SWTOR Legacy Guide

Your Legacy in Star Wars: The Old Republic is a system that connects all of your characters on a server together, giving them the ability to share benefits and make progress towards goals together. In this guide we’ll be going over the basics of what your Legacy is in Star Wars: The Old Republic, and how it ties all your characters together and the ways you can take advantage of the Legacy System, whether you’re a new player or a long-time veteran to the game.


If you’re instead looking for a list of all the unlocks in the game and what they cost, visit the Legacy and character Unlocks Guide to see all 185 unlocks and what they do!

Create Your Legacy

You can create your Legacy once any of your characters finish their final quest on their first planet. You may also need to be level 10. To create your legacy once you meet those requirements, go to the main menu at the top, roll over the icon of a person, and choose “Legacy”. The default key to open the Legacy Window is “Y” on your keyboard.

Legacy Name

Your Legacy Name is a name you can choose to represent all your characters on your server. It is kind of like a last name, but if you don’t plan for all your characters to have the same last name, it can also server as a symbol of your characters, or your online nickname.

Legacy Name Examples

  • Star Wars Last Names: Marr, Shan, Tano
  • Symbolic Names: Starbinder, Dawnbringer, Nightstorm
  • Online Nickname: Shadow, Introvertirl, Iloverevan

Your legacy name does not have to be unique, unlike your character name, but it does have to follow quite a few rules.

Legacy Name Rules

If you click the “Create” button, and the window closes but nothing happens, this means you broke one of the hidden rules – it doesn’t always show an error message. You can then close your legacy window, re-open it, and try another name.

If a legacy name is acceptable, when you you click “Create”, a popup shows up asking you to “Your legacy surname will be shared among all characters on this server, although you may choose to not display it. Confirm Legacy name: [name]”

I am unsure what the exact rules are, but I know for sure:

  • Your name does not need to be unique – you can share a legacy name with other people.
  • You can only have 16 characters/letters total.
  • You can not use a space. You can use an apostrophe ‘ or a dash -.
  • You likely can’t name your character after existing Star Wars characters or add titles like Knight or General in your name, as they’re titles you can earn in-game.
  • Your name is displayed in-game with the first letter capitalized and the others lower case.
  • Your legacy name is mostly permanent – you can change it, but it’s quite expensive.
  • Keep in mind your Legacy Name is very visible if you join a guild – so make sure not to pick something you wouldn’t want others to see.
  • Here’s some other potential rules you might be running in to.

Display Legacy Name

To show your Legacy name, click the tiny icon of a medal in the top left on your Character Sheet in the Gear tab. Then check the “Display Legacy Surname” box. If you do not check this, other players will only see your character name, not your Legacy name, over your character’s head.

Legacy Titles

You can also earn Legacy Titles, which once earned, can be used on any of your characters in your legacy, and can be seen by other players. Legacy Title Guide 

Some fun legacy titles include: Incredible Smell Discoverer, Perfect Gold Bisector, The Living Legend, Meatbag, Galactic Chef, and The Unlucky.

Legacy Panel

Your Legacy Panel is an area in-game that shows many of your legacy-wide unlocks and accomplishments. You can use the menu on the left of the legacy panel to explore your legacy.

Your Legacy is shared by all your characters on your server. It is not shared with any characters you have on other servers, who will have their own, separate, legacy.

Legacy Level

Once you’ve create a Legacy, you can start earning Legacy Points and Legacy Levels. You can see your current Legacy Level at the top of the Legacy Panel, near your Legacy name. Some unlocks and rewards are only available for players who have reached a certain legacy level, and the max is Legacy Level 50.

You earn Legacy Levels by gaining Legacy XP. Whenever you earn normal XP in the game, you also gain some Legacy XP automatically. You can see your Legacy XP at the bottom of your screen, it’s the tiny purple bar at the very bottom. The more XP you get from a normal quest or activity, the more Legacy XP you get. In general, doing higher level activities will get you more Legacy XP.

Family Tree

Your Legacy Panel also has a fun but very outdated Family Tree you can play with. It has no importance to the mechanics of the game, but many players enjoy connecting their characters together in the family tree.

