Top 10 Sith Warrior Armors

An unstoppable force of darkness, the Sith Warrior is entrusted with the task of destroying the Empire’s enemies and enforcing Sith fashion  lines across the galaxy. The Warrior channels the destructive emotions of fear, anger, and hatred to purge weakness from body and mind and become a being of pure, brutal style.

A majority of these armors are not restricted to the Sith Warrior, and players can use the Outfit Designer to retain the stats of their chosen gear while using the look of any of the armors below.

#10 Dark Honor Guard

  • Imperial guard armor
  • As seen on Korriban and Dromund Kaas

Dark Praetorian

  • Tier 2 crates
  • Find on the GTN, not too expensive, just depends how many players who got them in crates put them up for sale

Marauder’s Elite

  • Synthweaving schematic from GTN
  • Only wearable by Imperial Agent and Sith Warriors at level 43 or higher
  • Doesn’t have the shoulder pads but dyes well

Resilient Polyplast

  • Synthweaving schematic
  • Worn by level 50 or higher

Nanosilk Force Expert’s

  • Synthweaving scheamtic from synthweaving trainer
  • Synthweaving level 370
  • Worn at level 46 or higher
  • Changes appearance when switch to Republic side

#9 Thana Vesh

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Thana Vesh's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Character with a high ego and a terrifying strength in the force
  • And you encounter her all throughout Imperial taris
  • Cartel market armor

#8 Darth Malora

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Resilient Warden Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN

Darth Malora sits on the Dark Council of the Sith Empire, where she oversees the sphere of Scientific Advancement. Initially held back from opportunities by her first master, Lord Renning, Malora eventually managed to escape his “mentorship” and make a name for herself through her mastery of a combination of Sith alchemy and genetic engineering.

Resilient Warden’s

  • Black and Deep Red Dye Module

#7 Sith Recluse

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Sith Recluse Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Really nice looking matte armor
  • Animated! when you draw your weapon a droid pops out
  • Cartel market armor

#6 Iokath Annihilator


  • Iokath Reputation on the Imperial side
  • 770 Iokath Power Shards and 770,000 credits
  • Imperial Forces on Iokath
  • Annihilator’s Clasp – Outsider – 60 Iokath Power Shards + 60,000 credits
    Annihilator’s Bracers – Outsider – 60 Iokath Power Shards + 60,000 credits
    Annihilator’s Greaves – Outsider – 100 Iokath Power Shards + 100,000 credits
    Annihilator’s Gauntlet – Friend – 100 Iokath Power Shards + 100,000 credits
    Annihilator’s Trousers – Friend – 150 Iokath Power Shards + 150,000 credits
    Annihilator’s Chestplate – Hero – 150 Iokath Power Shards + 150,000 credits
    Annihilator’s Visage – Hero – 150 Iokath Power Shards + 150,000 credits

Unrelenting Terror

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Unrelenting Terror's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Unrelenting Terror
  • Cartel market armor
  • Really nice glossy texture

#5 Darth Malgus

Darth Malgus is a key player in the Imperial storylines, and both factions face him after their class story on the planet of Ilum.

Juggernaut’s Renowned

  • costs 750 thousand credits
  • Legacy level 10
  • Restricted to the sith warrior – it’s heavy armor, but if you are on a sith marauder you can still equip it via the outfit designer


These sets are craftable.

Darth Malgus

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Darth Malgus's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Cartel Market item
  • Gtn

#4 Tulak Hord

Tulak Hord was Dark Lord of the Sith that ruled during the early Sith Empire, but started off as a student of the dark side. Rising through the ranks, he was feared by his rivals, having mastered the art of lightsaber combat and manipulation of the Force. Tulak Hord was known as the Lord of Hate, Master of the Gathering Darkness, and finally, Dark Lord of the Sith, Lord Hord went undefeated, slaying all who dared to challenge his might. He was a renowned duelist, remarkable even for his time, when many true lightsaber masters lived, and was extremely talented in both laying single-handed seige and in the telekinetic powers of the Force.

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Tulak Hord's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Cartel market item
  • Check GTN

#3 Darth Atroxa

Darth Atroxa is the red Twi’lek seen in the Knights of the Fallen Empire trailer on Korriban.

Fallen Defender’s

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Fallen Defender's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Cartel market armor
  • King of funny, has a hood when it doesn’t in the trailer

Lashaa Aegis

  • Craftable by all synthweavers at synthweaving 110
  • Wearable level 16 or higher
  • Switches appearance when sent republic side


  • Red version
  • Synthweaving schematic, find on GTN
  • Worn at level 19 or higher, but only by Sith warriors and Bounty hunters

#2 Charged Hypercloth Aegis Vestments

  • Old War Hero PvP armor
  • Easily craftable by synthweavers and synthweaving level 520
  • Can be worn by any class at level 61 or higher
  • Switches appearance when sent to Republic side

Sith Annihilator

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Sith Annihilator Armor Set Bought from the Adaptive Vendor
  • Adaptive Vendor
  • Super inexpensive, only 2,500 credits per piece
  • Can be worn Republic side! Buy it imperial side and send it over

#1 Darth Marr

Darth Marr is a fan favorite and a member of the Dark Council.

Battlemaster Weaponmaster / Battlemaster War Leader

  • Very old pvp gear, only those who got the schematic back in the day
  • Requires valor rank 60
  • Might be a medium armor jedi side
  • I can craft it but can’t wear it!


 Armor Set  Armor Set
Reaver's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Cartel market / GTN
  • Pop a dye in! The best I found was the Black and Deep Red dye module which is crafted by Artificers, so not very expensive on the GTN

Imperial Bastion’s

 Armor Set  Armor Set
Imperial Bastion's Armor Set Cartel Market / GTN
  • Not the same as Marr’s, but pretty cool
  • Reminds me of a combination of Darth Marr’s suit and Darth Acina’s
  • Cartel Market / GTN

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