SWTOR Voidstar Warzone PvP Guide

Voidstar is a player-vs-player Warzone in Star Wars The Old Republic. In this guide we’ll be going over how to gain points in this type of PvP map, how the bombs, bridges and doors work, and how to attack and defend in this type of match.


The Voidstar map is very linear – you don’t need to memorize it in any way, just know that there is two doors or paths on each side of the map. Being aware of what is happening on both sides is a key to strategizing for this type of warzone match. You’ll load in on either the Attacker or Defender team.

Advanced Map:

Attacker / Defender

When you start the match, you’ll be in a waiting area. Which waiting area depends on what team you are on – the attacking team or defending team. You can see which team you are on by looking at the scoreboard on the top right. You’ll also see a timer there that shows how long until the match starts, and once it starts, how long there is left in the round.

When the first round timer ends, you’ll switch sides, and play as the opposite team – so if you were defending the first round, you’ll attack on the second round.

Doors / Sides

The Voidstar map has two paths the attacking team can take, and two doors for the defending team to defend. Whether you are attacking or defending, it is important to know “which” door you are on.

  • West/White Door: This door has a “white” rectangular light above the door, is on the West side of the warzone, is on the Left side on the map/minimap, and in the warzone map attached to the warzone timer (not the semi-transparent overlay map) is highlighted in in white once the match starts. To the attacking team, the West/White door is on the left as they run out. To the defending team, the West/White door is on the right of the tiny room they run out of.
  • East/Blue Door: This door has a “blue” rectangular light above the door, is on the East side of the warzone, is on the Right side on the map/minimap, and in the warzone map attached to the warzone timer (not the semi-transparent overlay map) is highlighted in in blue once the match starts. To the attacking team, the East/Blue door is on the right as they run out. To the defending team, the East/Blue door is on the left of the tiny room they run out of.


If you are on the attacking team, you’ll load in to a large platform waiting area.

If you are on the Attacker team, when the match starts, you will want to jump down and run forwards towards the doors.


If you are on the defending team, you’ll load in to a very small waiting area. When the match starts, you will want to jump down, and choose to go either left or right and defend one of the two doors, and hopefully some of your other team mates will go defend the other door too.


In the Voidstar player versus player match type, there’s really only one objective: if your team is attacking, plant a bomb on at least one of the two matching doors and push forward to the end of the map, and if you’re defending, stop the other team from planting bombs and moving forward.

Attacking – Planting a Bomb

If your team is attacking, your goal is to plant a bomb on one of the doors to open them, and then push forwards with your team.

To plant a bomb and open a door, you need to stand very close (4m) to it, and right-click the red glowing hexagon on the door. You need to stay still there for 6 seconds without moving, using any abilities, or being attacked by an enemy, to successfully plant the bomb. As you or your teammates try and plant the bomb, the other team will try and stop you by attacking the person channeling and planting the bomb on the door – so you will need to either distract them, stun them, or kill them so that the channel can complete its full 6 seconds.

Because there are two potential doors you can plant a bomb on, one on either side, paying attention to how many enemies and allies are on each side can help you decide which side to try and plant a bomb on, or which side to attack. Sometimes while playing you can even get lucky and plant a bomb right under a bunch of enemy’s noses if  they aren’t paying attention to the doors!

If a team mate is planting, you can’t actually help them plant it faster, so don’t join them in planting the bomb – instead try and protect them and stop the enemy team from interrupting them. This could mean stunning, pushing or pulling enemies away, or if there’s no one nearby, using area attacks to try and sleuth any sneaky stealth players nearby.

Once a bomb has been planted, the other team will try to defuse it. To stop them defusing it, attack anyone near the door who has a cast bar / channel bar above their head.

Defending – Defending a Door

If you are on the Defending team, your goal is to stop the other team from planting bombs on both of the doors, so you need to defend and watch over both of them.

