Though sharing common genetic history with humans, Miraluka have evolved into a significantly different species because they are born without eyes. On their home world of Alpheridies, the only source of light is a red dwarf star which emits light only in the infrared spectrum.

Over the centuries, the Miraluka adapted and developed the ability to see their surroundings through the Force. Though they retain vestigial eye sockets, Miraluka wear decorative veils and generally have little trouble assimilating into human society.

Miraluka have lived primarily in isolation over the millennia, but because of their Force sensitivity, they have had relations with the Jedi and some Miraluka have even joined the Order. That relationship has grown even stronger since the Jedi Civil War when the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus destroyed the Miraluka colony on the world of Katarr. The only survivor of that attack—a Miraluka named Visas Marr—was known to have traveled with the Jedi Exile and later to have helped rebuild the Jedi Order.

Miraluka Classes

You can play any type of character as a Miraluka, as species are not restricted to certain Origin Stories or Combat Styles in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

However, you may need to unlock the Miraluka species depending on what class you want to play as.

Jedi Knight No, but can be unlocked Yes
Jedi Consular No, but can be unlocked Yes
Trooper No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Smuggler No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Sith Warrior No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Sith Inquisitor No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Bounty Hunter No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked
Imperial Agent No, but can be unlocked No, but can be unlocked

Free-to-play players will need to unlock Miralukas before they create a Miraluka character.

Subscribers can automatically create a Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular as a Miraluka while they are subscribed. Once the character is created, they do not need to remain subscribed to continue playing the created character.

Unlock Option #1: All players can unlock Miralukas for all classes by purchasing the item Legacy Species Unlock: Miraluka from the Cartel Market with Cartel Coins or from the GTN with credits. The Cartel Market sells this unlock for 600 Cartel Coins, the price and availability on the GTN will change day to day and per server, but it is likely very expensive. This unlock is per-server, not account-wide, and requires that you have an existing character of any type on that server who has reached level 10 and created a Legacy.

Unlock Option #2: Subscribers and preferred players who have a Miraluka character can play a Miraluka on a Jedi Knight or Jedi Consular and then level them to level 50, which will automatically unlock the Miraluka option for all future characters including the Sith Warrior, Sith Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Imperial Agent, Smuggler and Trooper. This unlock is per-server, not account-wide.

Unlock Option #3:Subscribers can also unlock Miralukas for all Origin Stories by spending 1.5 million credits as part of the Legacy system, after they have reached level 10 (Free-to-play and Preferred can technically too, but they have their credits capped at 1 million credits).This unlock is per-server, not account-wide.

