipline's abilities and buffs.


ACWAlderaan Civil war
AHAncient Hypergate
QBQuesh Huttball
VandinVandin Huttball
OPGOdessen Proving Grounds


QTQuick Travel
FleetRepublic Fleet or Imperial Fleet
Nar or NarsNar Shaddaa
NSNar Shaddaa
YavYavin 4
OrdOrd Mantell
DKDromund Kaas


BioBiochem (or Bioanalysys)
THTreasure Hunting
UTUnderworld Trading
MatsCrafting Materials
EmbersLegendary Ember, rare crafting material for level 75
IsosProcessed Isotope Stabilizer, rare crafting material for level 75
SRMSolid Resource Matrix, rare crafting material for level 75
OEMOEM-37, rare crafting material for level 75 augments from Master Mode Operations
RPMRPM-13, rare crafting material for level 75 augments from Ranked PvP
RE"Reverse Engineer", break down a crafted item you crafted to learn a new schematic
Deconstructbreak down an item for materials
Disintbreak down a Renown item for materials
JJJawa Junk
Jawa junkitems you can trade in for crafting materials


ACAdvanced Class
SISith Inquisitor
SinAssassin (Advanced Class of Sith Inquisitor)
SorcSorcerer (Advanced Class of Sith Inquisitor)
SWSith Warrior
JuggJuggernaut (Advanced Class of Sith Warrior)
MaraMarauder (Advanced Class of Sith Warrior)
JKJedi Knight
SentSentinel (Advanced Class of Jedi Knight)
JCJedi Consular
IAImperial Agent
OpOperative (Advanced Class of Imperial Agentcan also mean Operation)
BHBounty Hunter
PTPowertech (Advanced Class of Bounty Hunter)
MercMercenary (Advanced Class of Bounty Hunter)
GsGunslinger (Advanced Class of Smuggler)
VGVanguard (Advanced Class of Trooper)


VG tankTrooper Vanguard Shield Specialist (Tank)
PlasmaTrooper Vanguard Plasmatech (Damage)
TacticsTrooper Vanguard Tactics (Damage)
Commando healsTrooper Commando Combat Medic (Healer)
GunneryTrooper Commando Gunnery (Damage)
ASTrooper Commando Assault Specialist (Damage)
SmughealsSmuggler Scoundrel Sawbones (Healer)
ScrapperSmuggler Scoundrel Scrapper (Damage)
RuffianSmuggler Scoundrel Ruffian (Damage)
SSSmuggler Gunslinger Sharpshooter (Damage)
SabSmuggler Gunslinger Saboteur (Damage)
DFSmuggler Gunslinger Dirty Fighting (Damage)
WatchmanJedi Knight Jedi Sentinel Watchman (Damage)
Comb sentJedi Knight Jedi Sentinel Combat (Damage)
Conc sentJedi Knight Jedi Sentinel Concentration (Damage)
Guardian tankJedi Knight Jedi Guardian Defense (Tank)
VigiJedi Knight Jedi Guardian Vigilance (Damage)
Focus guardianJedi Knight Jedi Guardian Focus (Damage)
ShadowtankJedi Consular Jedi Shadow Kinetic Combat (Tank)
InfilJedi Consular Jedi Shadow Infiltration (Damage)
SerenJedi Consular Jedi Shadow Serenity (Damage)
Sage healsJedi Consular Jedi Sage Seer (Healer)
TKJedi Consular Jedi Sage Telekinetics (Damage)
BalanceJedi Consular Jedi Sage Balance (Damage)
PT TankBounty Hunter Powertech Shield Tech (Tank)
PyroBounty Hunter Powertech Pyrotech (Damage)
APBounty Hunter Powertech Advanced Prototype (Damage)
Merc healsBounty Hunter Mercenary Bodyguard (Healer)
ArsenalBounty Hunter Mercenary Arsenal (Damage)
IOBounty Hunter Mercenary Innovative Ordnance (Damage)
Op healsImperial Agent Operative Medicine (Healer)
ConcImperial Agent Operative Concealment (Damage)
LethImperial Agent Operative Lethality (Damage)
MM sniperImperial Agent Sniper Marksmanship (Damage)
EngiImperial Agent Sniper Engineering (Damage)
ViruImperial Agent Sniper Virulence (Damage)
SintankSith Inquisitor Sith Assassin Darkness (Tank)
Decept sinSith Inquisitor Sith Assassin Deception (Damage)
HatredSith Inquisitor Sith Assassin Hatred (Damage)
DoT SinSith Inquisitor Sith Assassin Hatred (Damage)
Sorc healsSith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer Corruption (Healer)
CorruptionSith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer Corruption (Healer)
LightningSith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer Lightning (Damage)
MadnessSith Inquisitor Sith Sorcerer Madness (Damage)
Anni / AniSith Warrior Sith Marauder Annihilation (Damage)
CarnageSith Warrior Sith Marauder Carnage (Damage)
FurySith Warrior Sith Marauder Fury (Damage)
ImmoSith Warrior Sith Juggernaut Immortal (Tank)
JuggtankSith Warrior Sith Juggernaut Immortal (Tank)
VengSith Warrior Sith Juggernaut Vengeance (Damage)
RageSith Warrior Sith Juggernaut Rage (Damage)