To defend a door, you just need to interrupt anyone who is trying to right-click and channel the door. If someone is trying to plant  bomb on a door, they will be very close to the green hexagon on the door, and they will have a cast bar over their head.  To stop them, you can attack them, stun them, push them, or interrupt them in any other way. Even if you stop someone, they will probably keep trying, so make sure to keep your eye on the door even after an unsuccessful attempt. You always want to stay within attacking range of the door itself when defending, so you are never too far away to interrupt the enemy.

The other part of defending a door is simply killing enemy team members who are trying to blow it up – they can’t blow it up it if they’re dead.

To find out if the other door needs help, try and keep your eyes on it, so you can see any red names that are over there. Both doors are close together, so you can even quickly run over and make sure the other door is safe every once in a while. You will also want to watch chat – the player defending the quieter door will often call out that they need help, and if you see anything that looks like an acronym, number or request, head over quick and help stop the enemies there from getting the other door!

Defending – Guarding a Door

During a match, at least one player should always stay behind to guard the quieter door – neither door should ever be left alone unguarded.

This player is often someone who is familiar with how to guard the door, and keep it safe long enough for reinforcements to arrive. There are lots of different tips and tricks to guarding the doors, but they all depend on what class you are playing. For example, stealth characters can use their crowd control to put enemies to sleep without ever revealing themselves, and non-stealth characters sometimes have abilities they can use to interrupt the enemy even if they are stunned.

The hardest part of defending a door is dealing with enemies in stealth – an unprepared player can get double stunned with no way to stop the enemy from planting a bomb if they aren’t familiar with their class and their abilities.

If you do wind up defending a door by yourself, and aren’t ready yet, you can ask in chat if anyone else can guard the door because you are new, and another player will likely come take your place, allowing you to run off.

One of the most important parts of guarding the door is to call out in chat if you see any enemies running towards your door, if you get stunned by a stealther, or get any hint that there is an enemy nearby. That way, your team knows to come back you up. All you can do is try and hold the door long enough for your team mates to hopefully show up!

Defending – Defusing a Bomb

If the enemy does manage to plant a bomb, you have 15 seconds to try and defuse it. It’s pretty uncommon to successfully defuse a bomb, but you can try! Defusing a bomb works just like planting one – your team needs to be very close to the door and right-click the door with a bomb on it, and channel uninterrupted for only 3 seconds. Much like planting a bomb, only one person can defuse… so if your teammate is defusing, protect them by stunning, pushing, or pulling the other team away from the door being defused. Or, because the defuse time is so short, you can try defusing as well and hope yours successfully works!


Once a door has exploded, it will open a passageway through that both teams will try and rush through to get to the next room. This hallway is a fun chokepoint where you can slow the other team down and attack as you run forward.

On the other side of the exploded door will be a hallway, and at the end a forcefield against a chasm in the floor. There will be a terminal on each side of this small ledge room, and the attacking team will be trying to activate the bridge so they can get across.

To activate the bridge as the attacking team, you need to right-click either one of the blue terminals, and channel it without being interrupted for 6 seconds, just like planting a bomb on the doors. If your team is having trouble clicking them and mnoving forward, focus on killing the enemy – when they die here, they will respawn on the other side of the bridge, alowwing you to eventually kill them all and click the blue buttons.

Once your team successfully opens one of the bridges, you can cross and attempt to plant bombs on the next set of doors.

If you are defending, you will need to keep the attacking team from activating the bridges with the blue terminals. Just like the bombs on the doors, you can attack them, stun them, or interrupt them in any other way to delay them from activating the bridge. The difference is that when you die, as the defending team, you will be transported to the other side of the chasm… so you’ll just be preparing to stop the attacking team from planting bombs on the new set of doors once they cross. This room is exactly the same as the first, except there’s no fence dividing the two doors.

The bridge can be a lot of fun to push people off of. If you’re crossing and there’s enemies nearby on the bridge, you’ll probably get pushed off if you don’t use any abilities that prevent being pushed!


If the attacking team manages to plant a bomb and go through the second set of doors, both teams will push through into the final room.

