SWTOR Master’s Datacron Guide

In Star Wars: The Old Republic, a Master’s Datacron item allows you to boost your character up from any level all the way to level 80, without disrupting or changing your story in any way.

How to get a Master’s Datacron

A Master’s Datacron is a type of item – it is not at all related to the datacrons hidden across the game. You can either purchase a Master’s Datacron from the Cartel Market or purchase it from another player for credits.

In the past, you used to be able to purchase it on the GTN, but with inflation being so high, it is no longer possible to find them on the GTN due to the GTN’s limit being 1 billion credits. At the time of writing this article, they sell for 5 billion+ credits by players selling them through trade in trade chat.

On the Cartel Market, the Master’s Datacron costs 3,200 Cartel Coins, or about $30 USD or 6 months of Cartel Coins that come with subscribing. They are considered quite expensive / valuable items. If you purchase it from the Cartel Market, make sure that after you click the “Buy Now” button, you claim it into the inventory of the character you want to use it on, or you will have to wait 2 days for its timer to wear off. If you started buying it on the wrong character, click the refund cartel coins button and go purchase it on the character you want to boost, then claim it into their inventory.

How does a Master’s Datacron work?

A Master’s Datacron item boosts your current character up to level 80, regardless of what they were before. It does not change their progress in the story, so it is very useful for players who want a level 80 character, but still want to play their class story at their own pace. In addition to boosting your character’s level, a Master’s Datacron gives you access to your ship immediately, and your ship droid companion, so you’ll be able to travel around and have access to at least one companion regardless of where you are in the story. Lastly, you also get a set of basic Level 80 gear for your character.

How to Use a Master’s Datacron

  1. If you have the item Master’s Datacron and Equipment, right-click it in your inventory to open it on the character you want to boost so it separates into two items, one of which is the actual Master’s Datacron item.
  2. Have the item Master’s Datacron in your inventory of the character you want to boost. Right-click the item to activate it. You can not activate it in your stronghold, you must be out in the open world or on the Fleet.
  3. Your character will spend eight seconds casting an ability called “Promoting to Level 80”. If you move, using the item will be automatically cancelled.
  4. You will get a warning popup that says: “You are about to boost this character to level 80. No mission progress will be advanced, allowing you to complete the entire story at max level. This process is irreversible. Are you ready to continue?” Press OK (or Cancel)
  5. You will get a second warning popup that says “Are you sure you wish to continue?” Press OK (or Cancel)
  6. There will be a bright flash of white light, and then you will enter a loading screen, and load in to your ship. You will have your ship droid companion granted. You will have a quest called “Master’s Datacron”, and a few seconds later, your character will freeze, and the quest will complete, upgrading you to level 80 and granting you all your abilities.
  7. You will be level 80, and be able to open the Noble Decurion Equipment item, it looks like a box, if you want to and equip it so you have basic level 80 gear.

You can only use a Master’s Datacron on a character that is below level 80, and you can’t use it while in an instanced area like a stronghold, there are no other restrictions.

Using the item:

Warning #1:

Warning #2:

Level 80!


You used to receive unique-looking armors by using a Master’s Datacron on your character. Now all characters receive a box of Noble Decurion Equipment, which will give you item-rating 324 gear tailored to your current Discipline. This gear is fairly easy to get otherwise and is not in any way unique to the Master’s Datacron, it’s just meant to allow you to have some start level 80 gear after you boosted your character up. You will want to work n upgrading your gear, as well as learning all your new level 80 abilities.


Using a Master’s Datacron does not change where you are in the story. Some players like to create a level 1 character, press EC on their keyboard to exit the very first cutscene, then use a Master’s Datacron on that character to get to level 80 – and save the story for later.

Using a Master’s Datacron does not grant you any expansions or stories you don’t already have unlocked through subscribing. So if you are a free-to-play player, if you using a Master’s Datacron to get to 80, you’ll still be stuck at the first two free expansion stories.

At Level 80, you can choose to “skip ahead” in the story to any quests you are eligible for. You can do this from the glowing blue terminal on your ship.

You can safely start any of these quests if you wish, they won’t cause any disruption to your other quests:

  • Ilum / Crystal Ball (Republic) or First Strike (Imperial)
  • Makeb / Trouble in Paradise (Republic) or Countdown to Doomsday (Imperial)
  • Oricon / Day of Dread (Republic) or The Masters Revealed (Imperial)
  • Shadow of Revan / Shadow of Revan: Prelude

WARNING: Starting any of these storylines will lock you out of your Class Story and other storylines, by auto-completing them:

  • Fallen Empire / Chapter 1: The Hunt (“Knights of the Fallen Empire” / “KOTFE”)
  • Fractured Alliances / The Forgotten World (“Iokath”)
  • Ossus / Inflection Point (“Ossus” / “Legacy of the Sith” / “Onslaught”)

Commander’s Token

If you want to have your character jump ahead in the story instead, you can use a Commander’s Token. The Commander’s Token automatically boosts you to level 70, and starts you on the Ossus / Inflection Point (“Ossus” / “Legacy of the Sith” / “Onslaught”) quest, but also auto-completes your class story and other similar previous quests.

Level 70 Commander’s Token Character Creation in SWTOR