SWTOR Bounty Contract Week Guide

The Bounty Contract week event is a special event that happens roughly once a month in star wars the old republic. During the event, you can help your faction by taking down key targets in crime syndicates and violent gangs and bring them to justice. The best part of this event is that you can play the part of a bounty Hunter no matter what your class is – even Jedi and Sith can help fulfill these dangerous contracts spread across the Galaxy.


To start the event while it’s live, you’ll need to be at least level 15, and to have access to the fleet. The introduction quest is located near the northern elevator of the fleet republic side, and near the southern end imperial side – just look for a quest near a bunch of carbonized bounties.

Once you’ve watched the intro quest, you’ll be able to pick up your first contract by heading into the cartel bazaar area up the nearby elevator. To continue the intro quest, speak to the bounty hunter droid.

If you want to check out the bounty contract week rewards, head up to the platform and talk to the vendors that look like bounty hunters. The bounty contract event works on the reputation system – as you complete more contracts, you’ll earn more reputation with the Bounty Brokers Association, and the more reputation you have the more rewards you unlock – but you still have to pay for the rewards once you’ve unlocked them.

All the bounty contract week rewards require Completed Bounty Contracts to redeem, earned by completing bounties. The completed bounty contracts are sellable and tradeable, so if you have enough reputation but not enough contracts to get one of the rewards, you could buy some on the GTN from other players.

Rewards for the event included rugged-looking legacy-bound bounty Hunter themed armors, unique mounts, pets, decorations, skins for treek and Hk51 and even legacy-bound bowcasters.

To pick up a bounty, right click the terminal. There are two types of bounties – henchmen bounties and kingpin bounties. The henchmen bounties are easier, faster and all of them are automatically available when you start the event. You can do one per day per character – so if you want to gain reputation quickly you’ll want to do the event on multiple characters, every day. Henchmen bounties reward you a completed bounty contract, credits, and a reputation item.

The second type of bounty is the kingpin bounty. These are harder, give better reputation rewards, but are not available by default. To unlock a kingpin bounty, you’ll need to pay 5 completed bounty contracts, earned by doing the henchmen bounties. Unfortunately, the kingpin bounty missions can only be done once weekly per character. That means you might want to spread out your kingpin bounties between multiple characters, so you can do more than one kingpin mission per week. Kingpin bounty unlocks are NOT legacy-wide, they are only available on the character you pay for the unlock on.

When you are picking a bounty, you’ll want to make sure you pick one that is close to or below your current level. If you are level 23, don’t pick the level 42 one on voss.

Once you’ve picked up your bounty contract, you’ll have to head to the planet your target is located on. With the new travel system, you can quickly travel directly to the planet from the fleet- just click the small planet icon that shows up on your mission tracker, usually located on the top right of your screen. From there, taxi our quick travel to the quest marker.

You’ll then need to meet your client that hired you, so they can give you more information about your bounty. They’ll direct you to a local cantina so you can investigate and probe Shady Characters about the location of your bounty target.

Some shady characters will give you Underworld Information, while others won’t help you or might even attack you. If you get attacked, don’t forget to loot the bodies, as your attackers might have valuable Underworld Information items on them that you can use from your inventory to add to your information count. If you want to speed up the process, you can use Friendly Drink Probe items or Interrogation Probes, both of which can be bought in the cartel bazaar area from a droid called BBA Mobile Supply Droid, and you get a few by completing the intro quest after your first bounty.

Once you get 4 pieces of underworld information, you’ll be able to talk to an underworld contact by finding the glowing blue table in the cantina. Your contact will give you the location of your bounty target, and you’ll be able to head there, find the blue beacon, and the fight with your bounty target will begin!

If you want to capture your bounty target instead of killing them, you’ll need to use the special Carbonite grenade on them when they are under 10% health – so if you have a very strong companion, you might want to put them on passive so they don’t kill the target. To use the grenade,  click the grenade in your mission tracker when your bounty target’s health is almost gone.

After you’ve killed or captured your bounty, you’ll be directed back to your client, who will reward you with a free travel pass to the fleet which can be activated in your mission tracker panel, usually located on the top right of your screen. Back at the fleet you’ll be able to turn in your bounty and receive your bounty rewards!

For the kingpin bounties, you really want to unlock them on different characters so you can do more than one per week, since you are limited to one per week per character. If you unlock the Tatooine and Alderaan kingpin bounties on the same character, you will only be able to do one of the two during a bounty week. But if you unlock Tatooine on your Jedi and Alderaan on your sith, you’ll be able to complete them both during the same week, just on different characters. Because the reputation is legacy wide and the completed bounty contracts are not bound, you don’t have to do everything on your main character.  

Once you’ve traded in 5 completed bounty contracts for a kingpin bounty, you’ll be able to pick it up the kingpin quest from the bounty terminal. Just a heads up, you can only hold on to one bounty mission at a time… So if you want to do a kingpin mission and a normal henchmen mission, you’ll have to pick up one, complete it, and the pick up the next one afterwards.   

Kingpin bounties are also a lot harder than the henchmen ones, so if you’re on a low level character or are undergeared you might want to bring a friend.

Unlike the henchmen bounties, you don’t need to interrogate shady characters to get Intel. Instead when you get to to the target location you’ll need to use macrobinculars to scan floating probe droids hidden around the area. You can scan them by clicking the macrobinculars that show up in your mission tracker, on the top right. Once you’ve found a droid with the macrobinoculars, left click to zoom in on it.

Once you’ve found 5 floating probes, get ready for the fight of your life! Kingpin bounty targets each have their own unique style of fighting, and just like henchmen you can choose to kill or capture them. Once you turn it in you’ll get the same rewards as a henchmen bounty, but this time you’ll get a purple reputation reward.

Apart from the thrill of the hunt, Bounty Contract week also offers a ton of legacy-wide  achievements for achievement hunters. There achievements for killing every target, capturing every target, unlocking all the kingpin bounties, and there’s also a special achievement for those who like jumping puzzles called “greet the overwatch”, which requires you to climb to the top of the cartel bazaar and reach the sniper hiding up there. Killing and capturing all bounties will net you the “Wanted: Dead or Alive” legacy title, unlocking all 8 kingpin bounties will grant you the “Death Mark in Seven Systems” legacy title, and greeting the overwatch will get you the “Cartel Security” legacy title.

For a limited time, the Bounty Brokers Association has opened its doors to anyone willing to take on their dangerous contracts, offering an opportunity for both seasoned and rookie hunters to prove their skills and earn themselves some fantastic rewards. Have fun during bounty week and make them see why they call you the best bounty hunter in the galaxy.


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