SWTOR Interpreter’s Retreat Hidden Achievements Guide

Looking to finish your Achievements in the Pilgrim’s Retreat area but having trouble finding what’s missing? This guide will direct you to each location added in 7.3 to fully complete each hidden achievement! Many of these achievements are hidden by default.

Please note this is a skeleton guide, more coming soon!

Who can do these achievements? Unclear. All this information is from the public test server!

 Thank you player Zahk for all your help on this achievements guide!

Spoiler-Free Hidden Achievement Hints

For those that want to discover some of the hidden achievements on their own, a small amount of direction will be given in this section to preserve the spirit of the achievements! Do not read past this category if you do not want to be spoiled.

  • A Rustle in the Leaves / Grumch Crunch / Roving Menace: There are three large unique enemies in the wilds of the Interpreter’s Retreat! Explore until you find them.
  • Rest and Restoration / Picnic Achievement: This achievement requires you to have unlocked the Gormak Repeatable Missions, to snoop around the Retreat thoroughly, and to have a good eye for picturesque vistas.
  • Contemplation Mastery: This achievement will make itself known to explorers via the temporary ability bar, once you’ve sufficiently explored the correct dead ends, or especially calming looking scenery. (Once you get the first of 3, the other achievements will be visible! Their descriptions give good hints, too.)
  • He’s Just a Little Guy / Can We Really Keep Him: Explore every nook and cranny of the Voss Retreat town to find a new friend! Keep an eye out for some interesting food items while doing your dailies as well – some are hidden in a repeatable daily quest instance, one can be found in the wilds, and one you should get from inside the main town.
  • Curse You, Czerka Mercs! – You’ll find this one if you are exploring the wilds, or rather, it will find you!

Daily Quests

There are two kinds of repeatable mission in this area of Voss, ones helping the Gormak, and ones helping the Voss.

Guiding the Gormak

Complete repeatable missions for the Gormak (5/15/30) times:

  • A Cantina in Crisis
  • It’s Really Piling Up
  • Security Reboot

These three repeatable quests are unlocked by completing the one-time Joint Efforts quest.

Rebuilding Voss

Complete repeatable missions for the Voss (5/15/30) times:

  • Easing Anxieties
  • Let Them Drink
  • Ongoing Threats

These three repeatable quests are unlocked by completing the following one-time Voss Reconstruction quests: Exercising Judgement, Found and Lost, and The Pressure’s Off.


There are three larger, stronger enemies in this area to fight. You may have a very difficult time fighting them alone, but they can easily be done with 3-4 players, or two skilled ones.

Dedicated Shrine Warden

Hidden Achievement: Defeat powerful beasts that threaten the Shrine of Contemplation.

I assume this is for defeating all the below champions five times but am unsure.

A Rustle in the Leaves + More Than a Rustle

Find and defeat Susurrus (1 time / Hidden Achievement: 5 times).

Grumch Crunch + Big Grumch Crunch

Find and defeat Big Grumch (1 time / Hidden Achievement: 5 times).

Roving Menace + Menace Menacer

Find and defeat the Vagrant Shaclaw (1 time / Hidden Achievement: 5 times).

Rest and Restoration / Picnic Achievement

Hidden Achievement: Rest and Restoration Assemble the perfect picnic in the Interpreter’s Retreat area.

You will first need to acquire the Abandoned To-Go Order from A Cantina in Crisis quest. This will be an interactable cloche (the metal dome thing you see serving droids carrying food in) sitting at the end of the countertop with B4-RI the Beverage Unit nearby. It may also appear across the room, on top of one of the small dining tables.

Fermented Rhudik Tea is found on a table in a tent in the Interpreter’s Retreat. This is nearby the all the loot-able equipment and tools needed to do the initial Joint Efforts mission.

Once both have been found, then right-click the to-go order and A Lovely Picnic item is created! It will hint that you need to go find a place with a nice view to enjoy it.

Take the item to the set of benches on a pretty stone plateau north of the Shrine of Contemplation’s entrance. You need to clear the area of enemies, and be unmounted to see the temporary ability icon “Enjoy a Picnic”.

Note: Once complete this achievement will unlock the Voss Park Bench decoration at the Special Nutrient Vendor back at the Retreat!

Contemplation Mastery

Hidden Achievement: Contemplate the mysteries of the galaxy as you explore the grounds of the Shrine of Contemplation.

This is a fairly easy achievement to get simply by exploring around the new Voss map. There are three areas you need to find and meditate at. When you find an area, a green-and-purple temporary will appear that you can click to contemplate. The achievement descriptions will give you a hint on where to look if you want to find them yourself!

Note: this achievement will also unlock the Tranquil Voss Fountain Decoration at the Specialty Nutrient Vendor back at the Retreat!

Contemplation: Silence

Consider the silence of the places long unseen.

The word “Silence” is a huge hint that it’s related to the Shrine of Silence: the Flashpoint nearby! Head up to the staircase leading to the Flashpoint’s entrance and you should get the temporary ability to contemplate.

