Top 10 Blaster Pistols in SWTOR

When it comes to blaster weapons in Star Wars: The Old Republic, the Blaster Pistol has the largest variety in styles, and the highest number of unique weapons with special animations or designs. Blaster pistols are by far the most popular non-lightsaber weapon – the Scoundrel and the Powertech wield a single blaster, while the Gunslinger and the Mercenary dual-wield. In this video, we’ll be going of the top ten most unique, interesting, and surprising blaster pistols available in the game. A majority of these pistols will be from the Cartel Market, so if you’re interested in saving up for one, check the GTN, the player run marketplace, to see how many credits they’ll cost you. While some are in an affordable range, many of these cost millions of credits.

#10 Classic Blaster Pistol

Custom-built Blaster Pistol

Balmorran Hand Cannon Grek

M-300 Elite Stealth Interceptor

BL-28 Blaster

Z-311 Sonic Blaster Pistol

Beryar’s MK-3 Pistol

#9 Masterwork Ancient Blaster Pistol

#8 Mischief & Anarchy

#7 Black Nebula Heavy Blaster


#6 Ordtech F7 Blaster

Comes with laser site animation

If you like the grey/blue : [BP-4 Vigilance Blaster Pistol] – I like the sound on this one a lot.

#5 Pirate Blaster Pistol

Experimental Ossan Blaster Pistol

Trimantium Blaster

#4 Payday Blaster Pistol

Distorted/flare firing pattern and sheath

#3 Furious Gladiator’s Blaster Pistol

Smoking gun animation

#2 Gambler’s Luck Blaster Pistol

Special distortion waves firing pattern

#1 Rascal’s Way

Special star burst firing pattern