Jedi KnightA symbol of hope in dark times, the Jedi Knight stands for the legacy of the Jedi Order, protecting the Republic and keeping the peace across the galaxy.Miraluka have lived primarily in isolation over the millennia, but because of their Force sensitivity, they have had relations with the Jedi and some Miraluka have even joined the Order. Visas Marr, the last known survivor of a Miraluka colony world, trained as a Jedi Sentinel.
Jedi ConsularJedi Consulars channel the power of the Force for strength in combat and wisdom in diplomacy. Jedi Consulars always seek to grow their knowledge.
Miraluka have lived primarily in isolation over the millennia, but because of their Force sensitivity, they have had relations with the Jedi and some Miraluka have even joined the Order. Q'Anilia was a female Miraluka Jedi Master who served as a Jedi Seer during the Old Republic era.
TrooperTroopers are the embodiment of the Republic military’s highest aspirations – the most advanced fighting force in the galaxy.
While it would be incredibly uncommon to see a Miraluka serve in any capacity outside of the Jedi due to their isolative nature and natural force-sensitivity, it would not be impossible to see a Miraluka trooper, as Miraluka called themselves "brothers" and were considered as members of a great family. much like the Republic Military considers itself "brothers in arms".
SmugglerAbove all else, Smugglers make their own destinies. Smugglers require fast reflexes, fast wits and a fast draw with a blaster.
While it would be incredibly uncommon to see a Miraluka serve in any capacity outside of the Jedi due to their isolative nature and natural force-sensitivity, it would not be impossible to see a Miraluka Smuggler, as it could fit their isolative nature. Some members of the force-sensitive Miraluka order, the Luke Sene, only had small degrees of increased senses which they used to improve their own lives, careers, and Miralukan society.
Sith WarriorAn unstoppable force of darkness, the Sith Warrior is entrusted with the task of destroying the Empire’s enemies and enforcing Sith domination across the galaxy.While it would be uncommon to see a Miraluka in the Sith Academy as a child, many Miraluka choose to join either the Jedi Order, and those who do are as tempted by the dark-side and may become a Dark Jedi like any other species.
Sith InquisitorDark secrets are the lifeblood of the Sith Inquisitor. The Inquisitor experiments with forbidden powers in order to excel and seize authority.The Sith Inquisitor starts off as a slave in the story, and aliens being oppressed by the Empire is a common theme in the universe. While it is uncommon to see an alien in the ranks of the Sith, a prominent Sith named Darth Malgus has seized the opportunity to create a new Empire, one that embraces alien cultures and is strengthened by diversity. While it would be uncommon to see a Miraluka in the Sith Academy as a child, many Miraluka choose to join either the Jedi Order, and those who do are as tempted by the dark-side and may become a Dark Jedi like any other species.
Bounty HunterIt’s never a question if a Bounty Hunter will find you… only when. Both infamous and anonymous at the same time, Bounty Hunters are far more than mercenaries for hire.While it would be incredibly uncommon to see a Miraluka serve in any capacity outside of the Jedi due to their isolative nature and natural force-sensitivity, it would not be impossible to see a Miraluka Bounty Hunter, as it could fit their isolative nature. Where a Miralukan was suspected of having fallen to the dark side, The Luka Sene, the force-sensitive order of the Miraluka homeworld would dispatch Sene Seekers, who would search out the targeted individual. Attempts to redeem that individual would be made. Should the individual, however, prove to be beyond redemption, the Sene Seekers would attempt a live capture, much like a Bounty Hunter could.
Imperial AgentImperial Agents must master the arts of infiltration, seduction and assassination to carry out the most dangerous and sensitive Imperial assignments.While it is uncommon to see an alien in the ranks of Imperial Intelligence, the Minister of Intelligence recognizes the need to take advantage of 'an alien mind'. A prominent Sith named Darth Malgus has seized the opportunity to create a new Empire, one that embraces alien cultures and is strengthened by diversity. While it would be near impossible to see a Miraluka as an Imperial Agent, their natural force-sensitivity would prove to be a boon to any Agent if they did not get thrown to the wolves of the Sith Academy.

Miraluka Masks

Spiritual, deliberate, and sensitive to the Force, Miraluka have evolved into a uniquely gifted species. Born without eyes, Miraluka perceive their surroundings through their strong connection to the Force.

Their ceremonial veils, masks, and headdresses cover vestigial eye sockets, and serve as extensions of each Miraluka and symbols of their individuality.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Miraluka are exactly the same as humans in appearance in the character creator, except that they lack eyes and therefore do not have an eye color choice, and instead have a choice of masks.

Miraluka are similar to Humans. They cover their featureless eye sockets with cloth or visors, especially when traveling.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide


While the game itself only offers so many masks during character creation, you can choose from a variety of masks and helmets in-game that cover your characters eyes, and use those instead of the default mask options to cover your Miraluka’s eye sockets.

Miraluka average 1.8 meters tall. In-almost every respect, they look like Humans except they have nearly featureless eye sockets. They tend to cover their eyeless visages with decorative cloth.

To all outward appearances, Miraluka appear Human.  Only one aspect distinguishes them from Humans: All Miraluka are born without eyes. Although they are not entirely concerned with appearing Human, they prefer not to draw attention to themselves when traveling. Millennia of evolution robbed the Miraluka of sight but granted them the ability to “see” through the Force.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology

Here are some more Miraluka masks seen in various Star Wars media. Many players like to create their own designs for their personal characters – although the option in-game are limited to what’s available in the Character Creator, you are free to imagine what your own Miraluka’s mask(s) look like and mean. You can find many drawings of players’ custom Miraluka on line for inspiration and ideas.

