SWTOR Tatooine Interactive Exploration Map

Tatooine Map

Are you the kind of player who enjoys finding every quest and secret in the game? This interactive map of Tatooine has every point of interest marked so you can find your way around more easily in Star Wars: The Old Republic. This includes Tatooine exploration quests, datacrons, lore objects, champions, beastmaster creatures, and the world boss!


Tatooine Datacrons Guide

The biggest secret to find on each planet are Datacrons – a hidden object that gives all your characters a permanent stat boost.

Lore Objects

There are hidden lore objects across the galaxy, and finding the ones on Tatooine will unlock codex entries that allow you to read deeper into the lore of the planet. Collecting all the lore objects will let you earn the Loremaster title.

Tatooine Lore Objects Guide


Each planet has a list of special creatures you can look for to unlock codex entries, and once you’ve found them all, you’ll earn the Beastmaster achievement and title.

Tatooine Beastmaster Guide


Almost every planet, Tatooine included, has a list of unique-named enemies, and once you’ve found them all, you’ll earn a special champion achievement for that planet.

Tatooine Champions Guide

Specialty Vendors

Each base planet has a specialty armor vendor that sells cosmetic looks you can buy with credits. Here’s the looks that Tatooine has.

Tatooine Specialty Armors

World Boss

Tatooine’s world boss is a large, powerful enemy meant to be fought with a large group, and is located in an out of the way place.

Tatooine World Boss

Exploration Quests

Tatooine Quest List

Tatooine has a variety of exploratory quests. Some you can pick up right away, while others require that you finish other quests first. View the Tatooine quest list for more info about each quest! This map only shows Exploration Quests, which you might otherwise miss along the way – it does not show your Class Quest, Planetary Quest, or any Heroics the planet has.


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Every planet has multiple ways to get around besides on foot or speeder – you can take the taxi points and fly around, the quick travel point which are an instant teleport, or the heroic shuttles / transports which are granted when you pick up heroic quests for the planet.

 Taxis are unlocked by default, you just need to find one taxi point and you can then ride to any of them on Tatooine.

Quick travel points are unlocked once you have walked near the quick travel point at least once. You can find your quick travel by pressing ‘p’ on your keyboard and going to the ‘General’ tab. You’ll need to explore Tatooine to unlock all of the quick travel points for future use on the planet.

  Heroic shuttles / transports are a unique way to travel that is offered to you if you pick up heroic quests, usually near the spaceport. They teleport you to directly outside where the heroic quest would start. You need to be the correct level to pick up Tatooine’s heroic quests to travel this way. Heroic quests can be shared with a friend.

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