Gearing up for PvP is slightly different than gearing up for all other types of content. In this guide, we’ll be going over how to create a gear set that is optimized for PvP, the Accuracy stat, and how to gear up in PvP for each class.


In the past, there used to be separate gear for PvP and all other types of content – you would not want to wear your normal gear into PvP matches. This is no longer true, and you can just wear your normal gear into PvP, but if you are really enjoying playing PvP you may want to make a separate PvP-focused set.

  • Low level: If you are on a low-level character, don’t worry too much about gear, just try and get a piece of equipment in every slot. Low Level Gear Guide
  • Max-level: At max-level, gear can be quite important when it comes to how much damage you can do, and how long you can survive.

If you do not have ANY gear yet, for example you just hit level 80, use your Conquest Commendations to buy a full set of basic green 324 Conquest gear to get you started.

Your eventual goal at level 80 will be to get:

  •  A full set of Blue or ideally purple-bordered gear with an item-rating of 332 (or better) with the correct stats
  • Tactical item
  • Legendary Implants
  • Augments for every piece of gear (whatever quality you can afford)
  • Stim + Adrenals + Advanced V-9 Seismic Grenade items
  • Warzone Medpac + Warzone Adrenal items

What’s different about gearing for PvP?

There is no such thing as distinct PvE (Player versus Environment) and PvP (Player versus Player) gear. You can wear any type of gear into any type of content.

Many players simply make a gear set for PvE using the recommendations above, and use it in PvP as well, to keep things simple. This works just fine.

Players who are playing a lot of PvP may be interested in creating a set specifically for PvP. There is two big differences between a PvE focused set and PvP focused set:

  1. Stats: In PvE, Damage players should be shooting for 110% accuracy, so they never miss boss enemies. In PvP, things work differently and you may not even need any accuracy at all. Tanks also have some considerations for their tanking stats, and may even want to run a damage gear set instead.
  2. Items: You may choose to use a different Tactical item and Legendary Implants for PvP, to go along with different choices you’ve made on your Ability Tree.

If you aren’t ready to worry about a PvP set yet, feel free to just wear your normal gear into PvP!


“Bolster” is supposed to bring your stats down to 332, if you have gear that’s in the 332-340 range. This is to even the playing field.

BUG 7.2: “Currently, the bolster is bugged and anything above 332 isn’t being scaled down properly. Once this is fixed however, I believe 332 will be the best, as anything higher that gets scaled down may not be as high stat wise as just having 332 on.” Many players have noticed this bug. So for now, you may want to shoot for 336 gear (or even 340 if you are doing HM R4).

When this is fixed, there still may be some interesting bugs/issues with bolster.

PvP Accuracy Chart

In PvP, accuracy is less needed – how much accuracy you want changes based on your class, as well as your personal preference.

You do not need to create a PvP-specific set – it’s perfectly fine to jump into PvP with your PvE set. But if you want to create a min-maxed set for PvP, here’s the stats you are shooting for!

As a damage player, depending on your discipline, you may see a boost if you shoot for 105% accuracy or even 100%, and put the rest of the stats into crit. This is based on the percentage of your damage that will always hit regardless of accuracy.

These are the recommended PvP accuracy stats for each class:

  • Assault Specialist / Innovative Ordnance: 105.00%
  • Balance / Madness: 100.00%
  • Combat / Carnage: 105.00%
  • Concentration / Fury: 105.00%
  • Dirty Fighting / Virulence: 105.00%
  • Focus / Rage: 105.00%
  • Gunnery / Arsenal: 105.00%
  • Infiltration / Deception: 105.00%
  • Plasmatech / Pyrotech: 100.00%
  • Ruffian / Lethality: 105.00%
  • Saboteur / Engineering: 105.00%
  • Scrapper / Concealment: 100.00%
  • Serenity / Hatred: 105.00%
  • Sharpshooter / Marksmanship: 105.00%
  • Tactics / Advanced Prototype: 105.00%
  • Telekinetics / Lightning: 100.00%
  • Vigilance / Vengeance: 105.00%
  • Watchman / Annihilation: 105.00%

As a healer or a tank, you do not need any accuracy at all. Tanks are naturally given accuracy without gear, so you will be at 110-111% by default. Healers need zero accuracy and sit at 100%-101%. This is the same as in normal content.

  • Defense / Immortal: +0
  • Kinetic Combat / Darkness: +0
  • Shield Specialist / Shield Tech: +0
  • Combat Medic / Bodyguard: +0
  • Sawbones / Medicine: +0
  • Seer / Corruption: +0

Accuracy Explained

Accuracy is what allows you to “hit” your enemy instead of missing them and no damage. In normal content, it’s an artificial check, and you just need to have 110% accuracy and you’ll hit almost every time no matter what. In PvP, your “yellow damage” attacks will mostly always hit, but your chance to hit with “white damage” attacks are based on your accuracy. That’s why classes with more “white damage” attacks will want more accuracy – so they can actually hit their enemies more often in PvP. In addition, some classes have a really amount of “white damage” – so you may want to give yourself even more accuracy than the standard 105%. There are many other things that can affect whether you hit or miss, including buffs, debuffs, and attacking different types of disciplines. What exact accuracy is best for you will depend on both your preference and your playstyle – for example, whether you have higher or lower uptime. If you aren’t very familiar with your class, just use the recommended options in the list above!

To help explain why certain classes want certain Accuracy stats in PvP compared to others, here’s an example of the current top parse (update 7.2) for each discipline, and what types of damage they are doing. You will see some classes, like the Telekinetics / Lightning discipline, does 100% force damage which is all “yellow damage”, so they don’t need any accuracy at all, as all their attacks do not rely on accuracy. Combat / Carnage does 100% “white damage”, so their attacks rely more heavily on accuracy than any other class in the game, so you would definitely want at least 105% accuracy… but you may even want to go higher into the 108-110% range, sacrificing even more crit to hit more often.

ImperialRepublicAttacks effected by armor, can be Yellow or White damageAttacks that ignore armor, can be Yellow or White damageWHITE DAMAGE: attacks effected by accuracyYELLOW DAMAGE: percentage of their damage that will always hit regardless of accuracyBasicDecision
Assault SpecialistInnovative Ordnance44.22%55.78%33.64%66.36%105.00%105.00%
CombatCarnage100.00%0.00%100.00%0.00%105.00%105% or 108%-110%
Dirty FightingVirulence43.84%56.16%54.27%45.73%105.00%105.00%
GunneryArsenal83.38%16.62%46.15%53.85%105.00%105% or 108%-110%
RuffianLethality58.09%41.91%38.17%61.83%105.00%100% or 105%
SaboteurEngineering62.42%37.58%37.60%62.40%105.00%100% or 105%
SerenityHatred72.59%27.41%28.59%71.41%105.00%100% or 105%
SharpshooterMarksmanship79.59%20.41%81.16%18.84%105.00%105% or 108%-110%
TacticsAdvanced Prototype88.11%11.89%25.74%74.26%105.00%105.00%
VigilanceVengeance67.64%32.36%34.91%65.09%105.00%100% or 105%

If you’d like to learn more about Accuracy in PvP, and lots of interesting buffs and debuffs, and how to take advantage of them, player Cease has a great comprehensive video that shows them off and how they work.

Thank you to player Cease for providing recommendations for an Accuracy stat for new players to start off with until they are more familiar with how they play! Thanks Zahk for making the extended Accuracy chart.