Dark-Side Corruption

As Miraluka fall to the dark side, they have the option to turn on Dark Side Corruption, where they begin to lose pigment in their skin.

As they do not have eyes, unlike humans, they do not experience the eye-color change like humans do (seen in the progression chart below).

Neutral / Light Side

No Dark Side corruption

Dark Side I

Yellow Eyes

Dark Side II

Paler Skin, Black Veins

Dark Side III

Same as Dark II

Dark Side IV

Palest Skin, Purple and Black Veins

Dark Side V

Same as Dark IV

Miraluka Naming

You can choose any name you want for your Miraluka character, you do not have to try and follow any type of conventions, as Miralukas have spread far and wide across the galaxy, with some being given a traditional Miraluka name, while others have been given a name traditional to their home planet, and other take on a code name or nick name.

Unlike many other species in Star Wars, Miralukas do not seem to have any canon naming rules or suggestions. The biggest examples we have of Miraluka names are Visas Marr, Q’Anilia and Jerec. There are not very many named Miraluka compared to other species, so it is harder to find a pattern or rule in their naming.

Miraluka Name Examples

This a list of names of existing Miralukas in Star Wars to give you some ideas of how to name your own Miraluka.

  • Adeline Marr
  • Anais
  • Ceryss
  • Cheiko Bes
  • Corrik
  • Demas
  • Dobe
  • Eorn
  • Galen Besk
  • Jerbhen Hulis
  • Jerec
  • Jirany Sha
  • Joce
  • Kaiya Stas
  • Karric Soik
  • Kennet Parn
  • Krynda Draay
  • Lucien Draay
  • Miduis
  • Noab Hulis
  • Pelissa Marsto
  • Q’Anilia
  • Sabla-Mandibu
  • Shoaneb Culu
  • Shol Bestros
  • Silaraz
  • Sorolis
  • Tera-Su
  • Trel Nu
  • Vang
  • Vindir
  • Visas Marr
  • Wan Bel Sho
  • Xfere Lyoon
  • Yenoa
  • Yola
  • Zua

Miraluka Name Generator

If you want, you can use a generator to generate a name for your Miraluka. Generators follow a set of rules to try and put together a name for you.

The creator of the Fantasy Name Generator used these rules to generate Miraluka names: “From what I could find, Miraluka seem to have short names, often only two syllables long and easy to pronounce. They also usually, though not always, sound a bit harsh.”

Here is a list of some names created by the Fantasy Name Generator.

  • Eoruun
  • Azeof
  • Lokuehl
  • Uifurr
  • Yenarth
  • Voror
  • Lasan
  • Melohk
  • Chobiy
  • Ivuak
  • Sacleh
  • Modaic
  • Oecaihr
  • Rezay
  • Kinaur
  • Sepeorth
  • Mazaup
  • Jubum
  • Xecyuek
  • Xeseec
  • Posath
  • Auzmiil
  • Xupik
  • Dofnic
  • Jifahl
  • Miloc
  • Diyorr
  • Odun
  • Hulehr
  • Chozmus

Notable Miralukas

Notable Miralukas in the Old Republic include…

Visas MarrKnights of the Old Republic II
Q’AniliaJedi Seer, Knights of the Old Republic comics
JerecSith, Dark Forces games
Shoaneb CuluJedi, comics
Jerbhen HulisJedi
Prosset DibsJedi
Adeline MarrJedi
Galen BeskJedi

Miraluka Lore

While they are easily recognizable as the “species without eyes”, Miraluka history is painted by loss and culture.


