SWTOR Oricon Reputation and Daily Area Guide

The Oricon Dailies are a set of Missions on Oricon you can repeat to earn Reputation and Rewards. The planet of Oricon is the third daily area to come with a reputation (after Section X and CZ-198) and the first to attach a full Operation to it’s storyline – so read on for tips!

Thank you player Zahk for all your help on this guide to make it easier for other players to find the quest objectives!


How to Start

Story Requirements: If you would like to do the Oricon Dailies at the correct point in the story, you would start them after completing Rise of the Hutt Cartel. To be extra specific, Oricon was patch 2.4, so you would do it after the Patch 2.3 CZ-198 Flashpoint Storylines on the main story path. The CZ Story is a very short intro to two flashpoints that don’t have solo modes and they aren’t super plot-relevant to what happens on Oricon, so you can safely do Oricon right after completing Hutt Cartel expansion and it won’t feel too chronologically messy.

How to Start in the Story: You get the mission from your ship’s mission terminal; Day of Dread for Republic and Path to Madness for Imperials. Alternatively, you can head straight to Oricon and the priority mission has a breadcrumb at the daily terminal.

Early on Other Characters: You can run Oricon even if you are not caught up on the story, as long as you are level 55+. The planet’s level cap is 56.

How to Get There: You can head to Oricon via either travelling directly in your ship, or by Accepting the Daily Area: Oricon weekly mission from the Solo Tab of the activities finder (icon of ‘three little people’ on your utility bar by default). Note that the Daily Area teleport method will leave you by the Dread Operation entrances, not the daily camp. If you’ve been doing the Intro Missions to Oricon’s story you can use the speeder to move between the two – but not if the character hasn’t completed that before.

Mission Board: The weekly terminal should be found via the repeatable mission indicator on your map from the base you land in. All of the missions save one will be on the missions board – this last one is an [AREA] mission awarded as soon as you physically walk away from the base and get going.


Reputation is a way of gaining favor with different groups by completing missions for them. As you level up your reputation rank, more rewards for that reputation track become available. Reputation is shared by all your characters on your server, so it’s legacy-wide.

By using multiple characters, you won’t be limited to how many Oricon heroics you run, but you will still be gated by how many reputation points you can earn – you can only earn a hard limit of 12,000 reputation points per week.

There is one Oricon track simply renamed for each faction – Strike Team Oricon for Republic and The Dread Executioners for Imperials. Progress gained on Republic Side won’t need to be redone on Imperial side.


As you run Oricon Dailies, you’ll rank up your reputation, and each rank unlocks new rewards from the Imperial or Republic Reputation vendor in their respective hubs.

  • None – 0 Reputation
  • Outsider – 0/2,500 Reputation (2,500 total points needed)
  • Newcomer – 0/5,000 Reputation (7,500 total points needed)
  • Friend – 0/7,500 Reputation (15,000 total points needed)
  • Hero – 0/10,000  Reputation (25,000 total points needed)
  • Champion – 0/15,000 Reputation (40,000 total points needed)
  • Legend – 0/30,000 Reputation (70,000 total points needed)


Each type of token from Oricon gives you a different amount of Reputation, and it also changes based on what various boosts you have and whether you are subscribed or not:

  • Oricon Atmospheric Data: 270 Reputation (as a subscriber)
  • Corrupted Biosample: 630 Reputation (as a subscriber)
  • Dread Guard Cranial Scan: 1440 Reputation (as a subscriber)

Other Rewards

Depending on your level when completing an Oricon mission, there are also some additional rewards tied to some; exactly what per mission is on a table down below!

  • Conquest Commendations (at max-level, [DAILY] missions give 3 each, [WEEKLY] gives 50):  Conquest Commendations will be awarded for most Planetary Repeatables. It’s used to upgrade virtually every track of gear upgrade, in varying amounts.
  • Tech Fragments (at max-level, [DAILY] missions give 30 each): Tech Fragments are an endgame currency used to buy Legendary Implants, Tacticals, materials for the best Augments in the game, and some older/cosmetic armors.
  • Conquest Gear Piece: at max-level, the Weekly mission will award a Conquest Gear Box in addition. These have a minimum item level of 324, and are green quality.

Earning Reputation

  • The Weekly “Daily Area” mission asks you to complete all 5 dailies and the Heroic and gives you the purple reputation token.
  • The Heroic 2+ will give the Blue Token.
  • Each individual daily gives you a green reputation item.


Need more information about the Oricon daily missions? Scroll down!

