How to Get Sith Armor for Your Dark Side Jedi SWTOR

When playing a Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular in Star Wars: The Old republic, players are encouraged to choose their Jedi’s path, either by having them follow the light-sided path of the Jedi code, or throwing that away and making choices that give in to passion, revenge and anger. While you can’t convert your Jedi in to a full Sith in the game, you can play the path of a Dark Jedi in the story. In this video, we’ll be going over how to get your Dark Jedi some Sith armor.

#1 Adaptive Vendor Dark Jedi Robes

The easiest way to get some Dark Jedi armor is to head to the Supplies section on the map of the Republic Fleet which you can get to after you finish your first planet, and look for the Adaptive vendor in a caged room in a corner. The Adaptive vendor sells a black set of robes called the Jedi Myrmidon Armor Set which might fit your dark Jedi needs perfectly without going full Sith.

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Jedi Myrmidon Armor Set Bought from the Adaptive Vendor

#2 Sith Armor Adaptive Vendor, Imperial Side

The least expensive way to get some Sith armor is by purchasing it on an Imperial character. If you don’t have any Imperial characters yet, you’ll need to create one of any class, and complete all their purple quests on their first planet so you can reach the Imperial fleet. Once you’re on the fleet, head to the Supplies section on the map just like Republic side, and look for the Adaptive vendor. The Adaptive vendor sells eight different Sith armors that you can buy for very cheap. These armors are legacy-bound, which means you can put them in the yellow legacy bank located in the center of the Imperial Fleet, then pick them up on your Jedi from your legacy bank Republic side.

#3 Crafted Dark Jedi Robes

If you’re looking instead for some alternative cheap dark robes, there’s actually quite a few crafted options. You can craft these yourself using Synthweaving, or buy them from another crafter on the GTN for a decent price.

#4 Cartel Market Items

While this option is a lot more expensive, you might be able to find your ideal look through items from the Cartel Market, as they will look the same Republic side as they do Imperial side. You can get these items one of two ways. The most common is to go to the Galactic Trade Network section of the fleet, search for the name of the item, then search by price. Be warned though, while some of these set are very affordable, others can range in to the hundreds of millions of credits. The other way to get them is in the Cartel Market, by spending Cartel Coins, but items rotate on and off the Cartel Market and are not always available.

#5 Dyes

If you’ve already got a cool set of Jedi Robes you like that you’ve picked up from questing, you can always dye it a darker color to get yourself some dark Jedi robes. Here’s some options for dyes, and you can see all dye options on You can preview a dye on a piece of armor before you apply it with CTRL+Left click.

Affordable Crafting Dyes / GTN

Cartel Market / GTN Options