Miraluka are remarkably similar to Humans, except for two important and distinctive differences. Miraluka have no eyes, but they have a natural ability to “see” by using the Force. Since they appear Human—including their speech and mannerisms—Miraluka attempt to blend with Humans when traveling throughout the galaxy. Thus, estimating how often they travel or how many live off their home planet of Alpheridies is difficult, but the number is relatively low. To make matters worse, the Sith Lord Darth Nihilus consumed the colony of Katarr after the Jedi Civil War, Currently, no major centers of Miraluka life exist outside their homeworld and colonies, though individuals might be encountered anywhere in the galaxy.

Force Sensitivity

It is highly unusual for an entire sapient species to be Force-sensitive. Given their connection to the Force, it is common for Miraluka to join the Jedi Order. In fact, several Miraluka become central figures in shaping the Jedi traditions during this era. The strength of a Miralukan’s connection to the Force varies by individual. Miraluka who are not powerful enough to become full-fledged Jedi serve the order in supporting roles. Most live lives similar to that of a normal Human.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

The Force

Due to their affinity for the Force and adherence to the light side, Miraluka are often drawn to the Jedi Order. But many others remain staunchly independent and study the Force on their own terms.

During the Jedi Civil War, millions of Miraluka were murdered by the Sith Lord Nihilus on the colony of Katarr. This traumatic and devastating event united the Miraluka against the Sith. When the Empire returned centuries later to spark the Great War, visions of Katarr’s destruction haunted the Miraluka. They began to break their isolationist ways in record numbers and rallied to the Republic’s cause. Many Miraluka joined the Jedi Order to protect the galaxy from another catastrophe brought on by the Sith.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Force-Sensitive Species

Rarely is an entire species sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Force, but Miraluka are clearly an exception.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology


Like any member of the Jedi Order, Consulars can hail from any planet and Force-sensitive species in the galaxy. Though most Consulars are humans, Zabraks, and Twi’leks, Mirialans are also frequently drawn to this path as continuation of their cultural reverence for the Force. Miraluka also choose to follow the Consular’s path thanks to their natural attunement and reliance on the Force.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

The Miraluka species epitomizes the pure power of the Force. Not surprisingly, many Miraluka have been drawn to the teachings and traditions of the Jedi Order. Miraluka Jedi fought during the Sith War and helped to shape the Jedi Order in the years and centuries to follow. In the dying days of the Old Republic. the Jedi Order included not only Miraluka Jedi but also scores of Miraluka commoners with little or no formal training, most of them in administrative or teaching positions.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology

The dissension of the Sith Triumverate did little to temper the Sith threat. Their strike on the Jedi conclave at Katarr, coupled with the actions of Sith assassins, nearly exterminated the Jedi Order.

– Star Wars: The Essential Atlas


Miraluka are a thoughtful, cautious, and deliberative species. They have little interest in personal gain or glory. Some have a strong desire to follow their own path, because of their connection to the Force. They remain committed once a course of action is selected.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Miraluka have no interest in personal gain or glory. They are thoughtful, pensive, and deliberate. Once they commit to a plan or course of action, they are tarely moved to change their mind.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology


The terrestrial world of Alpheridies in the Abron system, in the Expansion Region.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Alpheridies, a planet in the Abron system, which lies on the spinward edge of the Expansion Region.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology

The Mandalorians provided the missing piece needed for the Sith offensive. Under the leadership of Mandalore the Indomitable, the warriors had wiped out Basilisk and Kuar before Ulic Qel-Droma bested their chieftain in single combat and won the allegiance of his followers. In 3996 BBY the Mandalorians joined Krath warships in a crippling strike at the Republic’s Foerost shipyards, and then made a lunge at Coruscant itself.

– Star Wars: The Essential Atlas


Miraluka speak Miralukese and Basic.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Miraluka speak and read Miralukese and Basic.