The final room is protected by another forcefield – this time though, there are three potential blue terminals the attacking team can right-click to open the force field, so the defending team will want to keep their eyes on all three and prevent them for as long as possible.

Once the forcefield is open, there are two doors the attacking team can plant a bomb on – there is no fence between them, but they are in an L shape, so you can only easily see one at a time if you’re close to one, so don’t forget about the second door if you’re defending!

Once the third and final set of doors have been opened, the attackers will push through the final hallway to the datacore… defenders can still kill them or slow them down until one member of the attacking team right-clicks the datacore.


There are no “points” in Voidstar.

Each team gets a chance to be the Attacker and Defender – you flip sides when the first round ends.

Each round ends after either 7 minutes and 30 seconds, or when a member of the attacking team reaches the datacore.

The winner is determined either by which team reaches the datacore faster, or if no one reaches the datacore, by which team got farther through the map in 7 minutes and 30 seconds. So if the first attacking team gets to the datacore in 8 minutes, your team will need to beat them to the datacore in less than 8 minutes, or you’ll lose. If the first attacking team gets past the second door in 7 minutes and 30 seconds minutes, but not further, your team just has to extend the bridge faster than that. The match will automatically end early if your team doesn’t manage to beat the first team’s progress on time in the second round. Both the blue terminals and the doors count as checkpoints for winning.

Getting Around

There’s no real tricks to getting around in the Voidstar warzone, apart form being aware of where all the doors and blue terminals are.

There is a fence between the the first two doors, so you will need to find a gap in the fence to run between the two doors.

There is technically a way to jump across the gap where the two bridges are, but it’s very tricky and dependent on the match, and often winds up with your character stuck at the bottom of the Voidstar map, so I do not recommend trying it during a match.


There are four types of buffs hidden around the Voidstar warzone.

Health (aqua colored, above) – Walk over it to heal 75% of your health. These are located on the far left and right near the doors and bridges.

Damage Boost (red, above) – 15% bonus to damage and healing, while fighting other players for 25 seconds.

Speed Boost (green, above) – Run at 200% speed for 15 seconds.

More Info

  • This warzone has it waiting time at the beginning, a round that lasts 7:30 minutes or until the attackers reach the data core, and then a 30 seconds waiting period, and then a second and final round that lasts 7:30 minutes or until the new attackers beat the first attacker’s time. This means the match could last a maximum of around 15 minutes and 30 second plus the starting time, or as short as just a few minutes!
  • Would using a DOT (damage-over-time) ability on someone stop them from planting the bomb? If you apply it after they start clicking the door AND it has front-loaded damage, yes, a DOT attack is fine. But if you applied the DOT before they started clicking, and it’s ticking on them, the additional damage will not interrupt them from planting. You would need to use an additional attack while they are clicking to stop them. If your DOT does not have damage right away, but is only ticks of damage, it will not work. Check your tooltip to see if there’s front-loaded damage or not.
  • Do time-delay attacks like Sticky Dart stop someone  from planting the bomb? If you throw a sticky dart at someone, and then they start capturing, the explosion a few seconds later would stop them, but it won’t “stop” them until it explodes. It’s not recommended to use time-delay abilities on someone capping as your time-delay may be longer than their time to plant the bomb.
  • Can you use your actual “Interrupt” ability to stop someone from planting the bomb? Yes, but it’s not recommended. This is because if the person has interrupt-immunity, a normal attack will still work, but your interrupt ability won’t.
  • What if the person trying to plant the bomb has damage-immunity? They may take no damage when you attack them, but an attack will still interrupt them from capturing.
  • Of all the warzones, I think Voidstar is the one players struggle to remember which side they are on the most, because both sides look very, very similar, and the only visual difference (the light above the door) is hard to see if you are close to the door. Players often call out left/right but that can mean different things to different players, so it’s best to at least use East/West or Blue/White which or consistent. Blue/White is not known as a difference by every player, and many people in general struggle with the difference between East and West, which gets even harder because you swap sides in this warzone.
  • The Voidstar map is the most unique map – none of the other maps or objectives are the same in any other match type.
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