SBSet Bonus (Equipment)
AmpsAmplifiers (Equipment)
AugsAugments (Equipment)
Aug kitAugment Kit (Equipment)
TactTactical Item (Equipment)
FragsTech Fragments (level 75 equipment currency)
Tech fragsTech Fragments (level 75 equipment currency)
TFTech Fragments (level 75 equipment currency)


MastMastery (stat)
EndEndurance (stat)
PowPower (stat)
CritCritical (stat)
AlacAlacrity (stat)
AccAccuracy (stat)
DefDefense (stat)
ShldShield Rating (stat)
AbsrpAbsorption (stat)
DRDamage reduction (can also be "Diminishing Returns")
ARarmor rating
Arm PenArmor penetration


MMOMassive Multiplayer Online (Game)
MMORPGMassive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game
SWTORStar Wars: The Old Republic
TORThe Old Republic:
KOTORKnights of the Old Republic (single-player predecessor game to Star Wars: The Old Republic)
KOTOR IIKnights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (single-player predecessor game to Star Wars: The Old Republic)
TSLKnights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (single-player predecessor game to Star Wars: The Old Republic)
SWGStar Wars Galaxies (old online Star Wars game):
SWGoHStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (mobile game)
GoHStar Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (mobile game)
FOStar Wars: Fallen Order (recent single player Star Wars game)
BFBattlefront, usually Star Wars: Battlefront II (combat online game)
FPSFirst-Person Shooter style of game (not SWTOR)


XDA smiling / laughing face
: )A smiling face
: - )A smiling face
: DA very happy smiling face
: (A sad face
: PA face sticking out its tongue, playful, joking, teasing
:/A mildly unhappy face, frowning
:XA face with an X over its mouth, lips are sealed, usually mildly upset or don't want to say anything
; )A winking face, sarcasm, playful, joking, teasing
:OA surprised face
>_<Unhappy face, slightly frustrated, annoyed
>>Unhappy face, slightly frustrated, annoyed
>.<Unhappy face, slightly frustrated, annoyed
-_-Unhappy face, not pleased, annoyed
^_^Happy face, very pleased and relaxed
uwu / UwUfeeling of happiness face overly cute, can be used leeringly
?Single question mark,Expression of confusion, usually requesting more information about discussion topic
???Expression of extreme confusion, usually requesting more information about discussion topic
!Single exclamation mark, expression of surprise
!!!Expression of extreme surprise or excitement
<3Heart, expression of love or friendship or appreciation
O_O / o-o / O_o / o_O / o_o / O-OFreaked out expression, wide eyes