Their speech could be of any region from Coruscant to the Outer Rim.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology

Force Sight

Although blind, Miraluka can “see” by using the Force. They act normally without taking any penalties for blindness when in the presence of living creatures or life of any kind. This trait enables them to perceive the world around them, and read and write as a sighted person. They can ignore the effect of darkness as if they had darkvision. Miraluka cannot, however, detect creatures that are “invisible” to the Force such as the Yuuzhan Vong and the ysalamiri. These creatures have total concealment from Miraluka, as do creatures in areas that dampen or suppress the Force.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Luke Sene

Connection to the Force is far more common among Miralukans than other species. Miralukans also rely on the Force more than any other species because they depend on the Force to sense their surroundings in lieu of their lost eyesight. Thus, Miralukans do not regard beings with Force as seers or mystics, and mystically based Force traditions have few supporters in Miralukan society.

However, some Miralukans do present an increased aptitude with the sense-based aspects of the Force. Once identified, Miralukan educators and leaders encourage such individuals to join the Luka Sene, a formal organization, with meditation and education chambers in most cities on their homeworld. The Luka Sene concentrates first and foremost on developing the powers of their membership, particularly sense-related powers. Luka Sene is academic in atmosphere and culture. Mysticism is still present, but used by most members as a basis for more practical application of Force powers. Offworlders regard the Luka Sene as a university for Force-users, a place where classes and education take place, but not a tradition that dominates an attendee’s personal life to the degree seen in the Jedi, Sith, or other traditions.

Members of the Luka Sene participate in all aspects of society and all fields. Most have only small degrees of increased sensitivity, which they use to improve their own lives, careers and Miralukan society. Those more gifted in the Force might become Administrators, Masters, or Mentors in the Luka Sene organization. A few eventually leave to join the Jedi Order. It is uncommon to encounter a Luka Sene member off of their homeworld, but some travel to meet with the Jedi Order, or at the uncommon request of an off-world family seeking advice on a talented child.

The Luka Sene provides guidance to protect Miralukans from falling prey to the dark side, Miralukans’ inherent sensing abilities are not normaily regarded as a threat, but they can still provide a path to the dark side, especially in the talented individuals targeted for Luka Sene training. Some Miralukans seek to develop powers contrary to the Luka Sene’s emphasis on the light and practical sides of Force use. When a Miralukan is suspected of falling to the dark side, a Luka Sene team called the Sene Seekers might search him or her out to alter the individual’s path. If redemption is hopeless, these teams are accompanied by security personnel to help capture or eliminate the dark sider.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Visas Marr

As a Force-rich world, the Miralukan colony Katarr was already an appetizing target for Darth Nihilus, but when one hundred Jedi convene there during the Dark Wars, it becomes a full-course meal. With the power of the Dark Side, Nihilus obliterates all life on Katarr – all but Visas Marr.

Like all Miraluka, Visas is born Force-sensitive and physically blind, but when she awakes on Nihilus’s ship, the Ravager, after Katarr’s destruction, she realizes the Sith Lord has carved the flesh from her eye sockets so that she resembles him. Sundered by Nihilus’s aura, young Visas can see only death in the Force. Accepting Nihilus’s unspoken invitation, she pledges herself to the Dark Lord.

As Nihilus’s Shadow Hand, Visas does her lord’s bidding, This includes tracking down a disturbance in the Force that turns out to be the Jedi Exile. They cross lightsabers, and Visas is summarily beaten, subsequently vowing loyalty to her vanquisher. In the Jedi Exile’s company, Visas finds renewed hope, and begins freeing herself of Nihilus’s influence. At last dispelling her grief for the butchery at Katarr, Visas leads the Jedi Exile to her Sith master, and together they defeat the Dark Lord. To cut the last bond between herself and Nihilus, she peers beneath his death mask to look upon the face of pure evil.

