SWTOR Planet Maps

Are you the kind of player who enjoys finding every quest and secret in the game? Are you looking for a map that covers all the areas of the planets in SWTOR? This SWTOR Secret Maps guide includes interactive maps for every planet in the game, and shows you how to get to all their hidden secrets while you are playing.

Click on the filters within the maps to show only certain types of secrets, and click the icons to learn more about individual secrets.


The information, plot points and screenshots for these interactive maps were almost all created by player Zahk, who has been dutifully trekking across the galaxy from planet-to-planet for almost a year now, in addition to giving feedback and support while Swtorista was testing the coding, data setup and guide pages. His dedication to this long-term projects is legendary.

Lore Object Guides & Maps

Loremaster Achievement Guide

Beastmaster Achievement Guides & Maps

Beastmaster Achievement Guide

Champion Achievement Guides & Maps

Champion Achievement Guide

Neutral Champion Achievements

Republic Champion Achievements

Imperial Champion Achievements

About the Interactive Maps

These interactive SWTOR planet maps are an incredible labor of love, built on the idea that there are players out there who really enjoy exploring everything that the game has to share, from the lore discovered through codex entries to the sense of world-building you can find when trekking through the planets’ forests, deserts, and underworlds.

It started with an idea of making maps to show off the secrets in the game, and soon expanded into fifty-eight guides, so players could more easily find the information about over 109 Beastmaster achievements, 219 named champions, and 143 hidden lore objects, along with the closest taxis, quick travel points, or heroic shuttles to get to them.

The 265 exploration quests marked on the map are hand-checked from player Exarch’s quest list. This project was started in March 2023, and was finally completed in December 2023, so it was worked on fairly continuously for ten months and has somewhere around 530 screenshots!

The map images are from in-game, but the tool that allows you to zoom in and out and click map points is a website plugin, with over 800 lines of customized code, so you can do things like filter by category, resize the list on the left, and have the icons get bigger and fade out as you zoom in. Each of the 58 guides also has special code to show a unique map with just that planet’s achievements on it, which means there are actually 75 interactive maps across the site.

We started with a spreadsheet of the achievements we knew of and imported the data with automation, and then Zahk started to hand-plot them on the map background, going to each location to take a screenshot, confirm its existence and availability, and write out some text directions on how to get there, for players who struggle to follow map lines.

What do these maps include?

They include:

  • Datacrons
  • Lore Objects
  • Beastmaster Achievement Locations
  • Champion Achievements Locations
  • Specialty Vendors / Special Vendors
  • World Boss
  • Exploration Quests
  • Taxis
  • Quicktravels
  • Heroic Shuttle drop-off points
  • Secrets
  • Seeker Droid treasure digging locations

I’m hoping to add these in the future but they are not currently tracked:

  • Scenic locations for screenshots
  • Blue Chests
  • Terrain Glitch areas to explore
  • Macrobinoculars Droid scan locations

Expansion Maps

These are unfinished and may come in the future, for example Kessan’s Landing or Section X.