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Cartel Market Crafting Armormech Armormech Trainer Armormech Schematics Armormech Reverse Engineer Armormech Set Bonus Schematics Synthweaving Synthweaving Trainer Synthweaving Schematics Synthweaving Reverse Engineer Synthweaving Set Bonus SchematicsRetired Crafting Schematics Battlemaster Schematics War Hero Schematics Armormech Galactic Command Schematics Synthweaving Galactic Command Schematics Earned Set Bonus Command Tokens & Unassembled Components Reputation Eternal Championship Dark vs Light Alliance Crates Galactic Command Crates Galactic Command Crates Tier 1 Galactic Command Crates Tier 2 Galactic Command Crates Tier 3 Galactic Command Crates Tier 4 Flashpoints Adaptive Vendor Legacy Vendor Social Light and Dark Vendors Planet Vendors Unbuyable

Armor Styles

Bounty Hunter Imperial Agent Jedi Jedi Consular Jedi Knight Sith Sith Inquisitor Sith Warrior Smuggler TrooperAlderaanAncient LoreCivilian ClothingCorporateCyberneticsEnvironmentEternal EmpireFormalHothHuttballKOTORMandalorianPilotRevaniteRevealingSWTORTatooineUniform

Armor Aspects

Legacy GearAnimatedBikini BottomBodysuitBrimmed HatButt CapeCamouflageCapeCaptain\'s HatCartel StatsChin GuardCirclet / HeadbandCybernetic LegsEyepatchFace CoverFancy HatFingerless GlovesGogglesHeadsetHelmetHoodLeg WrapsLight JacketMaskNo HoodPantsPlated Leg ArmorRebreatherSamurai HelmetSharp Claw GlovesShort SkirtShortsSimple Jedi RobesSkirtSkull CapTrenchcoatUnique Hat

Armor Colors

Red Orange Blue Green Yellow Purple Pink Gray White Black Brown

Armor Pieces

Head Chest Legs Boots Gloves Belt