Mails from Manaan

These are some of the mails the player will receive after completing the Manaan storyline in Star Wars: The Old Republic, involving the Selkath Isolationists.

Captain Wo Kasto

Subject: Help me with this, please!

So, I thought it would be a great idea for my sister to join up with the Manaan Incorporation Project. Minn hated the idea at first, because of course she did. I’m sure it’s because I suggested it, but she insisted it was because “we have nothing productive for a biologist to do.”

Once I explained that Mata’s inside knowledge and experience with the isolationists could be key to keeping other Selkath from joining up and turning against the Republic, she at least agreed to a
meeting. And, well… after that, it was all downhill.

I’ve never seen Minn shut up about anything for more than a few seconds, but she hung on Mata’s every word. And since then, Mata’s been following Minn around like a wayward guppy.

I’ve been stuck in a lot of sticky situations, but please tell me how I’m supposed to deal with my sister having a thing for MINN, of all people!


Minn – Del Captured

Subject: Your hard work, paying off

Three Imperial attempts to sabotage our presence on Manaan. Three. That’s how many we foiled thanks to intel Jilo Del handed over to his interrogators.

We even stopped the construction of a new kolto mining facility the Empire was building in an area of Manaan so remote, most Selkath do not go there. Without Del–without you–we never would have found them.

This is only the beginning of the advantages we’ll enjoy by having a prisoner with Del’s insight and talents. Not only do I anticipate many more opportunities to interfere with Imperial activity on Manaan, but if Del continues to cooperate so earnestly, perhaps he can be permitted to fight for the Republic as well. On the shortest of leashes, of course.

I thought you would appreciate this evidence that the decision you made was the correct one, if ever you begin to doubt it.

Minn Ishkah
Republic Diplomatic Corps