SWTOR 7.0 Recommended Gear Chart

If you’re a level 80 players in Star Wars: The Old republic, you’ll want to look in to gearing up your character.

You will need a total of 15 pieces of gear at level 80:

Use this chart to see recommendations from the SWTOR Theorycrafter’s Discord on which Tactical you should get, which Legendaries you should buy, and what stats in your gear you are aiming for.

HINT: Press CTRL+F on your keyboard or use the find feature on you phone to find your class quicker!

Gear Chart


Where do these recommendations come from?

  • These are the pinned recommendations in the public SWTOR Theorycrafters Discord, a chat server focused on discussing SWTOR disciplines at a high level including rotations, gear and stats in raiding, parsing and PvPing. The Discord Server is meant for more advanced min/maxing discussions, and is not intended to be used as a place to find beginner guides – but has become the prime place to view highly-recommended gear suggestions via the pinned posts in each discipline’s discussion channel.
  • I asked an active Admin if the pinned suggestions had been created by any specific player, and receive this reply: “Pinned posts are basically the consensus, most of the recommendations are pretty clear cut and you realize by simply reading/checking what an item does which works best, this is mainly true for tactical items, there are some variations with legendary items or more than 2 good options, if so that’s usually listed for stats is just something the people with that knowledge figures out, such as the alacrity tiers, what you need with guild perks, at which point mastery or/and power is better than critical, most of those calculations are posted so people can check it out/confirm it themselves if they know how.
  • Guardian Defense (Tank) / Juggernaut Immortal (Tank) – Defensive build recommendations by Dongo, from the SWTOR Theorycrafters Discord
  • Shadow Kinetic Combat (Tank) / Assassin Darkness (Tank) – Defensive build recommendations by Jaydenz, from the SWTOR Theorycrafters Discord
  • If you happen to know of any specific players whose recommendations, math or testing were critical to these tactical / legendary / stats suggestions, please let me know!

How do I get a Tactical Item?

Tactical items are a high-level type of gear that was introduced to Star Wars: The Old Republic in the Onslaught expansion. You can equip one tactical item at a time, just like you can only have one earpiece equipped. Tactical Items Guide

Tactical Items Guide in SWTOR

How do I get Legendary Implants?

Legendary Implants offer you a special bonus for your class and must be earned over time. Legendary Implants Guide

Legendary Implants

What stats should I use, which gear should I buy?

  • And for your 14 pieces of gear with stats, you will be aiming to reach the recommended stats, in order of importance.
    • Damage players, you want to first get over the recommended Accuracy amount. This will ensure you never “miss” your enemy. Don’t waste any additional points in Accuracy. Next is to reach one of the recommended Alacrity points. At minimum, shoot for the 1.4 Global Cooldown, so your abilities can be used faster. The additional GCDs are by preference. Lastly, put any additional stats you have into Crit.
    • Healers, you do not need any Accuracy, but you do want to reach one of the recommended Alacrity points. At minimum, shoot for the 1.4 Global Cooldown, so your abilities can be used faster. The additional GCDs are by preference. Lastly, put any additional stats you have into Crit.
    • Tanks, you do not need to put any stats into Accuracy, it comes naturally, and since your goal is to stay alive, you don’t worry about Alacrity. Put your stats into Shield until you are within the recommended range. Put any leftover stats into Absorption. Do not attempt to add any more Defense than what comes naturally.
    • Are you new to gearing with stats? If you haven’t unlocked Hyde & Zeek solo yet, work on that, then follow the “Create Your Armor Set” section of the same guide for a step-by-step guide of the process! For non-Hyde & Zeek gear, it’s a similar process – work on your stats in order of priority, replacing pieces as you need to! You can also use Augments to add additional stats.
    • Are you a high-end player with purple pieces? Check out the Hyde & Zeek modifications guide instead.

Which Augments should I use?

Your augments depend on your overall stat pool and what stats your other gear pieces have (see above). Augments Guide

SWTOR Augments Guide

What does Alacrity Guild Perk mean?

If you are in a guild with a Flagship, your guild leader has the ability to unlock perks for your entire guild. One of the perks is:

Quickness Set Bonus (Passive) – Grants 5% increase to Alacrity and a 1% chance to proc an Alacrity Surge after taking damage, greatly increasing your Alacrity over 20 seconds. Can happen once every 30 minutes. In addition, grants your companion an Alacrity Surge whenever you use an adrenal. This effect is not applied in PvP.

If you have that 5% Alacrity boost, that means you need to put less stats into Alacrity for your gear. This lowered gear stat is what the “With Guild Alacrity Perk” section shows.

Unless you are in a high-end Operations guild, it is unlikely your guild has chosen this perk, as there are better perks available for casual players.