[HEROIC 2+] Preemptive Strike

Defeat Dread Host Commanders: 0/2
Sabotage Dread Host Transports: 0/4


  • This Heroic takes place within the Launch Staging heroic area just west of the Dread Fortress Bridge quicktravel.
  • This heroic area is densely populated with a ton of enemies with packs of Silvers, Golds, and for your heroic objective, a few patrolling Champion-level enemies capable of stunning you for awhile. A healing companion is likely best.
  • The Commanders you need to defeat will have “Dread Host Commander” as a title underneath their unique name. Typically one will spawn per unique room, as well as a few that patrol the connecting hallways. The main walkway between the north and south halves (the main path to the Dread Fortress) also contains a few commanders, typically.
  • Stealth can be great for soloing this as quite a few commanders like Sorna Taros are either completely alone or patrol to a good ambush location.
  • After the Commanders, four ships will need to be sabotaged by interacting with the open panel glowing on the top. These ships are all over the main rooms of the heroic area, and some can even be jumped to from the previous one to avoid fighting more enemies. In the picture above is an example hatch to sabotage, and a commander in the background.
  • A hidden bonus mission is located in this Heroic Area, titled Pre-Empted Signals. To start it, look for an interactable “Coded Transmitter” terminal under a large radar dish.

[AREA] Oricon Decimation

Defeat Dread Forces on Oricon: 0/50


  • This mission takes places across the entirety of Oricon’s open world and is acquired by simply walking out of your base camp and entering areas with hostile forces.
  • Considering each daily has plenty of enemies you should not have to go out of your way to complete this one, but if you are, the immediate jumble of pathways east of both factions camps is pretty good, as most enemies are big groups of 4 or 5 with nothing stronger than a silver-level enemy among them.
  • There’s no bonus objective tied to Oricon Decimation.

[DAILY] Dread Engines

Destroy Terraforming Devices 0/3 // Disable the Primary Terraforming Device


  • This mission starts off in the area surrounding the large diamond structure in the center of oricon – you will see large tripod structures along the southern boundary with some dread stuff growing directly underneath. Clear out the enemies and click to destroy 3 of these, and you will move onto the next objective.
  • Once three are destroyed, you’ll move to the southernmost part of oricon to enter the phased area there. Inside, there are no immediate enemies, so you can head straight to the back and disable the terraformer within. This will disable containment of an Elder Corrupted Subteroth, a gold level enemy that starts stunned for a few seconds still, so get some damage in early. If he lasts long enough, he will cast “surge”, this is uninterruptable and makes him stronger and harder to kill, but not by much.
  • After he falls, disable the console behind him and physically walk out of the cave again to receive credit. The mission should auto complete as you leave the phase.
  • A hidden bonus mission is located in this area, titled Power of Dread. To start it, look for an interactable energy core that drops out of the beginning terraforming device after destroying it.

[DAILY] Fallen Forces

Free Republic Survivors: 0/5


  • This mission mainly happens on the western half of Oricon, just outside of your starting camps. Interestingly, the objective is to save republic personnel regardless of faction.
  • Surrounding the starship wreckage all over this section of the planet, are groups of enemies staring at smoking escape pods. After clearing out the enemies you can interact with the glowing blue center of the pod to release a republic survivor. Stealth doesn’t seem to help much as there’s quite a few probes that will detect you even if you sleep dart an organic enemy nearby. Escape pods take a pretty long time to respawn if another player gets to them, so if you see a smoking escape pod with no blue interactable panel, keep on moving instead of waiting.
  • There is no bonus objective for Fallen Forces.

[DAILY] False Paradise

Obtain Bioenergy Enhancers: 0/5 // Locate the Dark Energy Source // Enter the Rooted Depths


  • This mission takes place in the Tangled Grove – the northern section of Oricon. Most of the enemy packs in this area are a few humanoids (Beast Lord or Acolyte) surrounded by tentacles. Since only the humanoids drop the enhancers, you essentially need to defeat and loot 5 humans.
  • Once the items have all been looted, a pink item will appear usable in the mission UI if it’s being tracked, or in your mission items tab of your inventory. Using this will unlock the phased area in the far north. Upon heading inside, peep the horror and attack it – there’s a 20 second cast called extraction, it’s interruptable. Obliterate is a faster casted ability that’ll knock you back and down a little. Otherwise it’s a standard gold level mob. Physically walk out of the phase to complete.
  • The bonus for False Paradise is called Dread Roots and requires a Seeker Droid. Check the bonus missions below for more details.

