How to Find a Great Guild in SWTOR

A great deal of SWTOR’s content can be played alone, but there are is a lot of content that is just more fun to do with groups of people you are familiar with and can trust – Hardmode Flashpoints, Operations, Dailies, PvP, and just being able to talk in a chat that is full of people with similar interests to you.

Finding a guild is the best way to make friends and find groups to do content with in SWTOR. The trick is finding the right one. A guild can make or break your experience in the game, so choose wisely!

What is a guild?

A guild is a group of players that have chosen to ally with each other in the game. They gain a shared chat, a guild list (similar to a friends list), they can buy a shared guild bank, and can purchase a shared Flagship or Stronghold together. Most guilds host events for their members to participate in.

The best way to find a guild is to actually play with other people, and join up with people you make friends with ingame. This can happen either through groupfinder for operations, flashpoints or pvp, or by attending server-wide events. If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience a good group yet, the next best way is to start searching for guilds that are looking for new members.


Questions you need to ask yourself first…

  • What server would you like to play on? Are you willing to move servers or start fresh if you find a guild that is a good match for you on a different server?
  • Are you partial to a specific Faction? (most guilds only span one faction, and you can not share a guild chat between factions)
  • What activities interest you the most? (PvE Operations, PvP, roleplay, levelling, being social)
  • Would you want to join a guild that focuses on one of those things, or prefer a guild that does a little of everything?
  • Are you looking for a group to play with casually, or a hardcore group with a high skill level and high commitment to being online and ingame?
  • Are you willing to take a risk on a small growing guild, or do you want something already grown and established?
  • Would you be happier in a guild with behavior expectations, or would you rather be in an environment where you and others can speak your mind without restrictions?
  • Would you like to speak with voice communications, or only use chat? (note, if you have not tried voice chat and are shy, it can be very fun after you get comfortable)
  • Do you want to join a guild that is open-invite to anyone who wants to join, or one that screens people first?
  • Do you want a guild that has communication outside of the game (forums, enjin forums, facebook, etc), or do you hate to read and just want to play?
  • What language do you want your guild to speak? (On the North American servers there are Spanish and French guilds!)


The answers to these questions will help you decide if a guild is right for you.

For example, I know that I like a more mature guild with behavior expectations and am willing to censor myself a bit, and in return I won’t have to listen to racist or sexist jokes. That means I also wouldn’t want to be in a guild that lets everyone in. I like to play with an upbeat crowd that I know won’t put me or others down because of skill levels, so a hardcore guild is out of the question too. The activity I have found to be the most fun in a group has been Operations, so that is a must for me and everything else is secondary!

When you are browsing guilds, look for keywords that match up with what you answered above. Is this guild casual, or hardcore? Do they require me to be on at certain times, or can I do my own thing? Are they just 18+, or mature? Do they say they do PvE, PvP, or RP? Do you see proof of them doing those activities? How many players do they say they have? Are they on the faction you want to play? If you can’t find the answers to the things you find important, move on! A great guild will have a clear idea of what it does and doesn’t have, and will have at least one person dedicated to sharing those concepts.


Where to Find a SWTOR Guild – The best place to find a guild in 2019/2020 is on the SWTOR Fan Community Guild Finder. This is a special tool that was created to help organize and combine SWTOR guild listings from all sources including the official forums, reddit, and discord. Volunteers have invite hundreds of guilds to list themselves on the site, and there are currently over 350 guilds listed. You can search by server, faction, activities, language and timezone! – the server forums. This is where the majority of guilds post on most servers. Find your server, click it, then go into the “Guild Recruitment” forums at the top. You can either browse the guilds advertising, or if you are a subscriber you can make a post describing what type of guild you are looking for and others can reply.

General Chat – You can also try looking in General Chat on the fleet, or posting in General Chat with a request for the type of guild you are looking for. Make sure to follow up either on their website or by asking some of the questions above that are most important to you. It’s hard to get a good feel about how active a guild is from a recruitment snippet in chat, don’t just press accept if they invite you right away! I suggest waiting until you get to the fleet before you start asking, that way you  have a better idea if you are going to keep playing the game or not. On the fleet, you will also have a better chance of catching the attention of someone in a guild, versus a starter planet where many people are levelling for the first time.

If you’ve found a guild you like the sound of, you can try speaking to a member live in the game. When you are ingame, type “/who” in the chat box and hit enter. In the search you can now type the name of the guild, the click the search icon. On the top right, click the drop-down and change it to ‘Guild’. If the guild name matches up with the guild you found online, you can whisper that person and ask them questions about your new potential guild. (/who only works for subscribers)

If you meet a player whose company you enjoy, you can right-click on their portrait and choose “Inspect Guild” to see what guild they are in.

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