12th generation Intel CPU Alder Lake Fix!

If you had a 12th gen CPU, SWTOR wasn’t working. It’s fixed now!

If you have steam, the fix will be automatic. If swtor.com launcher, you need to manually download the fix.

Hi folks,

A fix has been deployed for the Alder Lake issue that has been preventing certain players from launching the game. Players with a 12th generation Intel CPU (ex: i7-12700K Processor “Alder Lake”) have been impacted by this issue.

For players already on Alder Lake, they will need to download and run the Launcher Repair Utility tool. Note: This will not require a reinstall of the entire game. When asked where to install, instead of using the default folder, choose:

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\BioWare\Star Wars-The Old Republic or the location where you have installed the game.

For players who have not yet upgraded to Alder Lake or use Steam, nothing needs to be done manually on their side. Their launcher will auto-patch to the version that has the fix. This should require little to no time to auto-patch.

Thank you for your patience!

Community Team