[DAILY] The Tower’s Core

Reach the Watchtower’s Control Room // Disable the Core’s Defenses // Defeat the Tower Commander


  • This mission takes places at the tower in the center of the oricon map – it’s the huge diamond shape. You can begin your ascent to the top from either the northern or southern tips of the diamond, as the ramps start here and work their way to the east.
  • Once you get to the top of the ramp, head inward to the cave and use the holocron. This will teleport you to the upper reaches of the tower. Unless you are working on the bonus as well, head to the left at the fork and follow this passage to the front of the tower. Ignore the holocron here and head inside to the control room.
  • Inside is a spooky datacron defended by floating rocks, lightning and lasers. To disable them, head to the glowing blue terminals on the other 3 ends of the room. The first two times, this will summon enemies to defeat. If you get an error, the terminals were just accessed in the wrong order. Left > Right > Back works fine, and getting it wrong doesn’t reset anything.
  • Upon using the last terminal, things will start to break down and you can press a small panel under the datacron in the image above. This will summon the gold-level tower commander. He’s a pushover. Once dead, you can head back and loot the datacron itself before walking out of the control room and finishing the mission.
  • There is a bonus mission, Watchtower Watchers, that can be started by interacting with the large sensor arrays on the walls as you climb the ramps.

Bonus Quests

The following four missions are bonuses tied to some of the Dailies on Oricon, but they’re a little less obvious than your average bonus mission, and award specific achievements for finding and doing them.

Dread Roots

  • This mission requires a Seeker Droid to complete. You do not have to finish Rise of the Hutt Cartel to unlock these, but you need to be level 52 or higher. The droids who initiate the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular questlines can be found either on the Fleet or Makeb.
  • While doing the False Paradise Daily, you will see these corrupted obelisks like in the image above – thin little stalagmites with roots growing around them. You simply need to use your Seeker Droid (either a mission item or in your general abilities tab towards the bottom depending on where you’re at in the questline) directly next to these little rock formations and the droid will dig up a root sample.
  • The success area for a dig is pretty much directly around each obelisk so if you don’t get one, there either isn’t a root at the obelisk or you weren’t deploying it close enough. You only need 3 roots so if you don’t get one on the first melee-range dig at an obelisk, simply move to another one and try a new one. There’s plenty. Don’t waste time zeroing in on an obelisk that didn’t give one on the first dig.

Power of Dread

  • During the Dread Engines daily, immediately after smashing a terraforming device there will be a glowing interactable purple shard directly beneath it. Picking this up will start the bonus mission.
  • Head south to the area containing your instanced phased used later in the Dread Engines daily, and interact with the glowing holocron in the center.
  • After an impressive lightning show, a gold level subteroth will appear. He doesn’t have much HP and shouldn’t be a challenge. The mission auto-completes shortly after looting it.

Watchtower Watchers

  • While completing The Tower’s Core, interact with and loot the sensors along the walls as you make your way up the tower. From the start of your ramp, you should be able to loot 3 of 5. You could go down the other side of the ramp to finish, but there are plenty more sensors past the holocron teleport, too.
  • On the upper levels, the more obvious and wider path to complete The Tower’s Core is to the left. Head right instead, and you’ll find the Network terminal you’ll be bringing the 5 sensor items to.
  • A gold level enemy will spawn to fight you once it’s been activated. They don’t do anything special – beat them and this achievement is complete.

Pre-Empted Signals

  • This mission requires Macrobinoculars to complete. You do not have to finish Rise of the Hutt Cartel to unlock these, but you need to be level 52 or higher. The droids who initiate the Seeker Droid and Macrobinocular questlines can be found either on the Fleet or Makeb.
  • Head to the map position in the image above and interact with the coded transmitter while on the heroic mission Preemptive Strike, this will award the bonus.
  • You must then scan with your macrobinoculars (found in your mission items inventory) the four antennae sticking out of the front walls of the heroic area. They are clearly marked on your map but getting line of sight of all 4 can take time.
  • The easiest way to do it is while you’re still working on the Preemptive strike objective to sabotage the ships. While standing on the wing of a ship, you can see two of four antennas for sure. Then simply travel to the southern half of the heroic area and get on a ship there for the last two.
  • Next, head back to the upper half of the heroic area and interact with a small hatch on the west side of a large metal container in the center. This will spawn a gold level enemy to kill for a card. Head back to the coded transmitter in the image above once acquired. After a few seconds the mission will auto-complete!


Dread Tyrant of Oricon

Defeated 7 unique opponents of Elite or Champion difficulty on Oricon.