You can click and drag a character from the right onto the Family Tree to start. Then you can click and drag a second character over the first, which will prompt you to drag that second character over the “connection” your characters have – Spouse, Rival, Ally, Adopted Child, Child and Sibling. If you need to remove a character or start over, right-click their portrait to remove them. These connections have no practical meaning or use in the game apart from your enjoyment.

Legacy Unlocks

“Unlocks” are various things you can get for your characters. There’s a whole bunch of different types of unlocks in the game, from convenience-based unlocks to unlocking cosmetics across your account. These unlocks are spread out across the game, but many are located in the Legacy panel. Some unlocks are for your character, some are for all your characters legacy-wide, and others are for your entire account on all servers.

Character Unlocks

Characters Perks are unlocks that are available per-character – you pay credits to unlock them for each of your characters individually, rather than once for all of your characters in your legacy. Sometimes these are accidentally called legacy unlocks, because they are located in the legacy panel. Each Character Perk has a different requirement – some require a certain character level, some require a certain Legacy Level, and others have slightly more obscure requirements. As you get the ability to unlock them, you can choose which ones you think are worth paying credits to unlock.

Character Unlocks List

Legacy-Wide Unlocks

The “Other” tab under “Global Unlocks” has some of the most useful legacy-wide unlocks in the game.

Global Unlocks are legacy-wide – when you unlock them, them become available across all your current and future characters on your server. There’s multiple sub-category pages you can look through here, but when players refer to “legacy unlocks”, they usually mean the “Other” tab under Global Unlocks.

Legacy Unlocks List


Datacrons are hidden objects in Star Wars: The Old Republic that you can find to earn a permanent boost for your characters. Datacrons are hidden across almost every planet, are available to free-to-play, preferred and subscribed players, and are some of my favorite secrets to hunt down in the entire game. Datacrons are legacy-wide, so once you find one, you do not need to find it again. Datacrons Guide


Reputation is a way of gaining favor with factions across the galaxy. You gain reputation by doing quests that help the faction you want to gain favor with, and in return you get exclusive mounts, armor, titles, pets and achievements.

Reputation is shared across your legacy, so any progress you make on one character will contribute to your entire legacy’ standing with that faction, and any rewards you unlock will become available for your other characters as long as they meet the requirements to use them. Reputation Guide


Achievements are a way of tracking your accomplishments in the game. Some achievements are fun or are part of secret quests, while others are less interesting and are meant for players to hunt down who have been playing the game for a long time and are looking for more obscure things to play or chase down in the game, and many achievements you’ll just earn naturally and will pop up as you play. Some achievements have rewards, but most do not. When you complete an achievement, you get Achievement points, a number that showcases how many achievements you’ve tracked down.

Legacy Bank

Your Legacy Bank is the most convenient way to share items and credits between your characters. The legacy bank feature is even available to free-to-play and preferred players.

To get a legacy bank, you must complete the stronghold quest on the fleet at level 15 or higher, and you’ll receive a free legacy bank to put in your stronghold – your own personal house that you can visit and decorate. To start the stronghold introduction quest, head to the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet and look for a blue holographic quest giver. A starter stronghold only costs 5,000 credits to unlock. Once you get your first legacy bank for your stronghold you’ll be able to use the legacy banks on the Fleet as well.


Your legacy bank can only store and share certain types of items – you can not place any items that are bound to your character in your legacy bank, for example most armors you have equipped or picked up off the ground. Popular items to store in your legacy bank include legacy-bound items, boosts, cosmetic armors and max-level armors, companion gifts, and any unbound Cartel Market items you might have. Players also often use the legacy bank to swap unbound items and armors between their characters for convenience.


If you roll over an item in your inventory, and it says “Bound” on it, you will not be able to place it in your legacy bank, and you’ll have to put it into your green Personal Cargo instead, hoard it in your inventory, or sell it to a vendor instead. If an item has a timer on it in red text, it won’t be able to go in the legacy bank while the timer is running.


You can also deposit credits into your legacy bank, which is an easy way for you to transfer credits between your characters.

