Top 10 Sniper Rifles in SWTOR

While only one of the sixteen advanced classes can wield a sniper rifle, there’s still plenty of cool Sniper rifles available for you to choose for your Imperial Agent Sniper. In this video, we’ll be going over the top ten most unique, over-sized, and interesting sniper rifles available in the game. The Sniper rifles come from all over the game – some can only be earned through specific methods, while others are Cartel Market items that you can buy with credits from other players on the GTN, ranging in price from a few hundred thousand credits to in the high millions.

#10 Bowcaster

Assassin’s Touch

Assassin’s Bowcaster

Elite Assassin’s Bowcaster

Precision Bowcaster

#9 Furious Gladiator’s Sniper Rifle

#8 Nahut’s Heavy Sniper Rifle

#7 Reputation Sniper Rifle

Outbreak Response Sniper Rifle

Gray Helix Sniper Rifle

Scout’s Sniper Rifle

#6 Eternal Champion’s Sniper Rifle

#5 Trimantium Sniper Rifle

Alternative, Altuur’s Exquisite Sniper Rifle (Galactic Seasons level 45 or Galactic Seasons vendor)

Alternative, Altuur’s Ornate Sniper Rifle (Galactic Seasons level 5 or Galactic Seasons vendor)

#4 Wooden Sniper Rifle

Custom-built Sniper Rifle

BL-28 Sniper Rifle

V-311 Rotary Sniper

#3 Dark vs Light Sniper Rifles

Dread Harbinger’s Sniper Rifle

Righteous Harbinger’s Sniper Rifle

#2 Classic Sniper Rifle

#1 HUD Snipe Rifle

Max-Tac Precision Sniper Rifle

Tac-HUD Heavy Sniper Rifle

Tarisian Head Hunter Grek