Interlude 1 (Empire) – Advanced Class Training (Obsolete but Interesting)

Now removed from the game, each class recieves advanced training.

LORE - Vaikan Spacedock

Summary: The Empire’s primary logistical hub, Vaikan Spacedock is also hotbed of commerce and a galactic crossroads.

Vaikan Spacedock is the hub and logistical nucleus of the Imperial fleet, responsible for the majority of the Empire’s military planning and operations. Many of your more critical mission briefings will take place here. Eventually it became so vital to the Empire that it was named after Grand Moff Odile Vaikan, one of the most important non-Sith in Imperial history who laid the foundations of the Imperial military and starfleet centuries ago.

Along with it’s military purpose and weapon systems that could lay waste to a small moon, Vaikan spacedock functions as a Galactic crossroads. It is a thriving center of commerce and cultural activity, as well as a major transport center. Anything from class training to GTN auction booths to combat supplies to speeders can be found here and the Hutt Cartel manages a neutral bazaar and black market on the lower levels.

Advanced Training: Sith Warrior | WARRIOR Class Quest

Summary: On Vaikan Spacedock, you recieve additional training and choose your Advanced Class. You are now specialised in one of two ways to fight and use the force.

While visiting Vaikan Spacedock, the Empire’s base of operations, you speak with a human male Sith Lord Lokar. He says that your exploits have been noted and you have been deemed worthy of his guidance. On his suggestion, you report for training to then nearby twi’lek Lord Krimyn and choose between two disciplines in the force:

The way of The Juggernaut follows the path of Marka Ragnos who focused the dark side to become nearly unwoundable in combat. Juggernauts use heavy armor and shield generators and root their saberwork in the deadly Shien form, the balanced Shii-cho form or the defensive Soresu form.

The way of the Marauder was mastered by Naga Sadow, who could intuit where his foe was weakest and then strike precisely with devastating effect. Marauders wear lighter armor and fight with two lightsabers. They master the deadly Juyo form, the acrobatic Ataru form or the balanced Shii-Cho form.

Whatever your choice, it will define your destiny.

Advanced Classes and corresponding quests have been entirely removed from the game.

Advanced Training: Sith Inquisitor | INQUISITOR Class Quest

Summary: Zash has arranged for you to recieve further training on Vaikan Spacedock. You pick your Advanced Class, are you an assassin or a sorcere?

You speak with the cyborg Sith Lord Krills on Vaikan Spacedock. Lord Zash wishes him to oversee your continued training. What you learned on Korriban is just the beginning. You must choose the path of dark wisdom and knowledge as Zash has, or the path of physical strength. You report to the nearby twi’lek Overseer Kryos.

He offers you the choice between becoming a Sith Assassin, or a Sith Sourcerer. The Assassin wields a double-bladed lightsaber and is a master of stealth, deception and cunning. Lightning flows through your lightsaber for damage and darkness for defense.

A sorcerer is a master of arcane dark side force powers. They usually fight from a distance and are masters of force lightning as well as healing powers.

Whatever your choice, it will define your destiny.

Advanced Classes and corresponding quests have been entirely removed from the game.

Advanced Training: Bounty Hunter | BOUNTY HUNTER Class Quest

Summary: You train with some Mandalorians on Vaikan Spacedock and specialise your abilities to gain your Advanced Class.

You speak to Rally Master Merrk Kelborn on Vaikan Spacedock. As your sponsor in the Great Hunt, Nem’ro wants to make sure you are prepared to win. Consequently, Kelborn has arranged for you to meet the Madalorian hunter Zakkeg on the concourse nearby and learn more about different battle styles. He cautions you against overcofidence.

Braum “Zakkeg” Bourne and his partner Gen Vizla. Vizla chastises you for having an empty hand; in combat nothing should be wasted. He suggests filling your alternate hand with anotehr blaster or some explosives; finesse is for showoffs he believes.

Zakkeg is more cautious. He takes a more defensive approach, especially praising the value of heavy armour which he views as a second skin. They give you a good thrashing but are impressed and send you back to Kelborn.

Kelborn is impressed and lets slip that the only thing Zakkeg and Gen have ever agreed on is your chances of winning the Great Hunt. Based on their advice you pick your speciality.

Are you a mercenary at heart, duel wielding blasters and moving quickly? Or are you an unstoppable Powertech tank, focusing on armour and heavy defense shields?

Advanced Classes and corresponding quests have been entirely removed from the game.

Advanced Training: Agent | AGENT Class Quest

Summary: You meet Commander Dorne on Vaikan Spacedock and decide which specialist path your combat skills will follow, gaining your Advanced Class.

On Vaikan Spacedock, you encounter Commander Vasil Dorne, special attache to the Ministry of Intelligence. With twenty years combat experience and twelve as a garrison commander, he has spent the last decade instructing agents. Until you gain his favor you will never earn your agent designation and number. After reviewing your record he is willing to authorize your entry into one of the Empire’s half dozern combat specialization programs to hone your skills.

You report to the nearby Bith Intelligence Quartermaster who explains that you are qualified for the sniper program and the operative program. Snipers focus on rifles, shields and the use of cover while Operatives are trained in the use of suprirse and stealth, close combat and medical support skills.

Your choice will guide you from this moment on.

Advanced Classes and corresponding quests have been entirely removed from the game.

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