After the Dark Wars, Visas is pivotal in restoring the Jedi Order.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Destruction of Katarr

Dark times had come to the Republic. Reconstruction from the Jedi Civil War was still ongoing, and the Jedi Order’s numbers were dwindling. Worse, many Jedi sensed a new Sith threat emerging but could not pinpoint the source. Finally, the Jedi Council called a conclave on the Miraluka colony of Katarr. The order’s Masters, including the legendary Vandar Tokare, gathered to discuss the possibility that the Sith had returned. They did not know that Darth Nihilus, a being of pure hunger and dark side power, was approaching the colony. Drawn to the assembled Masters, Nihilus devoured the life energy of everything on Katarr. Millions of Miraluka died, along with most of the Jedi Order’s senior members. Walking Katarr’s lifeless surface later, Darth Nihilus came across the only survivor: the traumatized Miraluka Visas Marr, whom Nihilus took as his apprentice.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Lore Codex

Lucien Draay

The son of Human Jedi Knight Barrison Draay and half-Human, half-Miraluka Jedi Master Krynda Draay, Lucien was born the heir to the elite Draay family,

Heir to his family’s fortune and respected name, Lucien Draay is son to one of the greatest Jedi sibyls. A talented instructor but a poor mother, Krynda Draay neglects Lucien in favor of Jedi younglings who, like her, demonstrate affinity for peering into the vortex of the future and extracting pristine pearls of Insight. Lucien takes after his father, Barrison, having the talents of a Jedi warrior rather than an augur. With his father dead in the Great Sith War and his mother unavailable, Lucien grows spiteful and develops a love-hate surrogate relationship with his family’s confidant Haazen – a shrewd man who had failed in his Jedi training.

Haazen convinces Krynda to make Lucien the guardian of her young seers circle. Lucien soon dominates the seers, but Krynda controls them all. They become the First WatchCircle of Krynda’s Jedi Covenant, a secret organization sworn to prevent the Sith’s return by all necessary means. Lucien keeps the WatchCircle together despite their individual obligations to become Jedi Masters. Eventually, Lucien’s WatchCircle is assigned to Taris, where they take on new Padawans, including Lucien’s, Zayne Carrick.

During their Padawans’ Jedi trials, the WatchCircle seers get what they have been waiting for—a terrifying vision of galactic turmoil and their own deaths.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

A son of an important family in both the Republic and the Jedi Order, Lucien Draay was born on what would become a dark day for all involved. That day, Jedi Ulic Qel-droma had his first contact with the dark side in the Beast Wars. That was a step on the path leading to the Sith War that would claim the life of Lucien’s father—and steal, from Lucien, his distraught mother’s attentions.

Lucien’s mother was famed for her ability to see the future—but while able to use the Force and feel stirrings within it, Lucien never had visions of the future. So his mother ignored him—and when she began training other seers, she left Lucien’s education to her aide, a failed Padawan.

But Lucien had his father’s talent for combat, and soon the Jedi Order took the teenager in, When Krynda gathered enough seers to create The Covenant, a secret organization to watch for the rise of the Sith, Lucien stepped in to coordinate the efforts of her “investiga tors” in the field. Initially limited to handling travel arrangements, Lucien soon moved into operational security—and finally began acting as the leader on the ground for the Covenant’s “First WatchCircle” of seers.

Achieving the rank of Jedi Master, Lucien was reluctant to take on a learner given his responsibilities to the Covenant, but Zayne Carrick proved a convenient student to have. Lucien was able to give him up as a lost cause, dwelling instead on the Covenant’s activities.

– Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Handbook

Krynda Drey

Daughter of a Miraluka father and a human. mother, Krynda Draay inherited positive traits from both species. She has both the “Force sight” of the blind Miraluka and functioning human eyes. Jedi speculate this coincidence may be the source behind Krynda’s incredinle powers of prognostication. Her first mentor, Vodo Siosk-Baas, referred to her as the “eyes of the Jedi.”

But Krynda’s attention strayed from larger events when she married a financier-turned-Jedi, the dashing Barrison Dray. The difficult birth of their child, Lucien, prevented Krynda from taking part in the Sith War that soon followed—and she lost much in that conflict. First her former Master; then her half-sister, a fellow Jedi; and, finally, her husband. Devastated, Krynda went into seclusion.

After years of solitude, Krynda was drawn back into Jedi affairs after meeting Q’Anilia, a gifted Miraluka student. Gathering more young seers around her, Krynda encouraged them to form a Covenant with the Force—watching for the return of the Sith who had taken so much from her.

– Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Handbook


Miraluka and Humans tend not to intermarry, given the unpredictable and often unhappy genetic results. A rare exception is Krynda, daughter of a Miralukan father and Human mother. She was born with both Force Sight and functioning Human eyes.

– Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide

Mother: There are hardly enough Jedi to provide formal training to the best candidates, much less the more limited-

Son: Limited? Those Miraluka you invite in here – they can’t even see!

Mother: They can see farther than you can, boy! If only my father’s blood had been stronger, I would glady have given my eyes – and yours – for you to be able to see what the Miraluka can! What I can! But it was my destiny to have both sight and second sight. It was yours to have sight alone. Too much like your father!

– Excerpt from the Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic comic between Krynda and Lucien Draay


Covenant founder Krynda Draay has always loomed large in the life of Q’Anilia. A Miraluka orphan with both Force sight and precogni tive abilities, Q’Anilia learned of her heroine early on when the newly opened Culu Memorial Center on Alpheridies recommended she be brought to Krynda on Coruscant. Krynda realized the child’s potential and, ironical became more of a mother to Q’Anilia than she was to her own son, Lucien. As a member of the Covenant’s First WatchCircle, Q’Anilia made Krynda’s mission her own.

Contemplative and logical, Q’Anilia is capable of making hard decisions when it comes to the Covenant’s mission [..]. She frequently acts as advisor to Lucien, offering opinions she believes Krynda would support—advice Lucien does not always weljon to a professional and personal relationship that has now lasted more than three decades.

– Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Handbook

Shoaneb Culu, Jedi Knight

The Miraluka are a rare species. Unable to perceive wavelengths of light, they see using the Force instead. Under- standably, many Miraluka become Jedi. The most famous Miraluka Jedi was a young Knight named Shoaneb Culu.

Shoaneb Culu traveled to Ossus to learn the art of light- saber construction from Master Vodo-Siosk Baas. When Shoaneb ruined her last crystal, Nomi Sunrider offered her one of Andur Sunrider’s Adegan crystals. A short time later, Nomi and Shoaneb were both selected by the Jedi assembly to help rescue Jedi Master Arca Jeth from Lord Ommin’s Naddist cult on Onderon.

Shoaneb was among the many Jedi who protested Ulic Qel-Droma’s plan to infiltrate the Krath. She was on Deneba when Sith war droids attacked the Jedi assembly. When the Jedi made their second attempt to rescue Ulic from the Krath, Shoaneb participated in the aerial assault on Iziz.

On Coruscant, Shoaneb was the first Jedi on the planet to witness the Krath assault led by Ulic. When Aleema aban- doned Ulic, Shoaneb helped capture and deliver him to the Senate. During the Great Sith War, she was part of the Republic detachment that responded to Kemplex Nine’s distress signal. Piloted by Aleema, an ancient starship ripped the core out of one of the ten suns ofthe Cron Cluster and caused a conflagration that destroyed the Library of Ossus. Shoaneb was vaporized instantly.

– Power of the Jedi Sourcebook

(Shoaneb’s story is from the Tales of the Jedi comics.)

Jedi Council

A Miraluka called Shol Bestros famously turned his back on the Jedi throughout his childhood, His mind was changed when a Jedi Master, Kao Cen Darach, recognized the young Miralukan’s ability and encouraged him to join the Order. Bestros went on to achieve the rank of Jedi Master and joined the Jedi Council.

– Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia

Tremendous Suffering

What happened to the Miraluka, why are they not in the movies? When the Empire arose from the ashes of the Old Republic, the Miraluka suffered tremendously. The Jedi Purge wiped out thousands of Miraluka and forced countless others into hiding. Some Miraluka were inspired to join the Rebel Alliance. A troubled few were pressed into service as pawns and spies for the Empire and either fell to the dark side or destroyed themselves.

– Star Wars Ultimate Alien Anthology

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