SWTOR Bug, Your current game version does not match the servers Fix

Bug: “Your current game version does not match the server’s. Follow the Help Center link below for more information.”

Original Launcher

UPDATE: This bug has re-surfaced in 2023 with update 7.2.1 on the non-Steam launcher (the original native launcher from swtor.com). If you are experiencing it, try CHANGING THE LANGUAGE IN THE LAUNCHER, and relaunch it, and after a time it should pas and start downloading. This has worked for almost all players experiencing this bug so far. I saw this suggested by player Ubain on the forums.

Dr_Afsanso switch language… download, restart in new language download. Switch back to English once done +download. Restart for anther download and it worked.


Some players who are launching SWTOR through Steam are experiencing the “version does not match” bug when they reach the character select screen. I also experienced this bug as my SWTOR game on Steam somehow did not detect that there was an update to download.

“Your current game version does not match the server’s, please restart the game. Follow the Help Center link below for more information.”

Here is my solution:

1. Right click your SWTOR game in Steam, choose Properties, choose Local Files, choose Verify Integrity of Files, it will compare your files to what’s on the official SWTOR servers. It should be added to the q if it wasn’t auto downloaded.

2. Then it will be added to your download q press the Download button at the very bottom of your steam client then click the arrow beside SWTOR to do the update now.

This worked for me.

Bioware has also posted this official fix:

Hi all,

For players on Steam, here is a workaround which helped players with the same issue:

  • Steam Settings – Downloads – Clear Download Cache Then you will re-log and that will make the patch ready to download.

Let me know if it worked for you.

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