Contemplation: Illumination

Consider the light that shines in the darkness, illuminating the shadows.

You may stumble into this one naturally during the “Ongoing Threats” Voss repeatable mission, as one of the Gormak work groups you’re meant to check on are located in the same room! Approach the brazier in the back corner of the Shrine of Contemplation (titled “Light from the Silence” upon mousing over it) and you should get your temporary ability to meditate with it.

Contemplation: Focus

Let distractions fade as the deluge of tranquil water surrounds you.

This is probably the funkiest contemplation spot to get done but is by no means difficult: you’ll see up above in the image that coming to this dead end waterfall just next to the shrine of contemplation zooms the map out to the “world map” shape instead of the area-map. Just come up the stairs near the shrine of contemplation and go as far back in the water as you reasonably can get – once under the waterfall you should get the temporary ability to sit under and meditate. If it isn’t triggering for you, try running your face against the rock wall in the back until the icon pops up. It can be picky.

Curse You, Czerka Mercs!

While exploring the Retreat and completing other achievements, you’ll probably eventually come across some Czerka enemies that come out of stealth and ambush you.

These enemies like to hide near rocky outcroppings on the edge of the map, or around the edges of any standing body of water. I imagine it’ll be a bit of a mystery as to why these Czerka Operatives are attacking us on Voss until the story missions come out, but defeating 15 of the annoying little stabbers will award you a hidden achievement! Progress is visibly trackable once you defeat your first. Below is by no means an exhaustive list of their possible locations, but a few we’ve confirmed ourselves:

Flameshell Mewvorr Pet Achievement

He’s Just a Little Guy

This achievement is really quick and mostly exists to set you up for the next! Start at the mission board for the Voss Repeatables/Reconstruction Tasks and head directly West, past the market awnings with baskets of fruits, and head into the alley between the raised foundations and the building.

Once past this alley, you’ll be inside a tiny enclosed yard with some Gormak and an even tinier Mawvorr! Just getting close to this Mawvorr should be enough to receive this achievement.

Can I Really Keep Him?

This next achievement awards the little guy as a pet once complete and is intended to be done over the course of 15 days.

To start, you will need to find three ingredients. First, acquire the Discarded Vorantisteak from the A Cantina in Crisis quest. This will be a big cut of meat just laying on the floor. The location of the Steak can change places day-to-day, but it’s pretty much always on the floor and out of the way. You can try to get extra steaks by following a friend into their phase of the mission, but there is a unique item limit of 1, so you’d have to have made some chow with it already to be able to grab another before the next day.

The next item you’ll need to find to feed the little guy is a Peppery Slimegourd – these are found all around the open area of the Retreat’s wilderness, nearby trees and hiding in the grass.

This image below is by no means an exhaustive list of locations for where the Slimegourds can be found, but keep in mind this is meant to take you half a month! There isn’t a unique item limit on them so you’ll probably have a nice stack of 15 gourds long before you’ve been exploring the Retreat for 15 days.

Finally, head to the Retreat and look just West of the mission board to see the Special Nutrient Vendor – this helpful NPC sells an item called Powerful Nutrients – this bundle contains the “use” command required to combine the steak and gourds together and make yourself some Mawvorr Chow! This has a 22 hour cooldown and will consume the one steak you have (so get a new one tomorrow) and one of your gourds but won’t consume your nutrients. It’s a good thing too; the nutrients cost 3000 Tech Fragments as of writing this on the PTS.

Note: because the Powerful Nutrients cost Tech Fragments, they can be refunded to the vendor within 2 hours. So you could try speeding this up with multiple characters if they are far enough to go get their own steaks, and have the gourds – otherwise you must wait about 24 hours to create new chow. Even without using alts, it is possible to buy the nutrients, make your chow, then refund your nutrients immediately to save on fragments.

Once you’ve made your chow, head down to the Very Tiny Mawvorr and you will get a temporary ability to click that will feed him! 15 Feedings and he is all yours.

Basic Achievements

The achievements in this category are pretty straightforward with nothing hidden. Simply complete the Story and finish the missions that open up the repeatable ones to get the Story Achievements, and your standard Rampage-style “kill enemy type” achievements exist in tiers of 25, 75, and 150 Beasts and Droids around the retreat.


  • Re-Opening Old Wounds – Complete the “Old Wounds” mission.
  • Reconstruction Efforts – Complete all four reconstruction tasks for the Shrine Restoration Initiative in the Interpreter’s Retreat. This include these one-time quests:
    • The Pressure’s Off
    • Joint Efforts
    • Found and Lost
    • Exercising Judgement

Defeat Enemies

  • Taming the Wilds – Defeat Beasts in Pilgrim’s Retreat (25/75/150)
  • Haywire Havoc – Defeat Droids in Pilgrim’s Retreat (25/75/150)

Shrine of Silence Flashpoint Achievements

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