Loremaster of Oricon

Found and used all lore objects on Oricon. — reward: Legacy Title: Loremaster of Oricon

Mastering the Dread

Completed all boss achievements in Oricon. — reward: Legacy Title: Master of Dread

  • Kavo Thran
  • Hekken Brol’trop
  • Jor Nasar
  • Malora Pradon
  • Riko Arzal
  • Sorna Taros
  • Banok Ral
  • Selgh Kapgohe
  • Commander Zaoron
  • Corrupted Subteroth
  • Bothrium Beast

General Achievements

  • Dread Eradication: Defeated 1800 non-player opponents while on Oricon
  • Night of the Dread: Defeated 1350 Dread Forces while on Oricon.
  • Ungrateful Dread: Defeated 90 crazed opponents while on Oricon.
  • Its a Dread End Job: Completed all combat achievements on Oricon.
  • The Walking Dread: Explored all locations on Oricon.
  • A Hero’s Hero: Defeated 600 heroic opponents on Oricon.
  • The Dreaded Hero: Completed all heroic achievements on Oricon. (Republic and Imperial)
  • Oricon Completionist: Completed all Oricon Bonus Quest achievements:
    • Get to the Bottom of It (Dread Roots)
    • Reshaping Oricon (Power of Dread)
    • Watching out for Watchers (Watchtower Watchers)
    • Scanning the Horizon (Pre-Empted Signals)


  • Grace for the Empire: Defeated 30 Imperial Guard Forces on Oricon.
  • The End of the Republic: Defeated 30 Republic Guard Forces on Oricon.
  • Give in to Your Anger: Kill 1500 players on Oricon. — Legacy Title: Scare Bear
  • I am the Law: Completed all pvp achievements on Oricon. — Legacy Title: Judged Dread

Acolyte of Dread & Hallowed Gothic Headgear

In order to finish off your fancy Hallowed Gothic armorset you mostly buy from the reputation vendor, you will have to farm for a hat in the center of Oricon. The hat cannot be purchased from the vendor and only drops from a specific mob. Just northwest of the watchtower in the center of the planet is a small rock bridge extending over a pool of lava, with a lavafall nearby it. Looking towards the Lavafall will be the enemy in the map below – a gold-level “Acolyte of Fear”.

The Acolyte of Fear shares a spawn with another enemy, the Acolyte of Dread. The difficulty in getting the hat is making the Acolyte of Dread show up to fight. You must repeatedly kill the Acolyte of Fear on this bridge until the Acolyte of Dread appears, then fight them for the hat. The chances are pretty slim and it’s something you’ll have to be committed to farming. More reasonably, you could simply kill the Acolyte of Fear as you drive by doing Oricon dailies, but you’ll likely max out your reputation long before the Acolyte of Dread makes an appearance. It’s all luck-based though, so feel free to try!

Screenshot submitted by Nib of The Red Eclipse from TOR Fashion


The rewards are the same regardless of which faction you complete your Oricon Reputation on. There are of course two different reputation vendors, but they carry the exact same items, so there is no need to bring an opposite faction character over to earn all the rewards.

  • Dread Host Armor Set
  • Hallowed Gothic Armor Set
  • Gurian Volcano (mount)
  • Blood Drouk (pet)
  • Sith Mantlepiece (decoration)
  • Black and Deep Red Dye Module (crafting schematic)

Dread Host Armor Set

  • Dread Host Belt – Armor – Waist – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 25,000 credits
  • Dread Host Boots – Armor – Feet – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 43,750 credits
  • Dread Host Chestguard – Armor – Chest – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 62,500 credits
  • Dread Host Headgear – Armor – Head – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 62,500 credits
  • Dread Host Greaves – Armor – Legs – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 62,500 credits
  • Dread Host Handgear – Armor – Hands – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 43,750 credits
  • Dread Host Bracers – Armor – Wrists – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Friend, Costs 25,000 credits

Hallowed Gothic Armor Set

  • Hallowed Gothic Bracers – Armor – Wrists – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 30,000 credits
  • Hallowed Gothic Vestments – Armor – Chest – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 75,000 credits
  • Hallowed Gothic Sash – Armor – Waist – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 30,000 credits
  • Hallowed Gothic Gloves – Armor – Hands – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 52,500 credits
  • Hallowed Gothic Boots – Armor – Feet – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 52,500 credits
  • Hallowed Gothic Lower Robes – Armor – Legs – Rarity: Prototype – Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 75,000 credits
  • Hallowed Gothic Headgear – Armor – Head – Rarity: Prototype – Only Available as Rare Drop from Acolyte of Dread.

Gurian Volcano
Vehicle – Speeder Bike – Rarity: Artifact
Reputation Rank: Hero, Costs 100,000 credits

Blood Drouk
Pet – Ground Pet – Rarity: Prototype
Reputation Rank: Newcomer, Costs 50,000 credits

Sith Mantlepiece
Decoration – Civic – Sculptures – Rarity: Prototype
Reputation Rank: Champion, Costs 1 Universal Prefab.
Decoration Info

Schematic: Primary Black Secondary Deep Red Dye Module
Binds to Legacy – Requires Artifice 420 – Rarity: Artifact
Reputation Rank: Champion, 100,000 credits