If you’re free-to-play and are getting close to that 1 million credit limit, you can dump credits into your legacy bank to save them from going into escrow. Just keep in mind you can still only withdraw up to a million at a time.

Crafting Materials

Your crafting materials can also easily be shared between your characters. When you pick up crafting materials from gathering, crew skill missions, or the GTN, your crafting materials will be automatically deposited in to your Materials Inventory. Your Materials Inventory is shared by all your characters in your legacy, and you can open it by clicking the icon of a blue diamond at the top of your inventory. You can search for specific materials, and if you have any of those, they’ll show up, or you can browse by category.

When you craft, materials will automatically be pulled from your Materials Inventory, so you never have to take them out to craft.

To remove items from your shared Materials Inventory and move them to your character’s inventory, for example if you want to sell them, you can right-click the item you want to withdraw. If you only want to take out a few, right-click to get the whole stack to put it in your inventory, then in your inventory shift+right-click the pile to split it up, and you can left-click-drag to put the leftovers back in your shared Materials Inventory.

You can adjust which crafting materials get deposited by right-clicking the icon of a square surrounding a diamond at the top of your inventory. Left-clicking this same item will quickly deposit any materials you happen to have in to your Materials Inventory.


Many currencies you can earn in the game are also shared across your legacy. To see your currencies, go to the Currency tab at the top of your inventory. When you roll over your currencies, if it says “Binds to Legacy” this means any of this currency you earn on any of your characters will pool together in the currencies tab, and can also be spent on any of your characters. The few currencies that are “Binds on Pickup”, are bound to your specific character you earned them on.


Strongholds are SWTOR’s version of player housing – you can buy a house, and then decorate it the way you’d like with decorations found all over the game. Strongholds are legacy-wide, and any you unlock will be available to all your characters in your legacy. In addition, when you decorate a stronghold, your decorations will be there for all of your characters to enjoy. Strongholds Guide

Legacy-bound Armor

Legacy-bound armor is any armor that can be shared by any characters in your legacy. Some armors are cosmetic and don’t have any stats attached to them, while others have stats and are meant to be shared between your max-level characters. Players often collect legacy-bound armors so they can share them between characters, create outfits with them, or to spend less time creating multiple armor sets for each of their max-level characters. View All Legacy Armors


Conquests are a way of completing rotating weekly objectives in Star Wars: The Old Republic to earn some great rewards by playing different parts of the game. You gain points by completing certain tasks like flashpoints or warzones, which change each week. Conquest is also a way for guilds to compete against each other and work together as a group – there are additional rewards you can earn if your guild also meets their guild goals. Conquest objectives are shared between all characters in your legacy, so you can work on them with multiple characters, though completing them and earning points from them are per-character. Conquest Guide

SWTOR Conquest Guide

Galactic Seasons

Galactic Seasons allows you to complete daily and weekly objectives to earn rewards over the course of five months. In addition, you will gain tokens which you can spend at a vendor to buy previously-retired items and access to a new stronghold. Unlike Conquest, you can work on Galactic Seasons with any of your characters and they will all contribute to your progress, so it doesn’t matter which character you complete the objectives on. Many of the rewards are legacy-bound. Galactic Seasons Guide

SWTOR Galactic Seasons Guide and Rewards – Season 5, 2023

PvP Seasons

PvP Seasons, much like Galactic Seasons, also allow you to complete weeklies in Player-vs-Player content to earn rewards, over the course of three months. You can also work on PvP Seasons objectives and the reward track points on any of your characters, as they’ll all contribute towards your progress in PvP Seasons. PvP Seasons Guide

SWTOR PvP Seasons 4 Guide and Rewards


Collections are technically account-wide, but many players use them as part of their legacy.

The Collections system is a way of unlocking Cartel Market items across your entire account, for all your characters on every server. Almost any Cartel Market armor set, mount, emote, color crystal, weapon, pet, toy, title, cartel companion or flair can be unlocked through collections, as well as a few earnable items. Many players will buy or earn a piece of armor, unlock it in collections, and then use it for multiple characters in their legacy – or even characters on other servers. Collections Guide

SWTOR Collections Guide